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The Dating Game


Have you been going around in circles trying to land that first date? Are you sick and tired of women not even talking to you.

Here are some things to look for when trying to strike up that first date. Keep your mind on striking up a first date and not striking out, this will keep your penis umpire happy.Understanding women is like understanding chess. Most of us don’t understand it and we never play it. Instead, we pretend that we know how to play and on some level that makes us happy. If you have a batting average of one in ten, then you are happy. Don’t settle for this. You can do better! Here are some things that a woman maybe thinking about.

She might be married. This never comes into the mind of a man who is out looking for his prey. It happens more than we would like to admit. Perusing married women are no good. Usually the sex is great because if she is banging you, then her husband isn’t giving her any. Unless you have a plot at your local graveyard, I wouldn’t mess with a married woman. Too many cases of angry husbands killing men her per sue their wives. Maybe she has had too many men ask her out recently. This is one that men don’t understand. As a man, you don’t think that it is possible to get asked out on too many dates. Women can get overwhelmed if they are asked out too many times. Women are picky creatures, so they will pick the cream of the crop. If she doesn’t talk to you, don’t get too bent out of shape.

She is having a bad day. This happens to all of us. We all have those bad days that we don’t want to talk to anyone. Don’t put pressure on her during this time. Instead, of forcing yourself on to her, be caring about her situation. This will get you brownie points if you talk to her some other time. She just got out of a bad relationship. Women are different than men. If you get out of a bad relationship, you could bang someone the next day. Women aren’t like that. They are delicate flowers of emotions. Chances are if she is like this, then she is an unstable wreck. That is something that you don’t need. Like the situation above, treat her nicely. Tell her that if she needs anyone to talk to for comfort, you will be there for her. This will get you some brownie points if she feels like going out on a date with a man later on.

She thinks you are too cute. I’m going to spend a little bit more time on this because this will blow you away. When was the last time you saw a hot babe and didn’t think you had a chance with her? It happens all the time right? This happens to women as well. She may think you are too good looking and wouldn’t want anything to do with her. She might also think that you have too much money and wouldn’t be interested in a peon like her. Also she might feel that you are too smart for her. Do you use big words instead of grunts like most men do?

She thinks that you are good looking and because of that you are a player. This one is hard to understand. She thinks because you are good looking that you have bagged plenty of women in your past. This can make some women shy away from you. Some women like studs, some don’t. If she is like this, move on. She thinks that all men want is sex. She has a point there. Unless she is a hell bent lesbian, she should love sex with a man as much as the next woman. All men are about is sex. They know that, but they are in denial. It seems that the only time they come out of this denial is when they turn you down for a date.

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She is a lesbian. This shouldn’t need to be explained. She isn’t attracted to you because she is attracted to women. Well, you might want to be friends with this woman any ways. You might end up getting to watch her kiss another woman or if you are really lucky, you can watch them have sex. She is not attracted to you. This is something men don’t understand. Just because you have a fat wallet, drive a nice car and have six pack abs…. Doesn’t mean that a woman wants you. Get over it and move on. She doesn’t think you are interested. This is why it is important to make the fist move. You need to make sure that she knows you are interested. Don’t go overboard and start feeling her boobies, just drop some hints.

She doesn’t trust strangers. Ever since the day she was born, her parents told her not to trust strangers. It isn’t too surprising that as an adult, she still doesn’t trust them. If this is the case, don’t make yourself a stranger. Try to run into her from time to time. Don’t stalk her, if you do that, the only time you score will be if your cell mate bends over. Follow these steps and you will be well on your way of scoring that first date. Take it slow and watch it go from there. Don’t waste too much time on a woman who doesn’t respond to your flirting.



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