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VigRX Plus Male Enhancement Pills

VigRX Plus is a clinically-tested proprietary polyherbal preparation for improving male sexual function.

The product is marketed by Leading Edge Health (BBB accredited business) since 2001.

The clinical studies which show its efficacy, in a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled, parallel groups, multi-centre study was done by a separate organization called Vedic Life Sciences.

VigRx Plus is designed to increase sexual stamina and vigor, as well as increase your libido. The product has been endorsed by celebrity doctor (author of the best-seller “Hardness Factor”) Dr.Steven Liamm.

VigRX Plus is formulated in a GMP-certified facility from a combination of these clinically supported ingredients:


Damiana: researchers from the University of Buenos Aires, in Argentina found that damiana improves male sexual dysfunction by relaxing the small muscles within the walls of the arteries of the penis. This is important because when the arteries are relaxed they widen and allow more blood to pass through them, which is what causes an erection. The study found damiana to be even more effective than Viagra. Viagra relaxes the arteries of the penis by an average of 46 percent while Damiana relaxes the arteries by an average of 90 percent.

Epimedium Leaf Extract: a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine investigated its effects on rats. Researchers found that rats treated with purified extract of horny goat weed showed improved erectile function. Another study found that icariin is effective in inhibiting human PDE5, the substance that blocks erections, in test tubes.

Muira Puama Bark Extract: Dr. Jacques Waynberg performed a study using Muira puama on 262 men who had a lack of libido and impotence (lack of ability to sustain or attain erection) in Paris France, which was published in the American Journal of Natural Medicine in 1994. The men were given 1 to 1.5 grams of Muira puama 4:1 extract. Within two weeks 62% of the men reported that the extract “had a dynamic effect”, with an increase in both libido and erectile function. 51% of the men who desired to have more erections said the herb was “beneficial”.

Hawthorn Berry: A study, published in April 2012, showed that during the 8 week period of the trial, ability to achieve and maintain an erection improved by 64% and problems with lack of drive improved by 54%.