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Peyronie’s Disease (Curvature of the Penis) Treatments

Peyronie’s disease is a medical condition that implies the penis curving. This shape deformity emerges due to the formation of collagen-comprised plaques, resembling scar tissue, inside the manhood.

The plaques make the penis in both flaccid and erect state to change its direction because of severe bending. Such a bent causes much pain and discomfort.

Based on the curvature angle, this disorder may drastically complicated sexual activity in men. In the worst situation, a complete male sexual disability may happen.

If there is a plaque or plaques in your penis, the diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease will be set. But if there no plaques, the curvature is considered a natural peculiarity of your penis.


#1: Quick Extender Pro

how to fix a curved penis

The Quick Extender Pro is scientifically researched and approved to effectively unbend the penis regardless of the availability of diagnosed Peyronie’s disease or the naturally curved penis.

Since the extender is supplied with two exclusive headpieces, you have an opportunity to select the one most suitable for you. In such a way, you can elevate the comfort level and prolong the time during which you will be able to use the stretcher.

You shouldn’t misappreciate your convenience when you adjust the stretcher. You can easily take care of own stretching comfort by applying the latex comfort strips and comfort foams. This improves the device wearability and helps stretch the penis much longer. Since the duration of extension increases, you can expect the satisfactory gains faster.

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#2 SizeGenetics

peyronie's disease home treatment

A wide range of the penis extenders currently available on the market are just inapplicable for the men with Peyronie’s disease. However, this is not about the SizeGenetics.

It is a penis extender that is sure to be excellently adjusted to your penis shape and measurements. Also, this device ensures the highest convenience during the use. Due to this, you can substantially prolong the extension period without any discomfort.

Proper grip is crucial.

It determines whether the penis is places and fixed adequately in the device, making its application discomfort-free and beneficial.

With the Perfect Grip System you have a chance to select the most appropriate grip from comfort strap, noose, and Velcro technology.

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#3 ProExtender

peyronie's disease cure

ProExtender traction device is suitable for both stable and unstable Peyronie’s disease. If however your condition is still unstable and you also have pain you should wait until either the condition has stabilised or the pain has gone before using the device.

The spring-loaded cradle like contraption is worn during the day. The optimum amount of time is 6 to 8 hours a day, but you may have to gradually work up to this. Two hours a day is thought to be the least amount of time you should wear it.

The device is small and reasonably discrete but you should avoid close fitting pants or trousers. As for urinating while wearing the traction device, some men can and some men have to remove it.

It would be great if the device could be worn at night but unfortunately it can’t due to nocturnal tumescence (night erections). Erections and traction devices are a painful mix!

Regardless of whether your penis is curved naturally or as a result of medical condition, the ProExtender will definitely help you safely relieve the curvature symptoms.

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#4 Male Edge

Male Edge is highly effective for:

  • Overcoming Penis Curvature: The penis stretching with this extender enables the men to unbend the penis in a mild and harmless way. When the man regains a straight penis, he can give a strong boost to his and sex partner’s sexual satisfaction.
  • Increasing Penis Size: The device not only eliminates the problem of curved penis but also gives the men a chance to add a few inches to the penis size. Due to the penis extension, the penis measurements grow in both length and circumference. But the size increase gains may differ in different men.

As opposed to numerous methods that are claimed to be helpful for the men with Peyronie’s disease and with the penis curvature of other origin, the Male Edge extender really got approval and endorsement of numerous field experts and doctors worldwide.

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#5 HydroXtreme Penis Pump

how to correct a curved penis

Using a penis pump for Peyronie’s disease is a relatively new idea.

Usually used for erectile dysfunction the idea of using them for Peyronie’s is that the scar tissue (plaque) is stretched under pressure gradually breaking it down.

To start off with, use the pump for only 5 minutes at a time, gradually building the time up. At this stage use it once or twice a day.

Once you are confident and comfortable using the device you should try and use HydroXtreme at least once a day and preferably 2-3 times a day.

