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VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is in the list of the most potent male supplements which make the erections bigger and harder, as well as enhance the men’s sexual health. Though this product is sold on the market for more than a decade, it has been recently significantly renovated. Now it’s one of the most recognized products which are claimed to enlarge penis and rebuild sexual potency in men. The supplement is reliable and convenient to take.

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action of this product is based on its ability to:

  • Promote nitric oxide secretion.
  • Stimulate testosterone synthesis.

Due to this, penile blood vessels dilate and blood supply improves. In addition, the product active substances have a strong influence on endothelial cells in the penis, making the blood vessels widen even more. This happens without negative consequences to the man’s blood pressure and overall health.

As a result, during erection, the penis lengthens and becomes thicker. If the man attains a bigger erection than usually, this guarantees a greater satisfaction during sexual intercourse for both the man and his partner.

What Is Inside

The supplement contains only top-notch ingredients which are backed with the positive results of different researches. The most crucial product ingredients include:

  • Bioperine. This extract is a patented key ingredient derived from black pepper fruit, growing in India. It was added to the formula after the product upgrade. It is the ingredient that made the supplement much more powerful than it was initially. This component enhances the effectiveness of all other active substances.
  • Red Ginseng. This herbal substance is famous with its therapeutic effect from the ancient times. It has always been used to cope with impaired erectile function. The ingredient has aphrodisiac properties, as well as improves the quality of erections by increasing blood flow to the penis.
  • Horny Goat Weed. The extract got from this plant contains icariin which is a very potent active substance. It is known for its high libido-boosting potential. The ingredient can enlarge the erect penis, increase sexual vigor and endurance, enhance sexual activity in men, and make bedroom performance more satisfying.
  • Damiana. It’s one more aphrodisiac with a long history of use. This ingredient has a positive influence on erectile function, making erections stronger and long-lasting. It also elevates stamina.
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract. It’s an herbal extract that can help combat the problem of weak erectile function and low libido. Thanks to this ingredient, the man can have sex more often. And the quality of sex also increases.
  • Tribulus Terrestris. It’s another natural ingredient which is responsible for testosterone-boosting effects of the supplement. When the levels of this hormone grow, the man can build much muscle, as well as develop strength and power in a safe way.

What to Expect

There are a number of benefits which each man who takes VigRX can expect:

  • Firmer erections which last much longer than usually.
  • Increase in erect penis size.
  • Improvement of sex drive.
  • More intense orgasms.
  • Enhancement of sexual stamina.
  • No early ejaculation.
  • Muscle mass gain.
  • Relief from andropause symptoms.
  • Nervous system relaxation.

Since only natural active substances are available in this male product, the supplementation is not accompanied with any adverse effects. It’s a reasonable choice for the men who aspire to combat erectile dysfunction, achieve erect penis enlargement, and boost sex drive without putting the health at risk.

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