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Virectin Review (March, 2020)

Virectin is a non-synthetic male performance booster promoted as a one of the best supplements for the restoration and support of male sexual potency.

This product is over-the-counter and completely safe for the man’s health.

The naturally formulated ingredient content of this supplement is selected in a way enabling it to recharge the sexual activity in men.

Due to the action of the pill ingredients, the men can expect the improvement of different aspects of sexuality such as erection quality, stamina, vitality, mood, sex drive, and energy release.

This male enhancer is most suitable for the men in their 30s and older since at this age male sexual potential starts naturally fading away. But the supplementation is able to revise this situation.

1. How It Works

The mechanism of Virectin action implies that the natural active ingredients available in the male enhancement product make the increased amount of blood fill the penis.

In such a way, it’s possible to tackle the most widespread issue of the impaired erectile function; that is, the lack of blood supply to the manhood.

As a result, the man can count on the firmer and bigger erections which may also last longer than typically.

Also, some pill components promote the additional production of testosterone in the men. Stabilization of testosterone balance in the body contributes to the enhancement of sex life quality due to the upsurge of libido and sexual endurance.


2. Virectin Advantages

The supplementation with Virectin is accompanied with a range of desirable advantages such as:

  • Elevation of stamina levels
  • Better hardness and fullness of erections
  • Enhancement of sexual interest and desire
  • Possibility to perform more impressively in bed
  • Higher mutual sexual satisfaction
  • Increase of the semen volume
  • Optimization of testosterone levels
  • Revival of self-esteem

These effects occur naturally, without the interference of artificial chemicals made in labs.


2. Virectin Ingredients

Virectin can boast of a powerful blend of natural active ingredients which are mutually complementary. These clinically-supported ingredients include:
Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Bark Powder
This ingredient has a lichen origin combining the natural power of both fungus and algae. This powder is helpful for healing the impairment of male sexual function and coping with the lack of sex drive.

Cnidium Herb Powder
The ancient Chinese healers and even the modern healers rely on the natural potential of this botanical to overcome erectile dysfunction in men. For this reason, the manufacturer put this component into Virectin formula.

Ashwagandha Root Powder
This plant ingredient is a traditional remedy for fighting sex drive loss in men. It is also able to restore the balance of male sexual hormones such as luteinizing hormone and testosterone.

Maca Root Powder
According to the research findings, Maca root can supercharge the energy release and substantially improve mood in men. It can also boost the male reproductive system.

Epimedium Herb Extrac
More famous as horny goat weed, the plant fights the lack of energy and helps cure erectile dysfunction. Thus, this herbal Chinese remedy stimulates blood circulation in the penis, making erections stronger.

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
Filled with flavonoids and terpenoids, this all-natural Virectin ingredient struggles against free radicals ensuring the antioxidative effect. Also, encourages blood to flow to the manhood and cause solid erections.

Fenugreek Seed Powder
This plant ingredient is notable for its ability to give a natural boost to libido and augment the synthesis of own testosterone in the man’s body.

Velvet Bean Seed Powder
Commonly known as Mucuna Pruriens, this component is loaded with L-dopa. The latter one is a natural chemical responsible for the normal production of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Also, Mucuna Prurience enhances sperm characteristics.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root Powder
This herb, the other name of which is Tongkat Ali, allows Virectin to activate testosterone secretion, improve male fertility, enhance libido, and relieve impotence manifestations.

This vitamin strengthens heart and circulatory system important for a trouble-free erectile function.

It is one of the strongest natural substances in Virectin formulation. It increases nitric oxide production to get harder and longer erections.

Oat Herb Powder
This Virectin component contains high amounts of B vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus which all together have a positive influence on the man’s overall health.

Tribulus Fruit Extract
The extract of this fruit is added to Virectin formula to elevate sexual desire and enhance sexual activity in men.

There is scientific evidence that this mineral prevents oxidative damage, fights infections, and boosts metabolism of thyroid hormone.

This mineral is very crucial for the flawless production of testosterone molecules and optimal sperm synthesis.


3. Virectin Safety

virectin reviewAll the ingredients found in the sex pills formula are scientifically-backed as effective and harmless. That’s why the supplement typically doesn’t cause any adverse reactions.

If the men have individual intolerance to some supplement ingredients, they may experience some side effects such as headache and indigestion related symptoms. But the customer reviews indicate that such cases are very rare.

