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Provigro is advertised as a physician approved aid for increasing the male sex drive. While the product is advertised for men of all ages, the website’s ad copy is directed at men of advanced age. Claims made by the manufacturer include maximization of stamina, increased girth during erection, increased libido and zero side effects. While no free trials are offered, there is an offer of a money back guarantee.


Provigro takes a different approach by including several different amino acids in its herbal formula in an attempt to assist the reproductive system in its normal functions, increase libido, and increase the body’s mental and physical ability to endure in romantic situations. Herbal ingredients include Maca, a known aphrodisiac, Ginseng, for boosting energy levels and stamina, Mucuna Pruriens, to increase testosterone levels, Barrenwort, for libido, and Eurycoma Longifolia, another energy booster often used to treat symptoms of fatigue. Barrenwort is the ingredient to watch in Provigro. Commonly used in China, it is said to have good effects on the male sex drive. Barrenwort contains Icarin, an ingredient that can aid in a healthy erection and a prolonged erection.


The inclusion of so many healthy ingredients, especially those that promote prostate health, lends credence to the strong clinical results presented on the Prostalex website. The website itself is well put together and informative. The clinical studies are easy to understand and presented in such a way as to provide a real sense of the effectiveness of the product without too much fluff. Prostalex is available without a prescription, and the website offers a two week, no risk, no obligation, free trial.


The Provigro website is comprehensive. It includes testimonials and also gives a detailed list of the ingredients of Provigro and what their functions are. It goes into great detail about what it takes to achieve a full and lasting erection and how their product can be effective in making that happen. Sales, service, and support appear to be very easy to access via the website or the telephone. The website offers a buy two get one free deal that can save the customer a good deal of money.

Review Summary

Provigro has an accumulation of herbal supplements that all seem to focus on the male sex drive and performance. The website gives some very detailed and helpful information, including a description of how an erection is obtained and what it takes to maximize both the quality and the length of time that the erection can be maintained. The claim of treatment for both the emotional and physical aspects of sexual issues is unusual for a male enhancement pills but it also may be unfounded.

How To Combine Kegels And Penis Stretching For Optimum Penis Growth

Do you know that women need exciting, absolutely amazing sex to really satisfy their sexual needs?

You may be a funny, absolutely fantastic guy in other areas of relationship but if you suck in bed, your woman may compare you to other men who were able to known her off!

And I bet you don’t like that.

Penis exercise is the best and easiest form of penis enlargement; while some guys want to add more width, others wish to add extra length; depending on your goal, all you just have to do, is to consistently carry out a particular exercise.

Everything I’ll be sharing with you in this article will help you learn different penis techniques; all I want is your attention and immediate action.

Penis Stretching (Adding More Length)

Do you want to increase the length of your erection from 5 inches to 7.5 inches in erect length?

Then this form of exercise can help you achieve that. Here’s what you need to know about penis stretching:

How To Perform A Length Technique Or Penis Stretching Exercise Using The ”Long Schlong”

You’ve probably not heard about ”long schlong”; anyway, it’s a penis exercise you must use if you want to quickly add more length to your penis.

Here’s how to go about it:

Form the ”O” grip with your middle fingers and thumb; and gently grasp your shaft behind the head.
Then begging pulling gently (outwards) hold this position for 50 seconds; then begin pulling your penis to the right, left, down, and up.
Repeat this five times to complete one set and then start all over again if you want to.
Track your results
That’s all it takes to perform a basic stretching exercise.

NOTE: you should aim for 10 sets of this exercise in the first week, and omit one day for recovery. Then increase the amount of rounds or sets you complete each week by 5 until you reach 50.

Kegel Exercises For Men

This is known to be the most effective form of natural penis enlargement. Kegel exercise maximizes your sex drive, increases your semen volume, and helps you maintain your erection after orgasm. Best of all, it has an indirect affect on penis size if you practice stretching techniques in conjunction.

There’s a whole lot kegel exercise can help you achieve, so here’re just a few:

  • Boost the control of ejaculatory response and ejaculate trajectory.
  • Intensifies orgasm and the frequency of orgasms
  • Controls the angle of erection
  • Improves the blood flow throughout the pelvic region; strengthens your erections and indirectly increase the size of the penis.

How An Effective Kegel Exercise Is Performed

You may ask: am I really practicing the right kegel exercise?

What’s it suppose to feel like? How many times should I perform it?

A kegel is the simplest penis exercise to perform, but unfortunately, most men don’t know how to go through with them.

Without mincing words, here’re the basic things you need to know to be successful with kegel exercises.

Try contracting your PC muscles and releasing. Contract it a few more times so you can get a good feel for what you’re doing.

What did it feel like? Was it hard to contract? Whatever the case might be, just know that you’ll need to get used to it.

Once you’re familiar with contracting your PC muscle; pause your PC muscle (you can feel this muscle contract when you’re urinating if you need help locating it), for 3–6 seconds; depending on how long you can hold it and then release it.

Repeat this, 50 times your first week (depending on your schedule), and ensure you track your progress. This is important… Acknowledge this!

Incorporating Kegel Into Your Routine

Kegel takes only a few minutes per day; but if you’re the busy type, adhere to the following routine:

Start with 50 kegels your first week (omit one day for recovery).
Increase kegels by 100 the second week, and repeat. But note this: always ensure you increase your kegels weekly!

That’s the only way to be sure you’re improving!

If you perform these penis exercises for a prolonged time frame, I see no reason why you shouldn’t be able to add a few more inches to your length.

NOTE: you should aim for 10 sets of this exercise in the first week, and then increase the amount of sets you complete by 5 each week until you reach 50.

If you have questions or concerns regarding these two exercises, I’d really appreciate your thoughts and views on this by commenting below!



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