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Penomet Review – Should You Buy This HydroPump In 2019?

Penomet differs from some of its fellow hydro pumps as it incorporates an interchangeable Gaiter System into its two part design. This means you can vary the amount of pressure you put onto your penis as you build up your size and tolerance.

In fact, their revolutionary system gives you complete control over how much pressure you apply, allowing you to increase it gradually, so you remain 100% safe and comfortable.

And this is what this pump is all about…

It essentially harnesses water to create a vacuum effect around your penis, which causes it to stretch outwards and attract greater quantities of blood. As your penis stretches and becomes engorged, you’ll notice instant improvements to your penile length, girth and erection longevity.

In just 15 minutes, users have reported length gains of up to 3 inches, plus a 30% boost in girth (when used repetitively)!

Impressive? We like to think so…


How Does It Work?

One of the things we love about this particular hydro pump is that its intense vacuum design has been influenced by the feedback of users – 2 years’ worth of guidance to be exact!

And this has made all the difference…

You see, the biggest problem air pumps face is the risk of your erection becoming distorted in shape as you apply pressure. The compression/expansion process can cause only some parts of your dick to get bigger, leaving the rest looking the same – and who wants a disproportionate looking penis? No one.

Instead, water helps to balance this out, leaving you with a larger, yet even looking erection that is bound to impress.

To help you with this, Penomet has incorporated a non-return valve (which will close once compression stops) and a gaiter (which expands) to create the perfect vacuum effect on your dick.

In their stead, you can witness as your penis begins to stretch outwards and more blood is drawn into your corpora cavernosa.