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Semenax Review


Better, Stronger Orgasms

Reviews by men who take Semenax, say that while it was taken to increase their amount of semen, that in addition to increasing sperm and fertility, they have an improved sex drive.

For these men, when they experience an orgasm, the orgasm itself is more intense, more pleasurable and lasts longer.

Male Volumizer Enhancer

It’s a combination of amino acids and herbal concentrates, which result in an unique male volume enhancer.

This proprietary formula is a mix of compounds and herbs that increase sperm and semen production in the testes.

Harder, Firmer Erections

How often do you hear that harder, firmer erections are a side effect of taking a male volume enhancement supplement?

We want to stress that not all men report this happening.

To be honest with you, being firmer was not one of the primary goals of Semenax pills, but when as the feedback came in from men who were taking the supplement, a significant percentage of feedback forms mentioned increased firmness and harder erections.



Does Semenax Work?

The male reproductive system is a minor miracle, and when every part of it is working to its full potential, you get better orgasms. A well designed male enhancer should help all the parts of the system work better as a whole.

Semenax emphasizes improving the health of the male reproductive system.

It’s not just about shooting a larger load or increasing the amount of ejaculate you produce. The herbal ingredients in Semenax have been around a long time and used world-wide to better men’s sexual pleasure.

The formula includes:
Libido and testosterone boosters

  • Epimedium Sagittatum – horny goat weed
  • Catuaba Bark
  • Maca

Semen and Sperm boosters

  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Zinc Oxide

Prostate Health

  • Pumpkin Seed

While most “volume” enhancer pills only perform the task of increasing sperm and semen production, Semenax goes the extra step to improve a man’s sexual health. It’s quite simply a better product, as well as being the best volume enhancer in the male sexual health market.


How Can Semenax Help With Infertility

One of the biggest reasons a couple is infertile is an insufficient amount of sperm produced with ejaculation.

Therefore, if you can increase the volume of your semen and sperm, you will increase your chances of conceiving.

Your semen is the substance that transports the sperm out and away from the inside of the body. Semen is made up mostly of amino acids and fructose. The primary purpose of semen is to help a man’s sperm reach the females egg. Approximately one-third of the semen is produced in the prostate gland, the rest comes from the seminal vesicles and the Cowper Gland.

The final constituent of semen, the sperm, is produced in the testicles. Once the testicles produce the sperm, it travels to the epididymis, which is located over the testes, where it matures for sixty to ninety days.

Due to the fact that sperm are not able to move well enough to travel by themselves, they are combined with the semen upon ejaculation. Not only do you have to increase the potency of your sperm, but you also have to increase how much of it you produce.

A healthy ejaculation contains between 40 million and 600 million sperm.

The closer you are to the higher end of this amount, the more fertile you will be, especially if you have an adequate amount of semen.

Luckily, it is not hard to increase your sperm and semen levels. You could start by purchasing semen volume enhancement supplements.

t is important to understand that, even though many of the supplements in this industry claim to be the best, they are definitely not all created equal.

Some of these supplements are manufactured solely with profit in mind, and are filled with artificial ingredients.


The Bottome Line

Semenax is the highest quality supplement you can buy, if you are interested in improving your sperm count. Not only is Semenax free of dangerous side effects, but it also is fully endorsed by the medical industry.

Also, the brand is so confident in the product that they’re offering a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a positive sign.
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