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Semenax Review – 8 Thins You Need To Know

Semenax reviewSemenax is a cutting-edge all-natural semen volume booster developed to increase semen synthesis, restore virile strength, and help the men take on a new lease of sex life.

The most common gains you can wait for include:

• Substantial semen volume enhancement
• Strong and intense ejaculations
• Better control over the ejaculation process
• Increase in sex drive
• Much higher sexual pleasure
• Orgasm brightness boost by 2-3 times
• More solid, fuller, and longer lasting orgasms due to the stimulation of blood circulation

Semenax can be purchased through their Official Site.

1. How Semenax Works

Semenax formula includes a mixture of the top-notch active components which are primarily targeted on the cum volume growth.

This growth refers to all semen compounds such as prostate gland fluids, seminal plasma, seminal vesicle fluids, and bulbourethral gland fluid.

Since under the influence of the pill ingredients your body gets an ability to make much more semen than usually, you can also experience more powerful orgasms. Thus, according to the available evidence, the power of orgasms flies up by mind-blowing 200-300%.

However, this supplement works not just by stimulating semen secretion, but also by fighting low testosterone.

It boosts testosterone synthesis due to the intensification of nitric oxide production. When testosterone levels increase, your sexual appetite, endurance, and bedroom performance will also benefit.

Due to the upsurge of semen volume, the muscle contraction during the ejaculating enhances. The increased semen shooting strength can give a boost to the man’s sexual performance and impress your partner.


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2. Semenax Advantages

  • Considerably increased semen volume after just a 60-day supplementation.
  • Restoration of sexual arousal and sexual interest after a 30-day supplementation.
  • Revival of virile strength, as well as enhancement of ejaculation power and overall control after a 3-week supplementation.
  • Availability of a 67-day money back guarantee. If the supplement can’t meet your expectations, it’s possible to return 2 empty supplement bottles and get your money back.


3. Semenax Disadvantages

You can purchase the pill only from the manufacturer.

In such a way, the company protects its customers from all counterfeit products. When you purchase the supplement on the official manufacturer’s website, you will surely take advantage of a money back guarantee.


4. Semenax Ingredients

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Swedish Flower Pollen

More vitality and sexual power is what you are going to get when this plant ingredients comes to your body. That’s because this plant delivers the natural predecessors of testosterone and other male sex hormones. Also, this ingredient is loaded with valuable active substances that give a boost to male fertility.

In addition to the elevation of testosterone levels, you can expect blood circulation improvement, hard erections, and increased cum loads.


According to the results of multiple studies, this naturally-emerging amino acid is able to increase semen and sperm synthesis by 2 times. Not only semen volume growth. Fertility characteristics will also please you.

Thus, even the men who can’t boast of high sperm count and great sperm motility report about the positive changes in their reproductive system.


This is one more amino acid that kickstarts semen and sperm synthesis. At the same time, the amount of testosterone in the man’s body also grows. Also, you will not only get a higher amount of semen. But this semen will be much healthier as well.


The other name of this famous herb is Horny Goat Weed. Since the ancient times, it has been used as an aphrodisiac. Now it is scientifically proven that the plant not only raises sexual appetite, but also urges the body to synthesize more testosterone.

And this is actually why libido upsurges since testosterone directly regulates it. Also, there is evidence of Epimedium ability to activate semen secretion.

Butea Superba

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The traditional Thai medicine has been long relying on the sex-related properties of Butea Superba. In particular, it has always been used as a libido booster. Also, this plant has a very positive impact on the male physical performance.


High-quality sperm of each healthy man is rich in l-carnitine. That’s why this amino acid is irreplaceable for maintaining sperm healthy. Thus, the supplementation with l-carnitine helps increase sperm motility and hence overcome male fertility problems in the natural way.

While most supplements only perform the task of increasing sperm and semen production, Semenax goes the extra step to improve a man’s sexual health.


5. How Can Semenax Help With Infertility

One of the biggest reasons a couple is infertile is an insufficient amount of sperm produced with ejaculation. Therefore, if you can increase the volume of your semen and sperm, you will increase your chances of conceiving.

6. How Many Pills Should I Take per Day?

The bottle of Semenax contains 120 capsules which are enough for the 30-day supplementation. The daily dosage is 4 capsules divided into 2 servings, 2 capsules per each serving.

The first serving should be taken during lunch, while the second one during the dinner.

Don’t exceed the daily supplement dosage since this will not accelerate the occurrence of the supplementation gains. The pill intake will bring the desirable results only if you strictly adhere to the usage regimen suggested by the manufacturer.

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7. How Much Does Semenax Cost?

The Semenax price varies, depending on the option you select.

1 month supply – $59.95
3 month supply – $154.95
6 month supply – $289.95
12 month supply – $399.95

8. The Bottom Line on Semenax

The porn stars usually don’t hurry up to give publicity to the information about the remedies they take for boosting semen volume.

But still it’s possible to find the porn actors who freely admitted that they are absolutely satisfied with Semenax intake. That’s why it’s reasonable to assume that they really choose this option for increasing cum loads.

Not only is Semenax free of dangerous side effects, but it also is fully endorsed by the medical industry.

Also, the brand is so confident in the product that they’re offering a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee, which is a positive sign.


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Semenax Questions & Answers

Is Semenax a Drug?

