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Penomet Penis Pump Review

By Robert Dreyfuss

penomet penis pumpOverview | How It Works | Why to Choose | Safety | Bottom Line

1. Overview

Penomet is a cutting-edge hydro penis pump that broke new ground in the penis enlargement realm. One-of-a-kind device features and medical professional approval ensure that the men will really get the manhood size they wish. That’s why this pump stands out from the competitors.

The enlargement occurs in a completely safe way. And a large number of the customers have already confirmed this in their feedback.

High-performance and exclusive quality of the device were appreciated by the experts in the penis pump industry. The pump got several prestigious industry awards.

2. How It Works

Penomet works due to the use of water which successfully replaces air. Unlike the air-based pumps, this water-based device allows applying the pressure evenly to the penis.

That’s why the manhood enlarges evenly as well. And it’s a significant advantage of this hydro pump over the air-based ones.

The ability of this device to apply a sustained and uniform pressure is related to the advanced design of this pump. When the device compression ceases, the non-return valve available in the device shuts.

At the same time, the gaiter expansion occurs. This leads to the pressure uniformity which promotes better enlargement results.


3. Why to Choose Penomet

This device is dissimilar to the other pumps present on the market due to its special unmatched design. Thus, the device has 5 interchangeable gaiters, which let the user generate a higher pressure step by step.

These gaiters prevent too forceful pumping and hence guarantee the device safety. Also, due to the availability of these gaiters, the men can reach own goals of approximately 65% quicker than by using an ordinary one gaiter device.

The advanced AcquaPressure system generates vacuum enough for enjoying considerable gains notwithstanding the fact how you use the pump.

The 360° pressure release valve helps the user excellently adjust the level of pressure. A convenient measurement scale simplifies the device use.

The top-notch unbreakable polycarbonate plastic is used for manufacturing the pump cylinder, while medical grade silicone is used for making the gaiters.

What Penomet Offers You

If your target is to make the penis measurements positively change, then you bought the best device to meet it. This flexible penis enlargement system ensures scalable increase in both penis length and thickness.

According to the customer feedback, this pump not only helps the men get a bigger manhood, but also allows preserving these results.

Moreover, this product has a great potential to relieve the symptoms of the impaired erectile function, prevent premature ejaculation, and ease Peyronie’s disease.
So, in addition to the manhood size increase, the pump will safeguard your overall sexual health.


5. Safety Aspect

Real-life testing the duration of which exceeded 2 years was carried out to prove that Penomet is a truly safe hydro pump with excellent efficacy.

Independent certification bodies have certified this pump as the product that meets the highest quality standards. Thus, this device is the only pump on the market which is CE marked.

This indicates that the device fully complies with EU laws. Also, the pump is certified as a RoHS Class 1 Product and as a Toxin Free Product. It means that the silicone parts of the device are thoroughly tested.

In addition, the pump doesn’t contain polycarbonate, as well as trace amounts of banned and restricted chemicals.

However, you should remember that this pump will offer you a safe, comfortable, and satisfactory experience only if you don’t violate the instructions provided in the user manual.

6. When to Expect the Results

If you are going to use Penomet in order to make your penis longer and thicker, it will take just 15 minutes to see the first results. But these results will be temporary and last for a few hours.

If you aspire to have the gains which will not disappear, the prolonged regular use is required. Thus, the pumping sessions should last for no less than one month to experience the permanent increase in penis size.

Usually, the men report of 1-3 inch gain in the penis length and 30% increase in the penis circumference. However, the individual results may differ depending on many factors.

7. Upsides

  • 15 minutes pumping session gives an opportunity to see the first increase in the manhood size
  • Possibility to make the penis grow longer and become thicker. And the substantial results remain permanent if you practice pumping on a regular basis.
  • Prevention of premature ejaculation
  • Relief of Peyronie’s disease symptoms
  • A chance to attain strong erections which last enough for sex
  • Enhancement of sexual stamina
  • Improvement of self-esteem
  • No need for invasions in order to enlarge the penis and hence no need to tolerate pain
  • Versatility which means a possibility to use the device in the bathtub, shower or anywhere else
  • Lifetime gaiter replacement warranty provides the highest level of confidence in the device quality and durability
  • Money back guarantee valid for 60 days is what you need to protect own money


8. Downsides

  • The pump can be purchased online only
  • The novices need some time to get used to the device
  • Shipping is not free of charge


Shipping Information

Shipping cost is determined depending on where the customer is located. This cost will be calculated once you make a purchase.

The US orders are delivered within 3-7 business days, while the non-US orders are delivered within 14-21 days.

The customer support team is always ready to answer all the questions concerning shipping.

10. The Bottom Line

Though this device is available on sale not for the first year already, well thought-out renovations made it one of the best penis pumps on the market.

Penomet is a good option for safe considerable penis enlargement gains and effective sexual function enhancement.

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About the Author:
Robert Dreyfuss, Director of Content at Men’s Answer, has researched over 300 penis enlargement pills, programs, penis pumps, extenders and creams. Previously, he managed 5 supplement brands, worked with doctors specializing in ED treatment and completed coursework in nutrition at Stanford University.