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5 Most Potent All-Natural Testosterone Booster Pills That Proved to Be Effective

testosterone pills

What Makes You a Man

Just like any other man, you most probably aspire to gain muscles quicker, have incredible strength, build a strong body, and get rid of displeasing fat storages. Also, you may strive for a high sex drive and a better sex life. These goals are reachable if you know which tools to use. And these tools are called testosterone boosters.

Millions of men all over the globe have already appreciated the benefits given by these absolutely legal boosters. Testosterone pills don’t offer a miraculous solution. Instead, they help the men achieve the expected results much faster and easier.

If you are not a professional bodybuilder who has a team of sports and nutrition experts, working for your success, you are unlikely to build the body you dream of. This most probably will not happen even if you spend many hours in the gym and adhere to a sports nutrition plan. Here testosterone, the production of which is boosted with the help of special boosters, comes on the stage.

Testosterone is a hormone without which any man can’t be a man in every sense of this word. The man can’t be strong and sexually active without a sufficient amount of testosterone in the body.

So, if you wish to get a muscular physique, improve sports performance, and enhance sexual potency, take testosterone boosters to keep your hormone levels normal.

What Testosterone Booster Pills Are Intended for?

Testosterone boosting pills are created to:

  • Stimulate testosterone synthesis in a natural way
  • Accelerate muscle gain
  • Gain bigger muscle
  • Promote faster muscle recovery
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Decrease body fat, replacing fat storages with lean muscle mass
  • Rebuild self-esteem and lift mood
  • Boost motivation to work out more persistently
  • Restore high energy levels necessary for effective muscle building process

It should be noted that there are the men who have a great genetic potential to successfully build muscles almost without any efforts and regardless of their eating plan and exercise routine.

At the same time, there are the men who must sweat their guts out to see some positive changes. That is, they have to strictly follow the diet plan, consume much protein, and exercise a lot for a very long time.

Testosterone boosters are invented for the men who work without letup to get ideal muscles. These products will remove all obstacles, letting you easily reach your goals.

What Is the Mechanism of Testosterone Pills’ Actions?

The most effective supplements consist of the powerful mixtures of ingredients able to make the man’s body produce a higher amount of testosterone.

Their mechanism of action implies:

  • Normalization of Testosterone Synthesis

Brain and endocrine system play crucial role in testosterone synthesis. To urge them to perform this function properly, the man should take some important ingredients which are typically absent in the daily meal plan. The mission of testosterone boosting products is to make up the deficiency of these ingredients. In such a way, it’s possible to stimulate testosterone secretion.

  • Elevation of Free Testosterone Levels

According to the studies, sex hormone binding globulin binds to approximately 60% of testosterone available in the body.

Being bound, this sex hormone can’t give an anabolic effect anymore. It becomes almost useless for the man’s body. Testosterone boosters suppress globulin secretion. This makes free testosterone levels grow.

  • Estrogen Reduction

There is an enzyme called aromatase which has a strong impact on estrogen synthesis. And for this purpose, testosterone is used. That is, this sex hormone is turned into estrogen.

Testosterone supplements include the ingredients which can suppress the mentioned enzyme and, therefore, save testosterone. As a result, estrogen levels plummet, while testosterone levels raise.

Are Testosterone Booster Pills Truly Effective?

Many men still believe that the only sure way to boost own testosterone is to take pro-hormones or steroids. But this belief is far from reality.

If you also prefer steroids, natural testosterone pills are here to change your opinion. And though the power of these boosters doesn’t surpass the power of the synthetic drugs, their efficacy is enough to satisfy the men’s needs.

Recently, numerous studies have been conducted to confirm that natural ingredients truly can substantially promote testosterone synthesis. And the findings of these studies were positive. It’s remarkable that such ingredients don’t pose a threat to the men’s health.

Most Promising Testosterone Booster Ingredients

In fact, it’s also mistaken to think that each testosterone booster works well. There is a wide range of products manufactured with the use of completely outdated technologies. That’s why these products consist of the ingredients, the efficacy of which slims to none.

We have carried out own investigation to help you understand which now existing ingredients are the most promising ones.

This list of ingredients is backed with the results of different clinical trials. And if you are looking for the testosterone supplement, check whether it has at least some of these ingredients in its formula:

D-Aspartic Acid

This amino acid plays an important role in testosterone secretion. Acting in the brain, it’s responsible for the release of numerous hormones. Among these hormones, it’s possible to distinguish the luteinizing hormone, which regulates the testes’ functioning, and growth hormone, on which muscle development mainly depends.

According to some studies, d-aspartic acid helps eliminate rate-limits of testosterone production.

