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Swedish Man Is Brought to an Early Grave after Phalloplasty

In Stockholm, a young man who was only 30 years old was cut off in his prime after undergoing penis enlargement surgery, also known as phalloplasty. It was the first ever fatal case after such a surgical procedure.

Except mild asthma, he had no health-related complaints and no underlying diseases.
He decided to simultaneously increase penis length and girth during one surgery. To widen penis, fat grafting technique is used. In this case, undesirable fat is transferred from the abdomen, hips and/or thighs.

The penis length was increased without any problems. But when the doctors started increasing penis circumference, during which it was necessary to transfer fat to the penis, the man experienced a very rapid heartbeat, drop in blood pressure, and severe oxygen desaturation.

The patient had a heart attack 30 minutes later. All resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful. And the patient died 2 hours later.

According to the Journal of Forensic Sciences, that was the first recorded case of death from the apparently safe penis enlargement surgery by means of fat grafting. And it was especially unexpected since the man was young and healthy.

Forensics analysts found out that pulmonary embolism was a cause of death. The experts stated that fat which had been injected during the surgical procedure reached the punctured pulmonary veins. As a result, the blood vessels had burst.
It’s worth noting that people have already died in a similar way to the young Swedish man after buttock lift surgery.

Worldwide, more than 8,000 men per year undergo penis enlargement surgical procedures. The data is given by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Swedish surgeons claim that this type of surgery is now rapidly gaining popularity.

Now it’s obvious that the surgery can cause death. However, it’s not the only medical issue it may lead to. Thus, the other dangerous complications include urethral injuries and serious skin troubles.

BuzzFeed News published the interview with Tobias Kohler, who is the urologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He states that the surgery aimed at the increase in penis size is a fully ineffective technique that doesn’t give the desired results, uglifies men, and can lead to death. Even if the man doesn’t die, he may suffer from terrifying side effects such as impotence and urogenital disorders.

The healthcare professionals don’t recommend performing two surgeries targeted on the increase in both penis length and penis girth at the same time. It’s necessary to wait for at least several weeks to perform a second surgery. Otherwise, the risk of deadly complications dramatically increases. To avoid the surgery-related risks, it’s better to replace the surgical procedures with the intake of penis enlargement pills and the use of penis extenders. The experts claim that these penis enlargement methods can be no less effective than the risky surgical procedures.

Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.