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Best Premature Ejaculation Pills in 2020

premature ejaculation treatment
Premature ejaculation is a major problem for many of today’s men.

Unfortunately, long hours at work and a greater amount of stress in general has caused their sexual performances to go down, along with their partner’s sexual satisfaction.

But now, there are high-quality premature ejaculation treatments that promise to fix all these issues and allow you to last longer in bed.


TOP 5 Premature Ejaculation Solutions


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ProSolution Plus

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Clinically Proven Premature Ejaculation Pills


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VigRX Delay Spray

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Spray for Premature Ejaculation


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VigRX Plus

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Higher Libido & Better CONTROL Over Erections


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Male Extra

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Best Premature Ejaculation Pills: ProSolution

best premature ejaculation pills

ProSolution is one of the top-rated, 100% natural premature ejaculation treatments available on the market today.

Too many men are losing their mojo in bed and need a little something extra to prevent premature ejaculation.

ProSolution delivers everything they need.

Not only does ProSolution progressively cure premature ejaculation, it also increased fertility, allows you to experience rock hard erections, and really boosts your sex drive.

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#2 VigRX Delay Spray

VigRX Delay Spray is suitable for the men who want to overcome the issue of premature ejaculations or simply get more pleasure from sex by extending its duration.

When you regain control over your climax, you will be able to boost overall sexual performance and mutual satisfaction.

You should also remember that the spray may decrease the sensitivity of your partner.

If both of you want to avoid this, you can take care of the spray removal before you begin a sexual encounter.

Alternatively, you can use a condom.

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#3 VigRX Plus

natural premature ejaculation solution

If you want to know how to recharge your sex life, boost libido, get harder and longer erections, you really need to have a look at a product called “VigRX Plus“.

Made from 100% natural ingredients, VigRX Plus is the most complete male enhancement solution on the market.

VigRX Plus benefits:

  • stronger erections;
  • premature ejaculation treatment;
  • more intense orgasms;
  • increased sex drive.

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#4 Viasil

longer in bed pills

Vasil pills can heal premature ejaculation due to their ability to enhance sexual endurance and stamina, as well as to increase energy levels.

Viasil also makes the body synthesize more testosterone and improve sexual function.

The best part about Viasil is that it is 100% natural – there are no harsh pharmaceutical chemicals included in the formulation, so your health is not at risk.

Viasil benefits:

  • harder and longer-lasting erections
  • higher sex drive
  • increased stamina
  • improved blood flow

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#5 Male Extra

stop premature ejaculation supplements

Most men have been lead to believe every guy can last for an hour. The truth is that most men are not able to last long enough for their partner to finish.

By finishing to quickly your confidence will decrease as well as your ability to pleasure your partner.

Male Extra will help combat finishing early so you can dominate the bedroom and leave your partner exhausted and out of breath.

Stop feeling bad about yourself and make today the day you did something about your poor performance in your sex life.

Because this male enhancement formula was designed using only natural ingredients users will not have to worry about experience side effects.

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What Is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is an issue, which often makes the men start looking for the premature ejaculation pills. But before resorting to the help of any pills, it’s necessary to firstly find out the root of the problem.

Early ejaculation is actually a situation when a man has an orgasm and ejects semen extremely fast and can’t exercise control over this process. This usually happens within one minute after the man has at least minimal penile stimulation.

According to the surveys, approximately 40% of men in the US face the issue of early ejaculation. Also, the statistics indicates that 1 out of 5 men faces the trouble of managing own ejaculation at some period of this life. And this can be both the short-term and long-term problem.

When occurring too frequently, rapid ejaculation can inflict a major setback on the man’s sexual self-esteem, as well as contribute to the accrescent dissatisfaction of both partners.
To find a solution and regain bedroom self-confidence, the growing number of men prefers premature ejaculation pills treatment.


early ejaculation treatment

ProSolution Plus

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Best Natural Treatment For Premature Ejaculation


What Are the Natural Premature Ejaculation Pills?

premature ejaculation drugsMany men who aspire to deal with rapid orgasming by means of premature ejaculation pills choose the natural remedies.

In fact, the market is loaded with the non-artificial substances which are claimed to act as the natural premature ejaculation pills.

Some of these pills are actually the designed as the male enhancement products.

They are mainly targeted on the restoration of all aspects of male sexual potency. First of all, these remedies help the men regain strong and full erections. But the prevention of early ejaculations is also among the primary benefits which the natural male enhancers provide.

Also, there are the supplements exclusively invented as the natural premature ejaculation pills. Their major task is to improve the men’s sex life by eliminating the problem of rapid ejaculations.

