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Do penis pumps work?


Do penis pumps work ? That`s my first question. I am very curious by nature and I want to find out. At Medical School courses consist of theoretical and practical courses. One of our practical courses was at the urology department .We have the practical courses each week. There we start to learn about different kind of disease and malfunction of the reproductive system.
They presented to us all the instruments that they use and instruments that patients use like best penis pumps. Every week a student is assigned at a patient and we talked about their problems. The most common one was erectile dysfunction and the patients that I talked to were very upset.
Some of them told me very ugly stories about their wife`s and problems they had with them. They were disorientated and depressed because of this problem. Some of them said “I`m useful, that`s why my wife cheated on me” or “My family life is ruined, my wife is angry, I`m angry, we scream one to another because of this problem”.
I looked at their medical history and I sow that the common treatment was even surgical or some drugs. Some of the men`s from there told me that until they`ve got to doctor, they used penis pumps, Viagra, testosterone supplements and tried the blood circulation exercises . I`ved heard about this pump and I asked Do penis pumps work ? their answer was the same, NO, it works for the moment but doesen`t fix the problem.
I asked around if there are other treatments that can help the patients. My professor said that this are the most used, are tested and work and if I want to find more about this I can find it in our course support. This put me on thoughts and I start digging about the Erectile Dysfunction to find a new treatment and this are the common treatments :
–       Viagra, Levitra and Cialis
–       Penile Injections with Alprostadil
–       MUSE – self injected alprostadil
–       Penis Pump
–       Surgical Implants
–       Sex Therapy
–       Male Hormone Therapy “low t” or testosterone
–       Herbal Supplements – ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, and yohimbe
–       Shock Wave Therapy – low-energy shock waves

As new treatment I found something very impressive on a forum. A guy Jason talked about his problem and how he solved it.
I was very pleased to hear about this and he explained how does all work. As you may read on other websites, the E.D. has no age, it can be found at a 20 year old male as it can be founded at a 65 one. Sure the frequency for younger guys is little, but is present. So this is not about anatomy, we are not aging and have this problem, then what is the problem ?
Our body works with certain number of proteins, lipids, sugar, fibers etc. . A certain number of nutritional deficiency will be the cause of a body that is unbalanced. Then can appear some dysfunctional problems like :

Nutritional dysfunctions

The E.D. is caused by deficiency of a certain  amino acid, enzyme and protein. I found out that those don`t cost more than 15$ at your grocery store and I said why not to share with you. ALL are natural and very easy to procure. To find out what type of amino acid, enzyme and protein you need to treat this problem and what food and supplements contains this biological elements.

Penile Implant

Is known as penile implant. It`s one of the oldest treatments for erectile dysfunction or impotence.
I made a structure with pros and cons.
PROS : –  Provides the highest levels of patient and partner satisfaction;
– The erection can be maintained as long as necessary
– Psychological and emotional well-being are improved
– It`s invisible in a swimsuit or jeans.
CONS :  – The erection is not like natural and sexual penetration may be awkward;
–  Losing 1-2 cm in length;
– It`s a surgery ;
– There is 2-10 % complication rate;
– Manual simulation can be painful;
– The inflation of the devices is not instantaneous ;
– Not all men report complete satisfaction with the prosthesis;
– Some studies indicate a partner satisfaction rate of 70% or less, due, some studies suggest, to heightened or unreasonable expectations. Many surgeons are now recommending that both partners be counseled pre-operatively regarding outcome and expectations.
CONCLUSION: There are more CONS then PROS and I recommend to try penis enlargement pills, the Erectile Dysfunction is the result of unbalanced diet.



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