Using a penis pump is no “quick fix”.

You need to be committed to follow it through. You may need to use it for a year or more before you get the results you want.

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What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Despite its name Peyronie’s is not a disease. It’s not something you can catch, it’s something you develop. The official statistics have about 1% of men developing Peyronie’s disease but it’s probably higher than this as men are often reluctant to admit they have developed a bent penis unless it’s got so bad that they need to seek medical advice.

The most likely men to suffer are Caucasian males ages 40 and above. However, it can strike any man from their late teens.

The actual cause of the problem is a build up of scar tissue (known as plaques) in the connective tissue of the penis. This scar tissue causes the penis to distort when it becomes erect. This is seen as a curving or bending of the penis. It’s only noticeable during an erection although advanced Peyronie’s may cause a shortening of the flaccid penis.

No one’s quite sure why the plaques appear though it may be through previous injury to the penis. Another factor may be genetic. Some men who develop Peyronie’s also appear to develop similar scar tissue lumps in other parts of their bodies including their hands. Having diabetes or high blood pressure may also increase your chances of developing the problem.

Roughly two out of every three men with Peyronie’s will experience pain in their shaft during an erection. For most the pain will subside after a few months but for others the pain can increase as the penis becomes increasingly distorted.

Most plaques appear towards the top of the shaft causing the penis to bend upwards. However, depending on where the scar tissue is sited the penis may curve downwards or, more unusually, to the side. Sometimes the penis can develop an indented, or “hourglass” shape when erect.

If the distortion becomes too great then the penis may become too curved or distorted to allow penetration to take place. A less frequent side effect of Peyronie’s disease is impotence.

The good thing about Peyronie’s disease is that it can go away by itself. This is why surgeons insist on waiting between 1 to 2 years before surgery is carried out. However the reversal may not be complete and some curvature of the penis may still remain and for many men there is no reversal of symptoms. Peyronie’s can also reoccur at any time.

Peyronie’s is not life threatening and for many men the symptoms will be mild enough to cause little inconvenience but for others it can be very embarrassing and mean a curtailing of their sex life. Luckily there are various options that can help you if the problem begins to impact on your quality of life. While a magic cure is yet to appear research is coming up with new treatments.

Peyronie’s Disease and Sex

Peyronie’s disease in its mildest form is simply a slight inconvenience that will hopefully go away on its own accord but even mild pain and bending can cause distress to many men as the condition affects the core of their manhood. So what impact can Peyronie’s disease have on your sex life?

In the early stages pain when erect is common. This can be very off putting and can affect the libido. It’s worth remembering though that for the majority of men the pain is a temporary feature of the condition which will pass in a few weeks, or if you’re more unfortunate in a few months. Taking vitamin E tablets may help reduce the pain.

The next problem is the bending of the penile shaft. Peyronie’s is very variable and a lot depends on where the plaques occur. The female vagina is a very flexible organ and so a certain amount of bending should have little impact. An upward bend may be seen as quite an advantage if it isn’t too pronounced as it is more likely to rub against the G-Spot during intercourse. That’s why G-Spot vibrators are often curved.

Whichever way your penis bends at some stage curving can become pronounced enough to make penetration difficult and, if the condition continues to worsen, eventually it could become impossible.

Erectile dysfunction can also occur especially where Peyronie’s has become established and the plaques have hardened. This can vary from being less hard (especially above the plaque) to a total inability to achieve an erection. As the plaques harden there may also be a shortening of the flaccid penis though this is usual slight.

You must remember for the vast majority of men the impact on their sex life caused by Peyronie’s disease will be limited and with an understanding partner even those whose condition has become more serious most problems can be worked around.

Talking things through is the best way to cope with both the physical and emotional aspects brought about by Peyronie’s. Look for solutions as early as possible to increase your chances of limiting the effects of Peyronie’s disease.

Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease

If you’ve got Peyronie’s disease and your bent penis is beginning to undermine your social life then you may think about surgery as an option to straighten your penis.

However if you are thinking this may be the solution to your problem you may be disappointed if you are hoping for a quick cure. A surgeon will not operate for at least 12 months from the onset of the condition and most will consider 18 – 24 months to be a better waiting period. One reason for this is because Peyronie’s can get better on its own and so to avoid unnecessary surgery surgeons will wait to see if there is any natural improvement in the condition before proceeding. Also the condition must be stable for at least 3 months before surgery is carried out, if it is still worsening the surgery will be delayed further.

Any surgery carries risks so penis straightening will only be done where the curvature is causing really problems through pain or because it is preventing successful sexual intercourse. Surgery won’t be carried out for purely cosmetic reasons i.e. you find your bent penis an embarrassment unless it is causing you severe psychological difficulties.

Side effects of penis straightening surgery include a small loss of length in the penis shaft, possible erection problems, and loss of sensation. While the latter two are not common they should be considered before surgery takes place.


This is the most popular surgical option used today and is carried out as a 10 to 20 minute procedure. The penis is made artificially erect, then clamped to straighten it and a stitch is placed on the opposite side of the curve to maintaining the newly straightened shaft. If you have this done expect to be off work for about a week. Erections will be painful for 1 to 2 months.

The Nesbit Procedure is a variation of this where some tissue is removed from the opposite side of the plaque before being stitched. Success rates seem to increase with this method.

Both methods mean that shortening of the penis is common. In addition foreskin problems can occur post-op and some surgeons will advise being circumcised during the operation. Although total straightening of the penis may not be possible about 90% men are happy with the results.

Tissue Grafts

If you have large amounts of scar tissue (plaques) then cutting away the plaque and grafting in new tissue may be the best option. The grafted tissue may come from the patient or inert synthetics like Dacron mesh may be used. However as the grafts contract over time there will be some shortening of the penis.

Penile Implants

This is a less popular method of curing Peyronie’s disease as the risk of damaging the tissue within the shaft is greater than other methods. Basically straight plastic tubes are inserted into the soft tissue of the penis to straighten it.

Success rates for all these procedures are variable. A perfectly straight penis cannot be guaranteed but most men will gain some straightening of their penis, enough to allow them to restore their sex life.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Over the years a variety of treatments have been tried in an attempt to cure or reduce the effects of Peyronie’s disease. Unfortunately there is no magic pill that be taken and many of the treatments are unproven or in the early stages of use making it difficult to judge their effectiveness.

Taking vitamin E tablets has been a common treatment for many years. It does seem to lead to a decrease in the pain in about 50% of men but seems to have little impact on the plaques causing the deformity. The usual dosage is to take two vitamin E 400iu capsules a day

Aloe vera capsules are popular among Peyronie’s sufferers. Aloe vera has well known wound and scar healing properties and sufferers take usually take it on it’s own or with vitamin E tablets.

A study showed that taking tamoxifen (usually used for breast cancer) can improve pain in up to 80% of men as well as reduced the size of plaques, and therefore penile curvature, in about 30% of the men taking it. The drug needs to be taken in the early stages of Peyronie’s before the plaques harden. There is no evidence it can help men with established Peyronie’s disease. Tamoxifen has few known side effects.

Potaba (Aminobenzoate Potassium) is used to treat conditions where the skin and surrounding tissue have become stiffened. For this reason it is sometimes used for Peyronie’s disease. Studies are limited but seem to show it can stop the condition progressing in some early stage cases. However the dosage needs to be high and can cause side effects.

Injections into the plaques are sometimes used in an attempt to reduce their size. Steroid injections are available but studies have failed to show that they work particularly well. However Verapamil, (used for high blood pressure), have been shown to decrease the size of plaques as well as reduce pain.

Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

This is a fairly new treatment, at least when it comes to Peyronie’s. This type of shockwave therapy is most commonly used to breakdown kidney stones and gallstones but it has been shown to be able to breakdown established, hardened plaques thus reducing curvature. Several treatments are needed but they are done on an outpatient basis. This form of treatment is not widely available yet.

