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Provigro is advertised as a physician approved aid for increasing the male sex drive. While the product is advertised for men of all ages, the website’s ad copy is directed at men of advanced age. Claims made by the manufacturer include maximization of stamina, increased girth during erection, increased libido and zero side effects. While no free trials are offered, there is an offer of a money back guarantee.


Provigro takes a different approach by including several different amino acids in its herbal formula in an attempt to assist the reproductive system in its normal functions, increase libido, and increase the body’s mental and physical ability to endure in romantic situations. Herbal ingredients include Maca, a known aphrodisiac, Ginseng, for boosting energy levels and stamina, Mucuna Pruriens, to increase testosterone levels, Barrenwort, for libido, and Eurycoma Longifolia, another energy booster often used to treat symptoms of fatigue. Barrenwort is the ingredient to watch in Provigro. Commonly used in China, it is said to have good effects on the male sex drive. Barrenwort contains Icarin, an ingredient that can aid in a healthy erection and a prolonged erection.


The inclusion of so many healthy ingredients, especially those that promote prostate health, lends credence to the strong clinical results presented on the Prostalex website. The website itself is well put together and informative. The clinical studies are easy to understand and presented in such a way as to provide a real sense of the effectiveness of the product without too much fluff. Prostalex is available without a prescription, and the website offers a two week, no risk, no obligation, free trial.


The Provigro website is comprehensive. It includes testimonials and also gives a detailed list of the ingredients of Provigro and what their functions are. It goes into great detail about what it takes to achieve a full and lasting erection and how their product can be effective in making that happen. Sales, service, and support appear to be very easy to access via the website or the telephone. The website offers a buy two get one free deal that can save the customer a good deal of money.

Review Summary

Provigro has an accumulation of herbal supplements that all seem to focus on the male sex drive and performance. The website gives some very detailed and helpful information, including a description of how an erection is obtained and what it takes to maximize both the quality and the length of time that the erection can be maintained. The claim of treatment for both the emotional and physical aspects of sexual issues is unusual for a male enhancement pills but it also may be unfounded.



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