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Prime Male Test Booster Review (January, 2020)

Men are ruled by testosterone.

It defines their behavior, lifestyle, health and, of course, their desire to have sex. Being the main male hormone, testosterone plays a key role both in the life of professional athletes and ordinary men.

The body, as a rule, produces it independently, but due to age, heavy physical exertions and incorrect nutrition, this amount may be not enough.

In this case, special supplements can come to the assistance.

In this review, we will talk about the undoubted importance of testosterone in a man’s body, the possible reasons for its decrease and one of the best testosterone boosters – Prime Male.

prime male testosterone booster

Prime Male is a powerful testosterone booster that contains the most effective natural components in its composition.

The product does not contain prohibited substances, all its ingredients are of the highest quality and do not have serious side effects.

Prime Male was created to boost testosterone levels in a safe and the most natural way.

Besides, this product is aimed to raise confidence, energy and restore overall wellness of a man’s body. Its formula helps to improve sexual performance of a man and promotes building muscles if combined with strength trainings.

1. What Is Prime Male

Prime Male is one of the most forward-looking non-synthetic testosterone enhancing remedies which you can now find on sale.

There are no artificial ingredients, steroids, or any other forms of synthetic testosterone in this all-natural supplement.

That’s why Prime Male is a worthy choice for everyone, wishing to forget about illegal unnatural medications which directly deliver testosterone.

The remedy was introduced to the public in 2015. For several years of its existence, it has already insinuated itself into the customers’ confidence as a reliable testosterone pill of natural origin.


2. Prime Male Benefits

prime male resultsThe customers choose Prime Male because of the appealing list of advantages it is able to offer:

  • Upsurge of testosterone levels
  • Chance to naturally boost physical performance
  • Elevation of sex drive and virile strength
  • Enhancement of sexual endurance and stamina
  • Elimination of negative mood swings
  • Support of prostate health
  • Much stronger bones
  • Improvement of mental abilities
  • Better skin regeneration


3. Prime Male Ingredients

The Prime Male ingredient content is formulated with the use of the most potent natural components. These ingredients have a scientifically proven ability to harmlessly normalize testosterone production in the man’s body.

When you reach your optimal testosterone levels, you will get all benefits associated with the restored male hormone balance.

The list of the testosterone supplement ingredients is as follows:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: This amino acid built loyalty as a strong natural testosterone booster among both the customers and manufacturers which frequently include it to their supplements. According to the studies, the supplementation with d-aspartic acid considerably assists in elevating testosterone levels.

  • Zinc: It is a mineral put to the Prime Male formula due to its high potential to stimulate testosterone synthesis. This compound actually directly takes part in the process of formulation of testosterone molecules. If there is lack of zinc in the man’s body, the emergence of defect-free hormone molecules can be impossible.

  • Boron: This mineral clinically proven to speed up the metabolic rate of total testosterone, making it to convert into free testosterone. The man can benefit from testosterone mainly due to its availability in the free form. Boron is highly helpful for strengthening bones and promoting the muscle building process.

  • Asian Red Ginseng: This plant has been used due to its aphrodisiac properties since the ancient times. It is also considered a great vitality and wellness booster. This herb is included to the supplement formula to enhance sex-related effects of the increased testosterone.


  • Vitamin D3: The scientists reasonably related vitamin D deficiency to testosterone deficiency. When the levels of this vitamin elevate, testosterone amount in the body also grows.

  • Magnesium: This mineral is crucial for the energy release. Under its influence, energy levels increase. The ingredient also stimulates testosterone synthesis.

  • Nettle Root: The herbal component doesn’t allow testosterone to be converted. This helps maintain testosterone levels stable.

  • Bioperine: Obtained from black pepper, this active substance is used in this testosterone pill to improve nutrient absorption and make the other ingredients work better.

  • Mucuna Pruriens: This active substance of natural origin activates testosterone secretion and kindles sexual interest in men.

  • Vitamin K2: According to the study findings, vitamin K2 deficiency leads to testosterone reduction. To prevent this, the vitamin is added to Prime Male formula.

prime male testosterone

4. Whom Is Prime Male Intended for?

Prime Male was primarily invented for the men who have already started suffering from the age-related testosterone decline.

The matter is that each man is by nature prone to the worsening of testosterone status when he is in his 30s.

Nothing can fully stop this natural process which deteriorates all the spheres of the man’s life including sports performance, bedroom satisfaction, professional achievements, and cognitive potential.

But it’s possible to slow down the natural testosterone decrease that happens in the aging men if these men take reasonable measures.

And the supplementation with Prime Male is one of such methods to improve the situation.

This supplement is designed to increase the synthesis of testosterone in the body and help the men achieve their personal goals.

5. When to Expect the Effects?

Since Prime Male is not a steroid or any other kind of artificial male sex hormone, the supplement doesn’t start working immediately.

You will notice the first changes in both physical appearance and mental wellness after about the 2-week uninterrupted supplementation. And if you check your hormone levels before the supplementation and after the half month supplementation, you will see the difference.

But to take advantage of the whole range of supplementation upsides, you should continue the pill intake up to 3 months. This period is enough to get most out of the natural remedy use.

You anyway have to remember that the pill intake effects may differ in each individual case, depending on many factors.