How to Straighten a Curved Penis with a Traction Device

Now largely associated with penis enlargement, can actually be used successfully to treat Peyronie’s disease.

Don’t let the PE factor put you off. The devices are used within the health sector to stop shrinkage of the penis after surgery as well as to correct penile curvature. In Europe they are classed as medical devices.

Clinical studies have shown that most men will derive at least some benefit from using a penis extender to help straighten their penis.

Even men with well established Peyronie’s can see improvement in their condition. A recent trial showed an improvement range from between 10 to 45 degrees.

You may not gain a completely straight penis but most men will accept some curvature as long as they can retain or regain their sex life.

Traction devices work by gently forcing the Peyronie plaques to expand instead of retract. The greater the elongation of the scar tissue the greater the reduction in the curvature as the plaque will become more pliable as it begins to break down.

At the same time the tissues of the penis shaft will also expand leading to some enlargement. This is of particular benefit to those Peyronie sufferers who have developed shortening of the penis due to their condition.

Using a Traction Device

There are cheap traction devices out there. These are best avoided as they are meant purely for penis enlargement and are not built with comfort in mind and are also of a flimsier construction. To treat Peyronie’s disease you need to use the device on a preferably daily basis which you won’t do if the device is uncomfortable to wear.

If you’re in the early stages of Peyronie’s with mild curvature there is little need for a traction device.

If the condition continues to develop you may want to consider using one to prevent the Peyronie’s getting worse rather than wait to see if it will reverse on its own.

If your Peyronie’s is established using traction device is a proven way to help many men.

It is safe to use and if it fails to correct the condition adequately and you need to opt for surgery the device can still be used to ensure that the penis remains straight after the operation.

You should start to see signs of improvement after a month but it’ll take 4 to 6 months to determine how effective it’s been.

Correcting a Curved Penis with a VED

It has to be said that using a vacuum pump is more popular among Peyronie sufferers than with the medical profession, although is advocated as a treatment by some specialists and a medical trial found that vacuum therapy did help break down the scar tissue.

If you decide to use a penis pump it is important that you buy a medical grade appliance. Do not buy a cheap penis pump as you risk damaging your penis with long term nerve damage.

Never use too much pressure while pumping. If you feel any discomfort then stop and allow the pressure to drop.

To help hasten things along some Peyronie’s disease sufferers are now using pumps in conjunction with a traction device.

Vacuum pumps seem to be of particular benefit to those with established Peyronie’s who have hardened plaques.

A three cylinder Using a penis pump is the best option for Peyronie’s. Start with the largest size cylinder and work your way down to the smallest over the next three to six months.

Try and avoid getting lube on the top of your scrotum as this may cause the loose scrotal skin to get sucked into the tube which hurts. This is particularly likely when using the large size cylinder. If this happens stop the device immediately and readjust your position.

Never leave the device on for more than 30 minutes at a time as you run the risk of damaging the blood vessels and internal tissue. 20 to 30 minutes is ideal. You don’t need to use the constriction band.

You can either repeatedly inflate and deflate during this time or maintain a constant pressure to stretch the plaque. The latter is recommended by urologists.

New Peyronie’s disease Treatment – Xiaflex

Peyronie’s disease is a very frustrating male intimate disease known as the penis curvature. The member becomes curved due to the growth of fibrous scar tissue, consisting of collagen, along the whole penis shaft. This process is accompanied with chronic inflammation in the manhood. The man starts feeling much pain during erections. This may finally lead to erectile dysfunction.

Xiaflex, also called collagenase clostridium histolyticum, is a prescription drug that proved to be effective for curing some disorders provoked by collagen action. These disorders are Dupuytren’s contracture and especially Peyronie’s disease.