Also, the study was conducted to find out how 3-month d-aspartic acid supplementation influences on testosterone levels in male participants between 27 and 43 years old. The study has finally shown that testosterone levels in men grew by 30-60%.

The other studies have indicated that d-aspartic acid can enhance sex hormone synthesis in inactive men, as well as in men with testosterone deficiency.


Just a small number of supplements have this trace mineral in their formulas. And it’s really a glaring omission since boron has a great ability to stimulate testosterone production. It helps build muscle mass and make bones stronger.

The scientists found out that boron not only can elevate free testosterone levels, but also reduce estrogen synthesis. The intake of this trace mineral is able to facilitate and accelerate the achievement of your both sports and intimate goals.

The study has demonstrated that the male bodybuilders from the study group had much higher testosterone levels after the 7-week supplementation than the men from the placebo group.

Another study gave evidence that the 1-week intake of 10 mg of boron per day contributed to the free testosterone growth by 28%, estrogen reduction by 39%, and dihydrotestosterone growth by 10%.

One more study has indicated that the 2-month supplementation with 6 mg of boron per day caused testosterone growth by 29%.

Oyster Extract

Oysters are extremely rich in zinc which participates in the release of luteinizing hormones and promotes the increase in serum testosterone levels. The studies also have proven the importance of zinc for sex hormone secretion.

The 1-month study that involved 32 male road cyclists has shown that the supplementation with 20 mg of zinc daily led to the substantial elevation of free testosterone levels. During the study period, the men did high intensity exercises.

Another study in which 55 football players participated has also demonstrated that the 2 month supplementation with 30 mg of zinc daily considerably intensified testosterone production. Also, it led to the improvement of strength and power.

In addition, oyster extract contains a large number of the other crucial nutrients, including taurine, amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, and vitamins. Thus, this extract contains much vitamin D. People often take not enough vitamin D. But this vitamin is a great stimulator of testosterone production. It also enhances muscle strength and helps cope with the lack of sex drive.

Stinging Nettle

This plant is known for its ability to free up testosterone and give the body an opportunity to actively use it. This is possible due to the fact that the plant root contains valuable substances called lignans. These substances can bind to sex hormone binding globulin instead of testosterone. As a result, the levels of free testosterone elevate.

The plant can also inhibit aromatase and, hence, decrease estrogen levels. This leads to the increase in testosterone levels.

The mentioned effects of stringing nettle have been proven with in-vitro and animal studies. Also, according to the studies, the plant root extract supports prostate health.

Vitamin D3

It’s considered a vitamin, but in fact it acts like a hormone. It belongs to 24 nutrients without which the human body can’t survive. It’s necessary to get the bare skin exposed to sunlight to receive enough vitamin D3. However, people always lack this vitamin because they spend very little time outdoors nowadays.

This vitamin has an impact on the release of luteinizing hormones which in their turn contribute to the release of growth hormone, follicle stimulating hormones, and testosterone.

According to the studies, for the men with vitamin D deficiency, the likelihood of testosterone deficiency is very high, comparing to the men who have normal vitamin D levels.

The men without health problems who undergo the one-year supplementation with a small amount of vitamin D may experience the growth of testosterone levels by 25%.


This plant is gaining more and more popularity with its ability to indirectly promote testosterone secretion. The Asian Red Panax Ginseng features the greatest level of efficacy.

Ginseng is mainly known for its high potential to stimulate nitric oxide synthesis in men. This substantially strengthens circulatory system, helps enhance sports performance, and improves sexual potency.

It lowers glucose levels and, therefore, doesn’t allow insulin to negatively affect testosterone synthesis. In addition, the plant contains saponins which also raise testosterone levels and activate luteinizing hormone production.

The studies in male mice and rats have indicated that Panax Ginseng supplementation contributes to the elevation of testosterone levels.

The scientists also found out that this plant has an oxidative effect and, at the same time, suppresses cortisol production. This helps maintain testosterone levels normal.

The animal studies and some human studies gave evidence that Ginseng contributes to prolactin reduction. Prolactin is highly beneficial for the breastfeeding women but has a negative influence on testosterone secretion in men. So, by inhibiting prolactin synthesis, the plant normalizes testosterone levels.


This plant that grows in south Europe and Asia has sex drive increasing properties known from the ancient times.

It promotes better release of insulin. Due to this, bigger muscles develop faster. Male potency also improves. High antioxidative potential of Fenugreek maintains the men’s overall health.

There is scientific evidence that Fenugreek can support healthy testosterone production. The study that lasted for 1.5 months and involved 60 men without any health problems has proven this. The study implied the intake of 600 mg of plant extract daily. The supplementation led to the normalization of testosterone and prolactin in men.

The other study during which the well-trained male participants without any diseases took 500 mg of plant extract daily during the whole study period has also shown the improvement of testosterone levels. This happens due to the extract ability to suppress the enzymes which destroy testosterone.


