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Water Pumps are Superior to Air Pumps


No doubt about it, water-assisted penis pumps are considered the Cadillacs of all pumps.

Why have they grown so much in popularity lately? Is it because they are the new kids on the block or could it be that they really are superior?

Let’s break down the facts and find out for ourselves.

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Conventional Air Pumps

First, let’s take a look at conventional air pumps.big-mans-pump

No matter which device you use, it utilizes the same basic principle to work. Vacuum is used to pump air out, thereby forcing blood into the Corpora Cavernosa of the Penis via an automatic or manual pumping method.

As air is forced out of the cylinder your penis is placed in, a vacuum is created, causing your penis to expand.


Conventional air pumps have been used successfully for many years now and were once the only method men with erectile dysfunction could use to get & maintain an erection for any length of time. They are relatively inexpensive to use and produce good results for men with erection problems.


The problem with using these devices is that they come with troubling side effects for some men, although not all men experience them. Some of the bad effects are:

Numb or desensitized Penis
Cold sensations
Pain from overuse
Broken blood vessels
Painful ejaculation
Minimal help with penis enlargement
The main reason air pumps cause damage is because the pressure inside the cylinder is never completely balanced. Because of this, your penis is not enlarged proportionately. The unbalanced pressure can cause injury to your manhood if it isn’t kept in check.

Water-Assisted Pumps

Water-assisted pumps work similarly to other devices only they utilize water to create the vacuum needed. Used in the shower or bath, they don’t need a pumping mechanism or air to create a vacuum. Your penis will be placed in a cylinder, which is then allowed to fill with water. Once full, it is then sealed near the penis base. As the water is forced out, it compresses and creates the correct amount of volume and area inside the cylinder. This correct “balance” is what makes the water pump so much safer to use.


Several of the best-selling water devices include interchangeable (or fixed) gaiters as part of their packages. The gaiters can be used to create different starting differential pressures throughout your program so that you can see faster gains.


The advantages of water pumps far outweigh traditional air pumps. They are:

Fast results
100% Safe
Genuine method of penis enlargement
Proven remedy for men with erectile dysfunction
Guaranteed results when using high-quality device

The only disadvantage of water pumps is that they cost more than conventional air pumps.


Best penis pumps have been around for a long time now and will continue to be used by many men to help correct erectile dysfunction and improve weak erections. They are legitimate remedies to these problems and when used carefully, produce acceptable results.

Water-assisted pumps have now entered the marketplace and are selling like hotcakes! Because they utilize water instead of air to create the vacuum needed to expand your penis, they have proven much safer to use than conventional devices.

Because they are 100% safe to use and produce outstanding results, the price difference between them and conventional pumps should be considered nominal. They are more than worth the price difference.

If you find yourself interested in purchasing penis enlargement pills, be sure to check out some of the higher quality pumps sold by Bathmate and Hydromax. Both offer superior products that are guaranteed to work.



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