The common feature of all the supplements which perform the functions of natural premature ejaculation pills is the naturalness of their ingredient contents. All the active substances available in these pills are completely natural and clinically tested.

That’s why you shouldn’t doubt concerning their efficacy and safety. In addition, the natural premature ejaculation pills are side effect free as opposed to the often unsafe prescription medications.

How Long Should the Average Man Last in Bed?

Both men and women often wonder what the average duration of a sexual encounter is.

The surveys found out that most men ejaculate within 4 to 11 minutes after the beginning of vaginal sex. Also, the majority of the pollees told that the duration of vaginal sex varying from 11 to 30 minutes is enormous. But when the man ejaculates within 1to 2 minutes, the surveyed think it’s too quickly.

Actually, when sex lasts 1-2 minutes or even less, then it’s possible to talk about the early ejaculation and look for the premature ejaculation pills remedy.


Causes and Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The medical experts distinguish several factors which can make the men to expel semen very fast. They are as follows:

  • Psychological Issues
  • Biological Disposition: There are the men who by nature feature the increased proneness to rapid ejaculation comparing to the other men
  • Physical Conditions

Also, there is a range of symptoms which indicate that you deal with the premature ejaculation:

  • Ejaculation happens almost immediately with extremely slight sexual stimulation and without any regulation on the man’s part
  • Unsatisfactory sexual pleasure due to the lack of ability to manage ejaculations
  • Constant feelings of disappointment, confusion, and remorse that accompany sexual activity

If you still guess whether you should fight early ejaculation, it’s better to seek for the professional assistance before you rely on even the best premature ejaculation pills treatment.

When to See a Doctor?

It’s recommended not to hurry up with the choice of the premature ejaculation pills remedy before you consult a healthcare provider.

It’s necessary to discuss the situation with your healthcare practitioner if the early erections repeat too frequently for quite a long period of time.

You should understand that if you had one case of the inability to delay ejaculation it doesn’t mean the medical condition has already developed and you need the premature ejaculation pills treatment.

Your physician will most probably tell you to go to a sex therapist if the rapid ejaculations substantially complicate your sex life and worsen the relationship with your partner.

Under these conditions, behavioral therapy may be suggested to you.

Also, if you want to solve your problem with the doctor’s help, you should be as honest as possible. Don’t hide any aspects of your sexual history and be ready to answer to the most delicate questions.
In addition, the healthcare provider may advise you to check your prostate health and run neurological tests.

These measures will enable the doctor to find out whether the rapid ejaculation is a physical problem. And if justified, the doctor will aid you in the selection of the best premature ejaculation pills.

premature ejaculation cure

What Are the Prescription Premature Ejaculation Pills?

If you consistently rush to orgasm and can do nothing with it, don’t be afraid. This condition is curable. If the doctor deems it appropriate, he or she will prescribe you the prescription drugs.

For this purpose, the doctors prescribe the medications which are typically used for curing depression. These drugs work as the premature ejaculation pills remedy even for the men who don’t suffer from depression.

The list of these pills is comprised of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors including Sertraline, Paroxetine, and Fluoxetine, as well as tricyclic antidepressants including Clomipramine. The intake of such medications as the premature ejaculation pills really enables the men to make sexual encounter last for several minutes.

Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and Sildenafil which belong to the phosphodiesterase inhibitors may also stave off ejaculation. That’s why the men who are looking for the premature ejaculation pills treatment can take advantage of these medications.

It’s even possible to combine both types of medications for better results. However, you shouldn’t start the intake of two types of drugs at the same time. Also, the dosage of medication you decide to start with should be tiny and increase very gradually.

But still the use of the prescription drugs for fighting too quick ejaculations in not very beneficial for the overall health. The matter is that such medications cause many side effects. And many of them are the quite dangerous ones.

That’s why the growing number of men leans towards the view that it’s much more reasonable to take the natural premature ejaculation pills. These pills are much safer for the men’s health and offer multiple advantages.
premature ejaculation help

Tips to Avoid Premature Ejaculation

It’s important to find the best premature ejaculation pills for overcoming difficulties during sexual activity. However, there are also some tips that may safely complement the treatment strategy. They are as follows:

  • Practice Pelvic Floor Exercises: If you work diligently on making your pelvic floor muscles strong, you will prolong the time of your lasting in bed. In 2014, Therapeutic Advances in Urology study came to the conclusion that the men who perform pelvic floor exercises successfully regain their control over the ejaculatory reflex. In such a way they combated the lifelong issue of rapid ejaculations.
  • Use Ejaculation Control Condoms: Actually, all condoms make the penis less sensitive and help maintain the erection longer before you ejaculate. It means that the use of condoms contributes to the delayed ejaculations. However, it’s also possible to purchase ejaculation control condoms. They are intentionally manufactured of quite thick latex and are even often treated with a numbing substance to postpone orgasming.
  • Stop Short of Sex: There is evidence that in addition to undergoing premature ejaculation pills treatment it’s sometimes useful to refuse sex for a certain period of time. This may be helpful for overcoming the issue of early ejaculations.


