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What You Need To Know About Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is usually typified by regular failure of the penis to get and keep an erection. There are some ways to analyze erectile dysfunction.

First, when a person gets full erections at certain times of the day, particularly in the morning, or when the person is asleep, means that the man is physically capable of having erections. It also suggests that the physical parts of the body are working normally.

Erections not rigid or full, or are not maintained after a time, is a sign that there is a problem in the person. It can mean that there are underlying medical conditions, which could be cardiovascular in origin, affecting the person.

However, psychological factors can also come in and result to failure to have erections. Often, younger men who experience difficulties in erection are stressed and exhausted. Anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and depression can also result to male impotence. Men who feel guilty with their sexual encounter or relationship can also experience sexual impotence. Another possible reason for impotence is confusion on one’s sexual preference.

Penis Pumps

Prior to Viagra, the penis pump was prescribed by doctors as a way to help men get and keep erections. Any urologist will tell you that most erectile dysfunctions are psychological in origin.

The penis pump was developed to flood the erectile tissue with a little blood through a vacuum effect, and once the erection started, a man figured he was cured, and let his mind do the rest.

Psychological Reasons for Impotence

What bothers most specialists is the fact that a lot of people are not aware that impotency problems are the result of underlying physical disorders. If a person is left unaware of such disorder, then stress and anxiety may build up over time, resulting to more stress on the part of the male. It is therefore a must for men and their sexual partners to rule out physical causes first before being concerned with psychological factors. There are some men who actually suffer from psychological impotence with a particular sex partner, or in certain situations. Thus the approaches in treating these men should be very different.

Persons who are suffering from legitimate psychological impotence may need to seek counseling. Psychological help can assist in identifying and treating underlying reasons of impotence. For instance, people who are suffering from anxiety and depression may have to undergo treatment in order to improve their conditions. Those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress problems or abuse may have to get counseling on coping skills.

For those whose impotence problems have worsened, it is important that they re-assured that there is a treatment for their problems. They should also be explained about their underlying condition. Evaluation of psychological impotence can also help in assessing the person’s sexual identity, since confusion in the said area can be a probable cause.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Men usually refuse to talk about erectile dysfunction. It can ruin how they view themselves, and how others perceive them. But refusing to talk about erectile dysfunction may mean refusing to discuss possible medical concerns. In reality, erectile dysfunction may mean that there are other medical concerns hampering a male.

Erectile dysfunction is regarded as one problem for men. But it can be a result of other underlying medical conditions, either physical or psychological. Diseases, neurological conditions, and hormonal issues can trigger erectile dysfunction. More serious cases can be a result of things like anxiety and depression.

Since modern medicine and technology have allowed people to lead longer and healthy lives, a lot of people are enjoying sex even in their latter years. But since men usually are susceptible to having erectile dysfunction when they reach the age of 65, there are concerns on how men in their latter years can enjoy sex.

Men who fail to enjoy sex which is but a natural thing in life, can get affected psychologically. ED can also be taken as a symptom of another disease. This is why treatment of ED is hard, since there is often another underlying condition related to it that needs immediate treatment.

Apart from obvious symptoms of ED, many other physical symptoms are associated with it. One example would be increased level in blood pressure. Yet another condition that is associated with ED is diabetes, characterized by excessive amounts of blood glucose as well as continuous thirst. These are two probable medical conditions which are related to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is seen as a result of psychological symptoms. For one, chronic depression is usually associated with erectile dysfunction. It can be difficult to trace if the depression is a result of the impotence, or if the depression is behind the impotence. Indeed, either condition can be considered as the cause of the other.

Impotence can be simply a result of anxiety in performance in bed, especially if there is no other condition that can be traced to it. Impotence results from lack of confidence. It usually happens to men who are not confident with their skills in bed, or those who do not have an active sex life. Men who have been widowed or divorced, for instance, usually have problems with their potency. People who have doubts on their sexual capacities also usually suffer from sexual impotence.

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Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.