Black pepper is a source of Bioperine. In fact, Bioperine doesn’t belong to the ingredients which enhance testosterone synthesis. But when searching for a worthy testosterone booster, don’t forget to check whether this ingredient is included to the supplement.

This ingredient is crucial because it enhances the efficacy of the other ingredients which really activate testosterone secretion. Bioperine acts by improving the absorption of boron, vitamin D3, Fenugreek, etc. It means that you will get much better supplementation results.

The Choice of Ingredients: What to Focus on

When looking for the booster with the best selection of the ingredients, you should pay attention to some important aspects.

Thus, don’t choose the supplement with a proprietary blend in the formula. The mixture of such ingredients contains different dosages of each ingredient. And you never know how much exactly. This can be dangerous to your health.

It’s also strongly recommended to avoid the supplements which were developed earlier than a few years ago. The matter is that such products are already outdated and were created without the use of all the most innovative technologies and without a scientific proof.

Safety of Testosterone Pills

It’s natural that the first question you ask when thinking about the purchase of testosterone boosters is whether these products are safe.

Actually, such supplements don’t belong to steroids. They consist of 100% natural active ingredients the power of which is enough to make your body synthesize more own testosterone. These products don’t cause any adverse reactions in contrast to steroids which are well-known with their serious side effects.

5 Breakthroughs in Testosterone Booster Supplements Industry in 2018

We have conducted a thorough research and can finally share with you our findings concerning the best testosterone supplements which are now available on sale.

These top-notch supplements are clinically supported and include the most potent ingredients ever.


This testosterone booster is ranked first in our list. It completely outstripped all the competitors.


TestoGen managed to become a leader in its realm due to the availability of the recently renewed formula which relies on the results of the latest clinical trials. This formula represents the highly innovative approach to the creation of testosterone boosters.

The product doesn’t include a proprietary blend. That’s why you can know for sure which ingredients and in which amount you take in order to:

  • Enhance testosterone synthesis in a natural way
  • Develop more muscle much quicker, spending for this purpose just months, but not years
  • Replace fat storages with strong, well-toned muscles
  • Increase strength substantially
  • Feel much more energized regardless of whether you are working out in the gym or trying to fulfill the daily tasks


It’s possible to reach all the mentioned goals due to the action of the extremely powerful 11 ingredients present in the product formula.

The major ingredients are as follows:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Boron
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Bioperine

The product also contains magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6, and vitamin K1.


The best booster has the following disadvantages:

  • High price. TestoGen is expensive since it’s a top-class product. However, the superior quality of the supplement levels out the price. You will get the unmatched product for the money you pay
  • Opportunity to make a purchase only on the official website. The product is not available on the other websites except for the official website. But the manufacturer delivers the supplement all over the globe free of charge

The Bottom Line

TestoGen is the most innovative and potent testosterone booster that can be found on the market in 2018. It’s targeted on the stimulation of natural testosterone synthesis in men due to which it’s possible to gain bigger muscles, decrease fat percentage, and increase strength.

The unbeaten product formula helps the men get the impressive results quickly.

Though the product is costly, it’s shipped for free to every country. And you can also benefit when using the manufacturer’s package deals.


This product took a second place in our list. TestoFuel is present on the market for a few years. That’s why it has already instilled trust in the customers.


There is no hidden proprietary blend in the formula. Each ingredient and its dosage are precisely stated on the label to give you these advantages:

  • Muscle gain to enable you to positively change body composition
  • More strength that makes it possible to train harder
  • Fat percentage reduction that helps you build lean muscle
  • Sharpened mental alertness and motivation which are crucial for getting better results

Customer feedback proves that this product really offers the mentioned advantages.


High efficacy of this supplement can be easily explained if you look at its formula which consists of the following powerful ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D
  • Oyster Extract
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

All these ingredients are science-backed and combined in one up-to-date formula. That’s why the efficacy of the product formula is guaranteed. The optimum serving of each ingredient will enable you to get the most out of the supplementation.


  • High price and necessity to pay for delivery. But a money-back guarantee protects your money. Also, the international shipping is available from the UK and USA
  • Possibility to buy the supplement only on the official website

The Bottom Line

Due to the availability of the clinically supported formula, TestoFuel belongs to the best supplements on sale which can elevate testosterone levels in a natural way. The supplement outcompeted numerous similar products because it’s really a powerful testosterone boosting tool.

This supplement is even more expensive than TestoGen. And you should also additionally pay for shipping. However, it’s possible to take advantage from the manufacturer’s special offerings.

