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Top 10 Anti-Sex Products


It’s a common belief that a man is a sex machine, which is ready for sex at any moment and that the male libido (sexual desire and drive) is always up to the mark. But, unfortunately, that’s not true. According to numerous studies, about one in five men can suffer from a decreased libido at some stage of his life. There are a lot of factors that can influence male sexual drive.

It is a well-known fact that food can affect sexual desire in different ways. Even our ancestors actively used various natural aphrodisiacs in order to kindle the fire of love between the partners. You can find numerous articles about the products that increase the sexual power of a man, boost his libido and enhance the entire sexual life. However, it is also worth mentioning the main enemies of libido.

Sometimes a low appetite for sex may be a result of a big appetite for food. The excessive consumption of some products not only harms your shape and adversely affects the entire body health, but can also kill your libido. Here you can find the surprising list of anti-sex products, which can have a negative impact on your sexual life, decrease your sexual drive and worsen your relationships with a partner.

1. Fat and fried foods

Fat and fried foods are full of trans-unsaturated fatty acids, or simply trans fats, which can slowly kill your libido. Their most dangerous feature is the ability to clog up the arteries, reduce blood flow and lower sexual arousal. French fries, pizza, and fast food have an adverse effect on the entire body. The regular consumption of such foods can result in flaccidity and apathy. And if you don’t have the energy, there is no point in even talking about sex.

2. Soymilk

This rather exotic product is quite popular among vegetarians and promoters of a healthy nutrition. Soymilk has definitely its pros and cons. Of course, it is indispensable to people who are lactose intolerant, since they can’t drink cow’s milk. But it is important to remember that soymilk contains oestrogens of vegetable origin, which can negatively affect male libido. Thus, you should be very careful when using soymilk in order to prevent hormonal imbalance and keep your sexual drive at the sufficient level. If you do not have any sound reasons to choose such milk (for example, allergies), but you just like it, mix soymilk with the cow’s to preserve your sexual health.

Ice-cream and cheese

This delicious dessert is a real high-calorie bomb. Ice-cream is especially dangerous for men who are prone to gaining excess weight or already overweight. But it doesn’t only harm your shape, ice-cream can also decrease the production of testosterone and lower your libido. Some kinds of cheese can contain antibiotics and growth hormones that affect the production of oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, as well as alter the hormonal background of a person. All this can adversely influence the libido and lower the sexual drive of a man.


Of course, small amounts of alcohol can help you relax and enhance your sexual drive by removing internal limitations. But alcohol abuse wrecks libido. Today, one of the most popular male beverages is beer. According to numerous studies, beer can turn a man into a woman. This beverage contains a large number of phytoestrogens, which can cause the decreased level of testosterone production and lowered sexual desire.

Hamburgers and hot dogs

Chemicals contained in fast food can cause hormonal imbalance. Moreover, these products usually have a large amount of saturated fat in them, which can clog the arteries and prevent the sufficient blood flow to the male genitalia. Remember that all processed foods can harm your libido. They cause a rapid increase in your energy level, which falls as quickly.

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are saturated with sugar and many chemical additives such as artificial sweeteners and coloring agents. A small jump in energy will be replaced by flaccidity and apathy. High content of glucose spoils the sexual appetite.

Black liquorice

You should be very careful with this confectionery. Black liquorice can cause a decline in the testosterone level and weaken your libido. The stronger the liquorice flavor, the weaker the sexual desire. Therefore, try to avoid the consumption of this confectionery before the night of love.


The list of anti-sex products comprises also coffee. Drinking coffee too much can harm your adrenals, which performance is directly connected with male libido. But stop the panic: the morning cup of coffee is usually processed within 4-6 hours. It won’t affect much your sexual drive. Though, it’s better to avoid drinking coffee in the second half of the day as it increases tone and anxiety, and as a result you can have some difficulties to relax and catch the right sexual mood.


Spinach is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It usually helps to improve your immune system, increase your strength and endurance. It’s no secret that the highest value of spinach is zinc, but this mineral cause the increase in energy expenditures of our body. Therefore, you’d rather to refuse spinach on the day you’re going to have a sex.

Salted snacks

Everybody knows that an excess consumption of salt is harmful to human body. The uncontrolled eating of salty snacks such as nuts, seeds, etc. can supply your body with the excessive amount of sodium that can result in apathy and cause male erectile dysfunction.

In case you have some sound reasons to lower your libido, you’d better to drink a cup of mint tea but go easy on eating ice-cream and French fries. Due to its high content of menthol, mint tea can also decrease the production of testosterone, which is the key trigger of sexual desire.

Remember that the health of a man is the index of his lifestyle, nutrition, and state of mind.

Therefore, live life to the fullest, eat right, use male enhancement pills and take care of your libido!



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