4. Virectin Alternatives


5. Virectin Intake Guidelines

The manufacturer recommends using 3 Virectin capsules on a daily basis. You should take the pills just when you have an empty stomach. That’s why usually the best time to do this is in the morning, before the very first meal of the day.

If you feel that 3 capsules are too much for you, it’s possible to decrease the dosage by taking 2 capsules on the daily basis.


Virectin Alternative

virectin dosage

Male Enhancement Supplement #1: Viasil

The best alternative that can be compared to Virectin is Viasil.

This supplement is a highly effective nitric oxide booster that makes blood rush into the penis leading to hard erections.


Virectin Questions & Answers

What Is Virectin Used for?

Virectin is a 100% natural male enhancer designed for the men who need to naturally recharge their erectile function and overall bedroom performance. This non-prescription supplement is used for strengthening erections, enhancing sexual stamina, boosting virility and vitality, ramping up libido, and improving sexual satisfaction. The product is most suitable for all men who are feeling that their sexual activity starts declining slowly but steadily. But according to the manufacturer, this top-notch male enhancement product is sure to renew your sex life.

Is Virectin a Testosterone Booster?

Virectin is not a testosterone booster supplement.

It is erection pills of natural origin. Its mechanism of action targets male sexual performance contributing to the increase in the men’s bedroom satisfaction. It restores many aspects of the male sex life in the natural way. And this is what this male enhancement pill is actually intended for. But this supplement still contains some non-artificial ingredients able to positively influence on testosterone levels in men. However, this impact is not significant. And the slight increase in testosterone levels can be considered just like an additional bonus of the supplementation with Virectin.

Can Virectin Replace Penis Pumping Devices?

Both Virectin and penis pumps are created for accomplishing a common goal. That is, they are used for recharging erectile function and sexual potency in men. Both of these options intensify the blood circulation in the manhood and hence promote the occurrence of a firm erection. But while Virectin is a pill that works inside the man’s body, a pump generates external force enough to cause an erection. It’s really possible to either combine the Virectin supplementation and penis pumping or use the pumps as the well-acting alternative option. In any case, you are sure to get a desirable erection.

Is Virectin a Good Choice for Me?

If you belong to the men who have started facing intimate problems, Virectin is a male enhancement booster able to help you successfully solve them. It doesn’t matter how old you are since the well-researched supplement formulation loaded with the exceptionally natural active components is able to support your sexual potency and make you perform better in bed.

How Many Capsules Are in One Virectin Bottle?

Each Virectin bottle contains 90 capsules which are enough for a one-month supplementation provided that you take a standard daily dosage of this natural remedy.

Is It Worth Taking Virectin Right Prior to Sexual Intercourse?

Virectin shouldn’t be used instantly before you are going to have sex since it doesn’t work like the prescription sex medications. When undergoing the supplementation with this male enhancement product, you will not have to schedule a sexual encounter beforehand or interrupt the intimate process to take a pill. This supplement is developed in a way that implies a regular intake on the daily basis in order after a certain period of supplementation you could impress your sex partner at any time both of you want to have sex.

How Long Should I Wait for Virectin Effects?

According to numerous customer reports, the majority of Virectin users start noticing the supplementation effects after a few weeks of intake. But you should be aware that your gains may not coincide with the gains of other supplement users. The pill intake effects depend on your individual susceptibility to the natural components found in Virectin.

Will Virectin Be Effective if I Don’t Refuse from Alcohol?

There is no plausible evidence that Virectin loses its efficacy if a man consumes alcohol during the supplementation period. But though this male enhancer features a high natural efficacy rate, it’s advisable not to combine the supplementation with alcohol drinking.

Can I Take Virectin along with the Prescription Medications?

Virectin is a 100% natural product filled with the active ingredients of just non-artificial high-quality origin. All of them are clinically backed. But still it’s recommended to inform your healthcare provider about your intention to use Virectin before you actually start doing this.

Is Virectin Effective?

Today, a large number of men desire to maximize their partner’s satisfaction during intercourse. This triggers a man’s confidence and self-esteem. If you sense that you are someway suffering in your sex drive and performance, Virectin can absolutely help you. Enjoy naturally hard erections that are long-lasting & pleasure giving.


Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.