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The makers of Veramale advertise on their website that their product is “the strongest, most effective, 100% natural male enhancement product available without a doctor’s prescription.” The site makes no claims to increased penis size; it simply states that your sex drive and stamina will improve, leading to an intense sexual experience.


At this time, the ingredient list is not made available to the public via the web. Once a purchase is made, the ingredients will probably be found on the label, but this is of no use to someone researching different products prior to purchase. Veramale is advertised as a dietary supplement, meaning that it probably contains herbal ingredients similar to those used other male sexual health enhancers. Those usually provide an increase in testosterone levels along with some form of an aphrodisiac. The website does list GNC as a retailer of the product, so information may be available in one of their stores.


The benefits of this product are impossible to list because of the lack of information available about both the manufacturer and the product.


On the other hand, the negatives continue to pile up. Lack of ingredient disclosure is simple and pure irresponsibility on the part of the manufacturer. The risk of contraindication is very high with herbal supplements and no one should ever ingest a dietary supplement without full knowledge of what it contains. The website is absolutely non-functional and of no use as an information source. There are no trials listed, and no testimonials given. This, combined with the lack of disclosure about the ingredients, not only implies that the manufacturer may have something to hide, but it also indicates that the product may be of very poor quality.

Review Summary

Rumor has it that this penis enlargement product is very expensive; however that information could not be confirmed as no prices were listed on the product website. With the minimal amount of information available, it was very difficult to determine if this is a quality product that would be useful in enhancing the sex drive of a male, or not. It would seem that if the product were truly of great use and had been proven to be effective, the manufacturer would have created a much more comprehensive and professional site that was full of useful information. In cases like this, it is generally recommended that alternative supplements be explored. There is simply too much danger of fraud and contraindication. The only confirmation of quality seems to be in the willingness of GNC to carry the product. That fact alone seems to lend Veramale some credibility, although one has to wonder if the other questions left unanswered outweigh that credibility.

All-Natural Enhancement That Won’t Ask You To Wait Too Long

It is no secret that our emails get scammed daily with such products as Male Extra, VigRX Plus, Semenax, etc. What are these weird-sounding names? If you give attention to read your emails, you wouldn’t need to ask that. But, well, they are male enhancement products designed to, in general terms, improve your sexual performance.

The reality is not so far from what is happening in our email inboxes. It is estimated that at least 30 million Americans are having problems with their romance abilities. The catch here is that only a very few people tend to be open about it. Instead of looking or seeking help for their problem, they tend to cower in shame for what is inherently an erection issue.

These men can’t totally be blamed, though. Any problem that has something to do with the penis goes all the way down to the “machismo pride”. Save very few exceptions, nobody really would admit to anyone that he is having problems satisfying his wife or girlfriend on bed. It’s a pity given that they could have requested for such effective products like Orexis through an unmarked package.

The truth of the matter is, like in any other business, there are both scams and effective ones among the male enhancement products. So the question now is, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? It certainly wouldn’t be practical to try all the available products out there because they can reach thousands.

The best strategy probably is to read the experiences of other males who have tried one enhancement product or two. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel. You can save time and money if you read the reviews and warnings of other people regarding certain products. Don’t be too lazy, though, try to read at least three reviews for three different products before deciding which one to use.

Nevertheless, take into account that your health safety with any enhancement product is a consideration above all. Such product as Orexis has been proven effective while remaining to be all-natural in its ingredients. It is, in fact, the first natural enhancement product that can guarantee both immediate and long-term results. You don’t have to wait too long for this effective blue pill to work.



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