Semenax is not classified as a prescription medication since it doesn’t contain any ingredients and chemicals prescribed by the doctors. So, you will not have troubles with a prescription or legal status of your purchase when you get this semen volume booster. And you will not also face any health problems related to the intake of prescription drugs for the male sexual health.

What Is Semenax Aimed At?

Semenax is a forward-looking supplement of natural origin created to activate semen production, revive virility, and brighten sexual experience in men. The major target of the supplement is to promote the secretion of semen volume. But the men who use Semenax can count on many other benefits which touch on all aspects of the men’s sex life such as libido, sexual vitality, virile strength, orgasm intensity, and erection quality. Also it helps to last longer in bed.

Will Semenax Have an Influence on My Orgasms?

Semenax really has a very beneficial impact on male orgasms. Thus, due to the action of the advanced Semenax formula, the men can regulate when to have an orgasm. It means that the product prevents premature ejaculation. The quality of orgasms also can change beyond recognition. Orgasms become prolonged and more vivid. The orgasmic contractions turn to be much more intense, while cum loads shooting power also grows. In addition, after the supplementation, the climax may impress both you and your partner due to the considerably ramped up semen volume.

Where Can I Purchase Semenax?

The manufacturer of Semenax highlights the possibility to obtain the original branded Semenax only on its official website. The purchase directly from the manufacturing company is th e only guarantee that you will become an owner of the genuine semen volumizer which is surely safe and effective. If you stumble upon the pill called Semenax in the drugstores, supermarkets or some other place, you should know that someone tries to play a sneaky trick on you. If you still buy such erection pill, only you, but not the manufacturer of Semenax will bear responsibility for the possible consequences of such a decision. So, it’s strongly recommended to purchase Semenax from the manufacturer only.

How Long Should I Take Semenax?

The manufacturer of Semenax states that its natural sex enhancement pill for male starts demonstrating its effects a few weeks after you take the first capsule. Within this period, you are going to boost your virility and return your ability to regulate the ejaculation process. After one month of the semen volumizer use, you can expect the upsurge of sex drive and arousal. And two months are required in order to finally enjoy the substantially increased semen volume, while the maximum results can be achieved within three months of pill intake. But the supplementation gains are not equal for different users because the body of each man responds to the action of the product in a different way.

Should I Consult a Doctor before Semenax Use?

Semenax is an all-natural supplement intended at the enlargement of semen production in the man’s body. The product is filled with the natural active substances only which don’t require any prescription or precaution before the use. Since there are no prescription-only ingredients in this semen volume increase product, you must not visit your physician before starting the supplementation. But you still can go to a healthcare provider on your own initiative to check the state of your health and get the approval on your supplementation from the medical expert.

Will Semenax Help Me Better Satisfy My Partner?

Semenax is a natural pill primarily targeted on the stimulation of semen volume increase and the enhancement of male sexual pleasure. However, this product also has the influence on the mutual sexual satisfaction. The improved sexual prowess, no sexual fatigue, fueled libido and sexual arousal, raised vitality, and better erection quality are sure to kindle the passion in your partner and elevate her sex drive. This can be a start of a new page in your and your partner’s sex life. Also, Semenax gives a strong boost not only to the semen synthesis, but also to the speed and power of cum load shooting. This may supercharge sexual pleasure of your partner. In addition, since due to the action of the supplement you are able to again control your climax, you can prolong the bright sexual sensations in your partner. So, it’s obvious that Semenax may positively change your and your partner’s sexual experience.

What Are the Side Effects of Semenax?

Semenax is a completely natural remedy with strong semen volume boosting properties. It is loaded with exceptionally natural components with clinically evident efficacy and safety. It is proved that this semen volumizer doesn’t cause side effects.

How To Enhance Semenax Effect?

There is a range of well-working tips that are sure to help you give a strong boost to the Semenax effect in the natural way.

Adequate Hydration

It’s not surprising that water can’t be replaced with any other substances or fluids in our bodies. The lack of water has a very negative influence on the body as a whole and on your semen in particular.

When dehydration develops, the body uses water available in the body for the maintaining of its vital functions. Of course, in this case, no water remains for producing a proper amount of semen.

Normal water intake not only urges your body to produce the increased semen volume, but also improves the quality of sperm. So, you should drink much water throughout the day to do a favor to your ejaculatory function.

Body Weight Reduction

According to the medical experts, about 33% of men suffering from obesity have the problems with both semen volume and sperm characteristics.

The study has indicated that a high BMI very negatively affects sperm count, motility, morphology, concentration, and even semen amount in general. But after the adherence to a 14-week weight reduction plan, the male study subjects experienced a substantial upsurge in both ejaculate amount and sperm count.

It means that the excessive weight and especially obesity may hinder you from enjoying the semen volume you want.

That’s why in addition to the intake of Semenax, you should also choose an effective weight loss program and be engaged in at least moderate physical activity.

Less Frequent Ejaculations

Probably, the easiest and the most effortless way to enhance Semenax effect is to make ejaculation frequency drop. It’s the most natural and proven method. When your body has a prolonged recovery period between sexual sessions, it logically has enough time for the rest and for the production of a new, large portion of semen.

If you have sexual encounters very often, your ejaculate amount will be small. That’s why at least 1-2 days or even longer without sex is needed to your body to refill the released semen.

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