Collagen is a specific very important kind of protein available throughout the whole body, including penis. Incredible collagen toughness and strength are what makes plaques which develop during the Peyronie’s disease very difficult to cope with. But not for collagenase which is included to Xiaflex. Collagenase is in fact an enzyme that successfully destroys collagen in penile plaques and hence eliminates these plaques from the penis.

Collagenase present in Xiaflex is a single drug for curing Peyronie’s disease that truly got the approval from the Food and Drug Administration. That’s why this medication is the doctor-endorsed treatment option prescribed only to the adult men who suffer from a palpable nodule and a penis curvature. The manhood may be curved both moderately and severely in order the man could get a prescription to treat the disorder with collagenase clostridium histolyticum.

In particular, the manhood curvature has to be no less than 30 degrees in order Xiaflex intake could be indicated as the most appropriate solution to the drastically curved penis problem.

Such a pharmaceutical treatment approach established itself to be a strong remedy for overcoming curvature and other manifestations related to Peyronie’s disease. The mechanism of collagenase action implies the collagen plaque breakdown. When the plaques reduce and disappear, the member curvature also decreases.

Also, there is clinical evidence that Xiaflex demonstrates the highest efficacy in the combination with modeling technique. This means it’s necessary not just take collagenase. But it also implies compulsory manhood bending to the side opposite to penis curvature.

The Bottom Line On Curvature of the Penis

The penis curvature often requires a professional aid in combating the issue.

The market is flooded with the penis stretchers which are indeed turn to be useless for the men, suffering from Peyronie’s disease. But SizeGenetics has been made to definitely put you out of your intimate misery. This device is perfectly suitable for any manhood. You can easily wear it as long as you need and want, feeling no disturbance.

According to the available plausible evidence, the traction force, which the SizeGenetics exerts, is truly highly effective for unbending penis. The improvement in penis curvature is what actually made the developers to design this manhood extender.

The SizeGenetics stretcher keeps the manhood straight due to a specially invented mechanism of action. Due to this mechanism, the extender also provides the elongation effect in a harmless and discomfort-free way. This enables the men to finally get a longer penis.

Since the penis is constantly exposed to the traction force on a day-to-day basis, the penile cells start divide. This naturally-occurring process is famous as cell duplication. It means that the sustainable manhood traction contributes to the increase in the number of penile cells.

The pulling force applied to the penis is more powerful on the one penis side because of the curvature. So, a higher amount of new cells form on this side.

After a certain period of time needed for flattening out both of penis sides, the whole penis grows further equally. And the direction of penis growth will be unbent. In such a way, it’s possible to both fight the penis curvature and elongate the penis.

While many devices and techniques which are positioned as the penis curvature fighting remedies, they are helpless in reality. But the SizeGenetics obtained approval from the authoritative scientists and healthcare providers as an effective Peyronie’s disease treatment option.

The medical professionals from Europe, the UK, and the US recommend their patients to apply the penis extender to decrease the penis curvature manifestations.

The Italian study that took place in the Urology Department of the University of Torino found out that the use of penis extenders is very effective for the manhood unbending.

This penis extender offers a worthy treatment solution regardless of the penis curvature direction, including the up, down, right, and left one. If you apply the Directional Noose Straightening system, you can give an extra boost to the traction force and hence enhance the correction of penis curvature regardless of its severity.

Moreover, the SizeGenetics and the other similar penis extenders were invented and approved by the medical experts to first of all assist the men worldwide in the unbending of their penises. Due to this, the manhood not only becomes straight but also favorably changes its appearance.

The extender’s structural parts such as 58-Way Comfort System and Multi-Directional Angling (MDA) headpiece are used to guarantee the best support and most comfortable conditions for the curved penis straightening.

The Urology Department of the University of Torino based in Italy conducted a study that has demonstrated the high potential of penis extension for the correction of penis curvature.

You can further get acquainted with the findings of this study and take advantage of this one-of-a-kind penis stretcher without any delay.

For this purpose, you just need to make an order right now.

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