Prime Male

In our ranking, Prime Male is third. This product has one very remarkable peculiarity; that is, it intended for the men who are 50 years old and even older. At this age, natural testosterone production in men is vulnerable and suffers from the aging process. But this supplement is here to change the situation.


The product is developed to prevent the age-related decrease in testosterone levels and normalize hormone synthesis in the older men. This peculiarity distinguishes Prime Male from the competitors.

The advantages of the product are as follows:

  • Energy levels upsurge that allows the men to increase the length of their workouts
  • Muscle mass growth which is a result of the intensified testosterone secretion
  • Effective weight loss to get the desired body shape
  • Improved mood and overall well-being
  • Increased libido that leads to the enhancement of sex life

By offering these advantages, the supplement earned the loyalty of thousands of customers.


The supplement contains a range of strong ingredients which are not combined in a proprietary blend. These ingredients include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • Mucuna Pruriens
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Magnesium
  • Luteolin
  • Bioperine
  • Boron
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

Each ingredient has a scientific support. That’s why you can be sure that this product will do its best for you.


  • If your age is between 20 and 50 years old, this product will not help you achieve your goals
  • The supplement can be found for sale only on the official website. However, a return policy valid for 90 days compensates for this downside
  • You shouldn’t pay for shipping only if you use the package deals
  • The price is higher than for the majority of testosterone supplements

The Bottom Line

Our investigation indicated that Prime Male is an excellent option for the older men who want to feel more energized and improve sex drive. There are the high-quality ingredients, including aromatase suppressors in the product formula. However, the supplement costs too much.


Testo-Max is the 4th best product in our ranking. It’s a well-working supplement with a safe formula. This supplement is considered a worthy legal substitute to Sustanon which is a popular anabolic steroid.


It’s a perfect choice for the bodybuilders who strive to refuse from the use of anabolic steroids and, at the same time, find the product that will not be inferior to steroids.

Testo-Max offers you such an opportunity because it:

  • Enables substantial muscle growth
  • Maximizes strength
  • Increases stamina
  • Decreases recovery time between workout sessions
  • Boosts energy and power
  • Improves libido and bedroom performance
  • Is suitable for bulking and cutting cycles


The list of the widely known supplement ingredients is as follows:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Fenugreek
  • Ginseng
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B2
  • Vitamin B5
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin D3

The plausible results of different studies have confirmed their efficacy for the men who strive to cope with testosterone deficiency.


  • The price is quite high. But you shouldn’t pay for the worldwide shipping
  • You will not find the supplement in the local retail stores
  • The product is not intended for the very young guys

The Bottom Line

Crazy bulk offers a range of the stackable products designed to intensify testosterone secretion in a natural way. And Testo-Max is one of them. We can confidently recommend this product to each man who wishes to make a great choice for bulking and cutting cycles, as well as to build more muscle mass and enhance sports performance.

Forskolin 250

Forskolin 250 is a unique product that can successfully stimulate testosterone production and burn excessive fat. This supplement takes the 5th place among the top testosterone boosters.


The intake of this supplement is very favourable for the overweight and obese men because it helps:

  • Raise serum free testosterone levels
  • Increase bone mass
  • Improve body composition
  • Get rid of excessive fat
  • Effectively lose weight
  • Gain and preserve lean body mass


As it’s obvious from the product name, it consists of only one active ingredient. And this ingredient is called Forskolin.

Forskolin is a substance extracted from the plant known under the name of Coleus Forskohlii. This ingredient is absolutely safe since it was thoroughly studied during numerous clinical trials. So, the high efficacy of the ingredient is beyond any doubt.


  • The product can be bought on the official website only. But the shipping is free of change. And favourable multibuy offers are available
  • The supplement is suitable only for the overweight and obese men

The Bottom Line

Forskolin 250 is a safe option for the men with excessive weight who aspire to both effectively burn fat and considerably elevate testosterone levels. The product can complement the other testosterone boosters which offer a multi-faceted approach for the achievement of more impressive results.

It’s quite an affordable supplement which helps reach own goals and save money due to the use of special offers.

The Verdict

Testogen is a truly unmatched testosterone booster. And now you will not find a better legitimate option on sale if your target is to enhance testosterone synthesis in a natural way. But the other products from out list also gave good account of themselves and won the popularity among the customers.

All of the most potent boosters include the best-working ingredients such as d-aspartic acid, ginseng, fenugreek, vitamin D3, boron, and Bioperine.

If you aspire to gain bigger muscle quickly, lift energy levels, boost strength, and increase sex drive, you should complement your healthy eating plan and workout routine with the supplements from our ranking.

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Legal steroids help stimulate your pituitary gland so that it can increase its production of Lutenizing hormone (LH) which helps your testes produce more testosterone. Another herb that is well known to increase testosterone production in men is Tongat Ali or Long Jack.