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Why are Women Attracted to Macho Men?


Why do women fall in love? We know why us men fall in love. We fall in love with the great sex that she provides. It isn’t brain surgery. We all know that to be a fact.

When you fall in love with a woman it isn’t about how well diverse she is in Roman history, it is because she can suck a mean pecker. There is a reason why God made it so that women can get pregnant. It isn’t because it would hurt too much to pass a baby through our dick. It is because they are emotional creatures. They rely on their might, while we rely on your manhood. Our desire to build, conquer, and drink a cold beer on a hot day. Women tend to be the ones that take care of the babies more.

They tend to all of their whims and whimpers all day long. It isn’t because they like it, it is because they feel the desire to do it from inside of them. You think that a woman wants a man who is caring and sweet. How many times did you pretend to be that way just so you could get some nookie? More times than you can count?

A woman doesn’t want that because it is too much like themselves. They want something that isn’t like them. That is why you like boobies as much as you do, because you don’t have them. We all want what we don’t have. We see the rich people on television and we want to be like them. We see famous people who act in movies and we pretend to be like them. We see men slam dunking a basketball and we wish we could do it.

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The same is true with a woman. She wants what she doesn’t have. She is already emotional, she doesn’t need more of that. She is already loving and kind, she doesn’t want to get more of that. Have you ever looked at the big burley biker guy who has a hot chick next to him and wonder how he got her? I mean the guy looks like he hasn’t bathed in a year and probably couldn’t write a complete sentence if he was forced to. Women like the big macho guys. Men who strut their stuff and act like they don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Guys who act like this bang more women than you can count. Why? Why you ask that these guys get laid all the time? It is two reasons really.

One is that women are looking for something to fill the void. They have a gap inside them and they need someone to fill it. They don’t need a pussy, they need a real man who can take care of them. They want a man to protect them. After all, people are just animals. She wants a man who can take charge and protect her from the evil from the world. She wants to be a helpless damsel in distress. Some women like a man who has been around sexually. That drives them wild. If they think you are a stud, then you will be able to please them in bed. I think this goes back to the animal qualities in people. If you have had sex with lots of women, then you have passed on your genes to a lot of women. If this is the case, then you are a superior male. Only a superior male would get laid so many times in the animal world.

Think of it like this, if he is an asshole he probably isn’t too bright. He is more than likely to be the type that looses his emotions easily. His thought process isn’t well thought out, instead he reacts instead of spending his time with prevention. Women find this stupidity attractive. This means they can figure them out. This also means they will be easy targets for mind games. The key thing to understand about women is that they tend to go for the simple guys. Let your testosterone hang loose and let it fly. This will turn her on if she is into manly men. Roll your sleeves up and show your muscles. She will dig that.



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