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Second Date Tips


There maybe some things you are doing that make the date stop dead in its tracks Do you spend half of the date talking about that hot piece of ass that you dated last week? Do you talk her ear off about how your last girlfriend screwed you over really bad? Do you talk about how you never get lucky? This is why you aren’t getting that second date.

Women are like dogs, they are territorial creatures. You are their territory. If they could, they would probably piss on you to leave their mark. Instead, when you get married they do this by picking out the clothes that you wear. Stop talking about your past dates and your evil ex’s.

That will drive her way from you than if she was driving a expensive foreign sports car. If you feel it coming, bite your tongue so you don’t make the same mistakes. Make sure that you shower and shave before you go out. Make sure that you look and smell good. Spend some money on a good hair cut. Don’t go looking like a greasy smelly slob. She will judge you by your appearance. Don’t skimp on it, or you won’t get that second date. Make sure your finger nails are trimmed and make sure there is no dirt underneath them.

Make sure that you smell good. Have some nice smelling soap or cologne handy. Don’t over do it. Don’t make her jump away when she gets close to you. Use common sense. If you can afford it, get your teeth cleaned often by the dentist. This will leave your teeth looking their best. Make sure that before a date you always brush your teeth. After you are done brushing your teeth, look in the mirror to make sure there is nothing left in your teeth.

Don’t drink coffee or eat a ton of garlic or onions before you go on your date. She will take one whiff of your breath and run for the hills. Eat a mint or something before you pick her up. The true champ at getting laid might tell you to trim your pubes before you go on a date. You never know, you might get lucky?! I don’t know about this one. Personally, I like the afro look. Though if you don’t, trim to your hearts content. Make sure that you know where you are going. Don’t drive in circles trying to find the place that you are taking her out to. If you aren’t sure where the place is, scope it out before you get to her house. She will loose interest real fast if she is listening to her stomach growl while you try to locate the restaurant.

Never ask for her to pick you up. This shows weakness. What kind of woman would want a man who can’t drive? Never take a bus or walk. If you don’t drive, take a taxi or borrow a friend’s car. This makes you look like a freak. The first thing that will probably come to her mind is, is that you lost your drivers license for driving drunk. She won’t want a second date with a drunk.

Here are some things you can watch out for while you are at the restaurant.

Don’t drink too much. If you drink too much you will end up acting silly or saying stuff that you will have wished you never said. Don’t be cheap. Dust off that wallet and spend a few bucks! Don’t forget her. Don’t go talking to the buddy that just walked by. Say a few words and then go back to the conversation. If you don’t, you will loose points in the game.

Don’t touch her. Don’t go trying to find ways to touch her while you eat your meal. That will just make you look like a pervert or someone who is desperate. Don’t whine and complain. No one wants to hear that! Don’t comment on her body. Don’t go telling her that she has a nice rack while you are slurping down your soup. This will make you look like a fool who only wants to get in bed with her.

Keep your cool buddy, use your brain. You will bag that second date if you work hard enough.

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