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Reigniting Our Lives


It isn’t always fun being a man these days – let’s be honest. It can be downright embarrassing, particularly when you see us portrayed on TV and in the movies as weak, inept, bumbling fools who cower off to the sofa with chips and a cheap beer, our wives trailing behind us.

This idea of ‘lost masculinity,’ for lack of a better term, has nothing to do with biological age. I’ve seen 28-year-olds resigned to an average job and a soft suburban life, totally removed from passion and adventure.

What’s a man to do?

The simple answer is: DO SOMETHING… anything to reignite your dreams, sexuality, and zest for life. Otherwise, the ‘death’ of the American male, like the end of the classic western hero, is waiting around the next corner.

Gaining Insight

Here are three facts that put things into perspective for me. I hope they help you see more clearly as you start your quest.

FACT 1: This isn’t all your fault. For whatever reason, men today have less testosterone than their fathers and their grandfathers did at the same age. Maybe it’s the food or all the pollution… no one knows for certain. But whatever the cause, more free testosterone means more drive and passion, instead of being chubby and out of shape, with little energy, no motivation to exercise, and waning passion. Breaking the a vicious cycle that drags you down is your primary goal.

FACT 2: Better nutrition can go a long way to restoring your warrior shape, performance, and mentality. Try this: First, cut down on the alcohol. Next, eat whole foods, not processed junk. Add a couple of nutrients that are proven to raise free testosterone (primarily, Testofen, derived from fenugreek seeds). Then, find a way to get more energy because that’s key to endurance, drive, and motivation. Finally, get moving for goodness’ sake… to the gym, the pool, the park, anywhere.

Try This Two Week ‘Reset’

There’s a sports nutrition supplement I’d like you to try. It’s called penis growth pills. It’s new and I think different, with a premium form of Testofen® to really up your free testosterone, and that seems to make everything better. But I like Testo Rip X because it’s way more than a single-function booster. It includes a lipolytic agent (a fancy term for fat burner) that I think gets me leaner and less flabby. And when I look better, I feel better, and exercise more to double-down on the positive results. When my wife looks at me, she’s starting to see someone else… someone better.

As I said, this quest to reset my life would have gone nowhere without an energy kick in the butt. Best penis extender has enough to get me off the sofa, away from the refrigerator, and onto the tennis court. (I even bought my first new racket in five years.)

No More Excuses

There’s been a lot of talk online about how hard it is to find a bottle. I started by going to the website and getting a trial size (14 days).

After two weeks, I was convinced. Now I keep one bottle at work and another in my tennis bag.

No, Testo Rip X isn’t manhood in a capsule… but it’s smart nutrition and a ton of motivation in a bottle. I’ve felt the difference, and my wife has definitely seen a dramatic change in my looks, attitude, and vitality, which has benefits all its own.

And while I might not be the man my father was, I’m twice the man I used to be.



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