How to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

No one can precisely answer to the question of how to 100% prevent premature ejaculation. But there are still some recommendations which may help you avoid this frustrating issue:

  • Develop Sex Positivity: It means that you should form as much healthy attitude towards sex as possible. You have to learn to express your sexuality positively and eliminate destructive feelings such as guilt, anxiety, and disappointment from your sex life. If you can’t do this on your own, you may ask the psychotherapist for aid or even search for the best premature ejaculation pills.
  • Use Natural Male Enhancement Pills: The male enhancers of natural origin have a very positive impact on men’s sexual health. The natural components available in these supplements improve many processes in the body which determine male sexuality. These supplements not only give a boost to sexual potency as a whole, but also work as the natural premature ejaculation pills remedy.

premature ejaculation medicine

How to Choose the Best Premature Ejaculation Pills?

There is plenty of premature ejaculation pills in the market and it is hard to pick the right one that gives effective long-lasting effects.

It is quite challenging to navigate the huge number of potential options, to find one that is going to suit your individual needs.

There are several factors that need to be considered while choosing the best premature ejaculation pills. These factors include effectiveness, reaction time, product safety, money-back guarantee, and customer service.


Effectiveness and safety

These two factors are the first and foremost things to consider while comparing options from different brands. There is no point of taking premature ejaculation pills for months if you cannot see any visible results.

The best premature ejaculation supplement should provide effective results within the mentioned period of time. This proves that the product has been clinically tried and tested.

The premature ejaculation supplement should not contain any additives or synthetic ingredients that can cause other side effects.


Expected Duration of Premature Ejaculation

The period during which you may experience premature ejaculation many vary substantially. Thus, even if you choose the best over the counter premature ejaculation pills, you may experience frequently repeated short sexual intercourses for several weeks or months.

This situation can even last longer if you don’t take any measures. To overcome the problem, it’s often just necessary to reduce stress level and combat psychological issues.

The natural premature ejaculation pills treatment may also be recommended in order not to overextend the duration of rapid ejaculations. Without the proper preventive actions the problem may last many years.

However, it’s of course not worth waiting for years in order to start searching for the prescription or natural premature ejaculation solution in order to stop suffering from the lack of sexual confidence.

Also, you should understand that there are the men who answer to the treatment with premature ejaculation pills very quickly.

At the same time, some men need much more time. But anyway, the early ejaculations are absolutely treatable.
premature ejaculation medication

Ayurvedic Natural Premature Ejaculation Pills

Ayurveda is an ancient healing philosophy and practice that traces its roots to the Indian traditions. Its major pillar is the use of an abundance of herbs which as claimed can cure all medical conditions. And the rapid ejaculations are not an exception.

Thus, there is a range of Ayurvedic medicines including yauvanamrit vati, kamini vidrawan ras, and kaunch beej which can work as the natural over the counter premature ejaculation pills.

These remedies are considered to fight rapid ejaculation if the men use them in the form of capsules 2 times per day. It’s necessary to consume these pills with lukewarm water.

There is in fact scientific proof that Ayurvedic medicines can work as the premature ejaculation pills treatment. According to the Sexual Medicine study conducted in 2017, the men who took Ayurvedic medicines managed to prolong a sexual intercourse and delay ejaculation. Moreover, these natural remedies can also relieve erectile dysfunction symptoms.

So, when you choose Ayurvedic premature ejaculation pills, you can be 100% sure of your choice naturalness.

Chinese Herbal Premature Ejaculation Pills

There is evidence that the Chinese traditional remedies can be helpful for curing too early ejaculations. Among these natural premature ejaculation pills, it’s possible to distinguish Qilin and Yimusake.

According to the study, the Chinese herbal premature ejaculation pills are able to postpone ejaculation up to 2 minutes. Since these remedies are non-artificial, many men give preference to them.

Topical Creams To Avoid Premature Ejaculation

The non-prescription topical anesthetic creams can also be the natural premature ejaculation solution. These creams include a numbing active substance able to prevent the high-speed ejaculations.