6. Prime Male Alternatives


6. Dosage and Side Effects

There are 750 mg of active compounds in each Prime Male capsule. The daily dosage of the supplement is 4 capsules divided into 4 separate servings.

The breaks between each serving should last no less than 3 hours. The most effective way to take the pill is with meals.

If you strictly stick to the usage guidelines specified by the product manufacturer, you will not experience any side effects.

However, some customer reports indicate that the minor side effects may rarely happen. They include stomach upset, headache, and loose stools.

7. The Bottom Line On Prime Male

prime male pillsTaking everything into consideration, we can make a conclusion that Prime Male is a really powerful product, able to improve energy levels of men, boost their athletic abilities and testosterone production.

One of the most potent testosterone boosters we have come across this year is TestoGen.

Its formula has been thoroughly tested so it is safe to use.

We also like it offers a strong 60-day money-back guarantee.


Prime Male Questions and Answers

What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a completely natural testosterone boosting supplement designed specifically for the men in their 30s and older. After 30 years old testosterone levels in men start naturally plummeting. And the major target of this all-natural hormone booster not to allow the drastic fall of testosterone levels. The pills harmlessly and effectively activates the production of own testosterone in the man’s body.

What Is Prime Male Intended for?

The highly innovative Prime Male formula is aimed at helping the men feel much more vitalized in bedroom. The supplement upraises energy levels, boosts sexual endurance, intensifies sexual desire, and even positively influences erectile function. These effects are possible due to the elevation of testosterone levels.

In addition to the improvement of sexual health, normalization of testosterone levels due to the action of Prime Male aids in stabilizing blood sugar levels, eliminating negative mood changes, overcoming depression, reducing belly fat storages, preventing bone density decrease, and strengthening cardiovascular function.

How Does Prime Male Stand out From Other Supplements?

The professionals from the manufacturing company did their work first-rate in order to distinguish Prime Male from the other similar products. It is notable for it 12 natural components which are absolutely harmless and scientifically-backed. The selection of the ingredients is really exclusive. It is the only all-natural testosterone enhancer on sale with such an unmatched formula.

What Will Higher Testosterone due to Prime Male Intake Give My Health?

Primarily, you will add a zest to your sexual activity when your testosterone levels increase. But you can also count on some other health upsides. Thus, you will regains control over the blood sugar levels and hence avoid insulin resistance. It’s a great preventive measure that will enable you not to let diabetes develop in the future. Also, the optimization of blood pressure decreases the probability of cardiovascular issues.

In addition, you can expect lean muscle growth, improvement of bone health, body fat drop, reduction of tiredness, and substantial energy uplift.

Is Prime Male Effective for My Libido?

The enhancement of sexual desire and arousal is one of the key benefits the users of Prime Male can expect since this supplement raises testosterone levels. And when testosterone status is positive, libido also grows and sexual performance improves. However, you should realize that this libido booster is not a penis supplement. It is created to fight age-related testosterone imbalance.

Will Prime Male Aid Me in Building Muscle Mass During Workouts?

Prime Male is not actually invented as an athletic supplement for increasing muscle size and strength. But it stimulates testosterone synthesis in the body. And high testosterone levels are one of the primary conditions for the lean muscle mass development. If you aspire to promote the muscle mass growth and body fat reduction, you have to complement the Prime Male supplementation with a proper workout plan and healthy nutrition.

How Should I Use Prime Male?

The daily dosage of Prime Male is 4 capsules divided into 4 servings, 1 capsule each. To maximize the supplementation advantages, you should take the remedy when eating.

Does Prime Male Ensure Proper Absorption?

Though Prime Male is available in a pill form, it guarantees the full absorption of the testosterone-enhancing components present in its formula. This is possible due to the fact that the manufacturer put Bioperine into the supplement ingredient content. Bioperine is aimed at making all other ingredients from the pill formula much more bioavailable and hence helpful for the hormone production. This component boosts the ability of the body to absorb the active ingredients by 20 times.

What Plant Components Increase Testosterone in Prime Male?

Among the other natural components which you can find in Prime Male legal steroid, the most important plant ingredients include Asian red ginseng, Nettle root extract, and Mucuna Pruriens. These active substances have a very high potential to urge the man’s body to synthesize own testosterone.

Does Prime Male Contain Any Testosterone-Enhancing Vitamins?

There are the vitamins which are really known for their ability to augment testosterone secretion and maintain hormone levels stable. Vitamin B6 and D3 cope with these tasks most successfully. That’s why the manufacturer of Prime Male included both of these vitamins to the pill formula. Such vitamins are clinically supported and contained in the supplement in the well-measured dosages, enabling the men to pack on muscle, enhance sex life quality, and improve overall performance.

Who is Recommended to Take Prime Male?

The level of testosterone is mostly determined by the physical activity of a person, as well as his diet and style of life. With age, its amount starts decreasing, which negatively affects man’s health and threatens to reduce erectile function, to worsen bone strength and to bring sexual desire down.

What is more, the lack of this hormone can lead to obesity, depression, irritability, and even impotence.

To avoid all these unpleasant consequences, Prime Male is most often recommended to middle-aged and older men or people who have such symptoms as

  • Sexual dysfunctions and low sexual desire;
  • Extra weight;
  • Irritability and depression;
  • Insomnia;
  • Reduced muscle mass;


Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.