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Unique Sexual Issues


If I call the names Sue and Jane, and George, you most likely know exactly who I am talking
about and exactly why I am bringing them up. Today, we often associate these names with many gay, lesbian, and bisexual celebrities. About ten years ago, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in our country were treated with much less recognition.
Unfortunately, nowadays, things are bad. Most of people have prejudication to gays, lesbians, and bisexuals and they are still sometimes misunderstood. That is the reason for you to understand this fact is the normal sexual way for millions people. Being homosexual is normal. It’s just the way that at least 12 percent of our population happens to be. The term “gay” has become synonymous with homosexual, but don’t forget that it also means happy. Be happy that being human provides so many ways to love and enjoy of life.

This topic is devoted for gay readers and straight readers—and any readers who are in between. We hope that it’ll help you understand your own sexual orientation. It’ll help you to understand inner life of people the same or opposite gender.

Labels Are for Cans

On account of most people want to try to give an explanation who is attracted to whom, we often try to characterize people’s sexual orientation. But just because we use appellations, like “lesbian” or “gay,” that is not the define factor in what makes up someone’s sexuality. The Encyclopedia Britannica simply is small to circumscribe all of the possible variations of human sexual orientation.

If somebody of us is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong, it just it means that the person has the tendency to fall in love with people of the same sex (for bisexuals there is room for diversity). Your sexual orientation directs to how you think of yourself in terms of who you are sexually and romantically attracted to. Pure and simple, it’s about who you love, desire, and in some cases, pine for.

Everybody has an extraordinary sexual orientation—people are not just gay, lesbian, straight, or bi. In order to explain the subtle differences in people’s individual sexual orientations is to help you view sexuality as a continuum, that is, a range of all of the possible sexual orientations that change gradually from one orientation to the next. The next issue will explain more about this theme.

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Discovering and Accepting Homosexuality

Desire to understand who are you, gay, lesbian, or bisexual may be tricky, because no single pattern fits everyone. Some people have suppositions that they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual because they had same-sex contact in their childhood. (But that may be truth or may be falsehood, because plenty of straight people had a sex experience with the same gander in a bathtub or during a kissing game when they were children.) For others, the discovery process occurs only after trying to fit into the expected “straight” mold, and feeling like a square peg in a round hole. They may realize after trying to date people of the opposite sex that they just don’t feel attracted to them, and suddenly they start to recognize that people of the same sex are alluring for them. Other people declare that they were gay, lesbian, or bisexual during whole their life .
But these understanding do not come easily, now we live in a world that too often tries to compel people to think that heterosexuality is the only normal way to exist. Sometimes parents conductive to the confusion that their children feel about their sexual orientation when they are growing up. There are some cases when parents are so fearful that any “feminine” interests of their son’s may lead to liking for boys that they are quick to give him toy guns or model trucks, even if he’s uninterested in those items. Tomboys or “Masculine” who play with trucks or toy guns may be coercive to wear variegated ribbons in their hair and play with dolls. Situations like these further complicate the acceptance of self for any child. No matter how someone comes to the knowing that he or she is gay, lesbian, or bisexual, there is, of course, a big difference between discovering it and admitting it.

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Such frank question is a deeply troubling area for many people, filled with conflict and uncertainly over the implications of what it means to be homosexual in a heterosexual society, while others feel relieved and grateful to finally acknowledge a part of themselves perhaps long simmering.



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