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Sigmund Freud’s Theory On Libido Development

Theories may be referred to as speculations or hypotheses on certain events in a person’s life. Scientifically speaking, it may be based on a set of facts, principles and propositions explaining the phenomena. It may also be an abstract thought or idea about something. In the world of libido, the development of the term was studied by Sigmund Freud.

Sigmund Freud coined the term libido to refer to as sexual drive or instinct. He noted a transition of event pertaining to the term. At the start of the process, one’s sexual drive is intensified gradually up to a certain momentum or peak. After which, the feelings return to normal once the climax is reached because of the sudden diminishing of the pleasurable emotion.

Studies of Sigmund Freud on libido

One study backing up Sigmund Freud’s theory on libido was conducted to correlate libido with other factors. In the study, he realized that sexual drive is closely compared to the likes of eating and bowel movement. Both these events reach certain peaks but may suddenly fall as the body progressively reacts to them.

This study led Freud to know more about how libido develops. He utterly believed that sexual drive is ascertained by several courses of actions. He firmly knew that there are stages which are to be identified with the development of libido in a lot of individuals.

Freud’s theory on libido development

During Sigmund Freud’s in-depth study of libido development, the following stages transpired:

Oral stage. This is an event which happens during infancy when the baby or the child sucks milk from his breastfeeding mother. The oral stage concentrated on the use of the mouth to develop sexual drive.
Anal stage. Once an infant grows and reaches the second or third year of his life, the anal stage happens. This is referred to as such because this is the point in life when the child is undergoing some potty training to exercise rectal functions.
Phallic stage. This is a stage which happens during puberty when the private parts of teenagers grow and develop to maturity. In this regard, the libido development is concentrated on the genitals.

Libido development and the human psyche

To support the three stages of libidinal development, Freud further studied about its relationship with human psyche. Here are the three components that he found out:

Id. This is the basic stage where the psyche dictates the initiation of several activities pertaining to instinct and drive. Apart from sexual desire, this may also include aggression.
Ego. This is a function which dictates an individual to fulfill libido in a manner accepted by society.
Superego. This function increases the person’s knowledge of which acts are punishable when uncontrolled. This may be correlated with shame or guilt.
Freud believed that there should always be that desire to fulfill the basic concepts on libido development. When satisfaction is not met, more problems arise in a person. In fact, it may even affect the health of person in a lot of ways. It may also decrease the positivity in one’s personality.

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Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.