The matter is that due to the action of a numbing agent, the penis becomes less sensitive and the ejaculation happens later.

The study has indicated that the application of the topical cream is effective for the prolongation of a sexual encounter by a few minutes.

In such a way, you can get rid of the premature ejaculations.

It’s recommended to spread the cream over the manhood 10 to 15 minutes prior the sexual intercourse to maximally boost the cream efficacy. The men usually don’t have the problems with tolerance of such topical remedies.

Zinc Supplements

Zinc-containing supplements are the other variation of the over the counter premature ejaculation solution that naturally helps the men.

Thus, the clinical trial demonstrated that the men who lack zinc in their bodies suffer from sexual dysfunction. The supplementation with 11 milligrams of zinc on the daily basis enabled the men not only to make erections stronger, but also avoid the rapid ejaculations.

Another study conducted in 2009 also found out that the high-quality zinc supplements can be the natural premature ejaculation solution able to stop early climax. This happens due to the elevation of testosterone levels.

So, the top-notch zinc supplements from the well-established manufacturers may work as the over the counter premature ejaculation pills and complement your other treatment measures.
best natural premature ejaculation treatment

Nutrition Plan Amendments

You of course can purchase the best premature ejaculation pills to struggle with the annoying problem. But you will much quicker fight your enemy if you also change your eating habits.

In particular, the premature ejaculations will completely treatable if you revise your daily nutrition pattern.

The matter is that not only zinc, but also the other minerals, mostly magnesium, are very important for the man’s sexual potency. And these minerals have a significant positive impact on the men’s ability to control ejaculation.

If you don’t take these minerals in the form of the natural premature ejaculation pills, you should add to your eating plan the foods which contain much magnesium and zinc.

Among such foods, it’s possible to distinguish oysters, peas, almonds, beef, lamb, pumpkin seeds, garlic, sesame seeds, soybeans, dark chocolate, yogurt, chickpeas, spinach, kidney beans, and wheat germ cereal.

If you make these foods the part of your daily nutrition on the regular basis, you are sure to experience the relief of the rapid ejaculation issue.

But the combination with the best premature ejaculation pills from the most reliable will promote ever greater success of your efforts.

Lidocaine Spray

Among the early ejaculation treatment tips, it’s possible to distinguish the application of Lidocaine spray. Similarly to topical creams, this spray is effective for eliminating the issue of prompt ejaculations. It does this due to the desensitization of the manhood. Also, spray makes hypersensitivity reduce.

It’s necessary to apply spray 10-15 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse in order this premature ejaculation treatment option could demonstrate the highest efficacy. But note that you may experience the decrease in sex drive and may lose penile sensitivity for a short time.

Pause-Squeeze Technique To Last Longer in Sex

If you still think how to stop premature ejaculation, you may consider a pause-squeeze technique. This technique is helpful for curing early ejaculation because it makes sexual arousal decline before ejaculating.

If you have sensations of oncoming climax, you can stop and ask the partner to squeeze the manhood end; that is, the place where the manhood head is connected to its shaft. It’s necessary to maintain the squeeze for at least a few seconds so that you stopped wishing to ejaculate. You and your partner can have as many pause-squeeze repetitions as both of you need.

This technique can be a well-working premature ejaculation solution.

Stop-Start Technique

Another premature ejaculation treatment help that wouldn’t go amiss is the stop-start technique. The other names of this technique are edging and orgasm control.

This technique is helpful for prolonging ejaculation due to diminishing but at the same time lengthening sexual pleasure. As soon as you are going to climax, you should fully cease a sexual encounter. When your sexual arousal plummets, you can continue your sexual intercourse.

This premature ejaculation solution will enable you to regain your ability to regulate the climax process.

Natural Remedies to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Many men aspire to fix premature ejaculation treatment issue by means of using the all-natural remedies. They are as follows:

  • Kava: It is a plant extract derived from Piper methysticum. There is evidence that the intake of 100 mg of Kava prior to sexual encounter encourages much better blood circulation in the male member and makes sexual stimulation less effective. The men often prefer this 100% natural remedy to the prescription medicine to last longer in bed.
  • Hibiscus: The flowers of this plant are claimed to be useful when it comes to finding a worthy premature ejaculation solution. If you want to use this plant for preventing too early climax, you should take it in the form of drops diluted with water. As a result, you will enjoy climax control again.
  • Angelica: This plant belongs to highly promising herbs for premature ejaculation. Fruit, seeds, and even roots of this herb are applied for making the natural pills aimed at successful combating the issue of too prompt climax. The plant slows down the effects of penile sexual stimulation. And this is how it works.
  • Ceylon Cinnamon: Prevention of early ejaculations becomes an easier achievable task if you use Ceylon cinnamon. This is actually a tree which bark may be added as a valuable natural ingredient to the non-artificial delayed ejaculation pills.
  • Clove: The stems, leaves, and flower buds of this plant are the sources of the natural oils available in some premature ejaculation treatment remedies. It may enhance the action of the other natural components targeted at the prevention of early climax.
  • Panax Ginseng: This plant is definitely one of the undisputable leaders among the herbal components included to the over the counter premature ejaculation pills. This herb is not only famous for its ability to successfully prolong a sexual intercourse. Thus, it touches on all the aspects of the male sexual potency. For this reason, you can frequently find it not just in the pills fighting rapid climax, but also in the high-quality non-artificial male enhancers.
  • Dong Quai: This plant has roots with the early ejaculation healing properties. This component shows its maximum efficacy in terms of delaying climax in the combination with the other natural ingredients able to make the men last longer. That’s why Dong Quai can be used as a part of the premature ejaculation treatment strategy.


How to Last Longer in Bed, Naturally

There are also some plant active substances which major uses don’t imply just the elimination of premature ejaculation.

That’s because these natural components are mainly targeted on the relief of erectile dysfunction manifestations and on the boost of the overall sexual performance.

Nevertheless, these active substances support the men’s attempts to overcome the problem of too early climax.

These herbal remedies include:

  • L-Arginine: This is a naturally-emerging amino acid which plays numerous important functions in the human body. In particular, it is crucial for the man’s sexual health. L-arginine is known for its incredible potential to activate nitric oxide production and stimulate blood supply to the genitals. Due to this, the quality and duration of erections substantially upsurges. Also, this component increases bedroom stamina and endurance. These effects aid in coping with very fast climax. That’s why it’s often possible to see this amino acid in the most advanced delayed ejaculation pills of natural origin.
  • DHEA: It is a natural chemical compound mostly derived from soy and wild yam. There are proofs that it elevates sex drive and eases the symptoms of impaired erectile function in men. It doesn’t let the men climax too quickly due to its ability to prolong a sexual intercourse.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: This plant has scientifically-backed potential to cure premature ejaculation. Thus, according to the study, the men suffering from both early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction experienced a considerable enhancement of erection quality and a great delay of ejaculations after a 3-month supplementation with Rhodiola Rosea. That’s why it is often found in the best supplements for premature ejaculation.


The Best-Working Tips on How to Last Longer in Sex

The time when each man is concerned with the question of how to last longer in bedroom always comes. This happens for a number of reasons such as lack of vigor and virile strength, impairment of erectile function, early climax, and many other delicate issues. The following tips are going to give you an idea on how to last longer during sex:

  • Foreplay: This part of sexual game is extremely important for bedroom satisfaction. Foreplay should always precede penetration itself because it makes sexual intercourse much brighter, more pleasurable, and emotionally deeper.
  • Early Ejaculation Prevention Techniques: It’s possible to distinguish two types of behavioral techniques greatly helpful as premature ejaculation cure. They include squeeze technique and stop-start technique, both of which enable the men to delay climax and prolong sexual intercourse.
  • Mental Distraction: This method proved itself to be good in terms of preventing early ejaculation. You will be able to make a sexual encounter longer if you distract your attention and thoughts from sex itself. For this purpose, you should think of external things while having sex.
  • Deceleration of Sexual Intercourse: If you don’t want to ejaculate too fast, you should decrease your pace during sex and stop sexual stimulation for a while. Slowing down is a worthy tip for everyone who aspires to avoid the lightning-like ejaculation. Slow and steady sex, as well as the use of many sex positions during one sexual session is what you need postpone climax.
  • Masturbation: The men who wonder how to last longer sexually should definitely masturbate as often as possible. Frequent masturbation is an old best-acting practice for each man wishing to continue a sexual intercourse till the complete mutual satisfaction of both partners. That’s because masturbation assists the men in developing bedroom endurance and stamina which are crucial for controlling climax.
  • Condoms: It’s an excellent tool for coping with premature ejaculation. There is nothing better than condoms to make penis less sensitive and hence prolong time necessary to the man for ejaculation.
  • Communication with a Partner: Adequate communication with a partner is a key to the successful solution of any sexual issue. It will be much easier to find out how to last longer in bed for men if you don’t conceal your problem.

presciption premature ejaculation

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