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Is a Small Manhood Really a Burning Problem?


Though relationship therapists and marriage advisors claim that not penis size but sexual skills are really important for mutual bedroom satisfaction, the men are still concerned with penis enlargement. The majority of men are convinced that the bigger penis they have the better.

Men exert every effort to maintain own sexual reputation. Their masculine pride is very sensitive and vulnerable. And even the very thought that women could laugh at their penis size wounds men’s vanity and cuts to the heart. The men’s magazines, even the most authoritative ones, just pour oil on flames. These magazines drill into the men’s mind that a small manhood is something that will totally ruin their sex life. As a result, the men start desperately searching for doubtful and illegal ways to enlarge penis.

What the Studies Tell

Kenyan cosmetic surgeons, who perform the penis enlargement surgeries, tell that their patients lack self-confidence. They are convinced that a big member is what they only need to sexually satisfy a woman. However, if these men don’t try to solve psychological problems and restore self-esteem, even a big penis will not help them become a winner in the bedroom. The man should hold on to a belief in his own sexual skills regardless of penis size.

Though sexual satisfaction related studies have not been conducted in Kenya yet, the studies carried out in the other countries give clear evidence that the women don’t consider the penis measurements the most crucial condition for a good sex.
Thus, one study conducted in Great Britain in 2016 found out that only 11.2% of female participants want their men necessarily have a big penis to please them. 67.4 % of women think that the penis size matters only to some extent. And the rest of women don’t care about the penis size.

The majority of women state that the average penis size is quite enough to give them pleasure. The women tell that love, respect, devotion, and advanced sexual techniques are what no woman can resist. And the penis size doesn’t play a great role here. After all, even a small penis serves its main purpose – procreation.
Very often, there is no need to resort to drastic measures to get the desired penis size. Thus, in many cases, it’s just enough to select a reliable penis enlargement medicine or supplement to feel favourable changes and boost self-esteem.



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