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Penis Enlargement: Available Techniques


Penis enlargement with the help of surgical methods traces its roots back to the last decade of the XXth century. Since that time, the surgical techniques have been significantly improved. There are the enlargement procedures targeted on both penis length and penis thickness.

Surgical increase in penis length, also known as phalloplasty, is the most widespread penis enlargement technique. The matter is that up to 30% of the penis is hidden inside the body, being attached to the pubic bone. Phalloplasty implies detachment of the suspensory ligament of the penis base due to which the internal part of penis becomes visible. To achieve this, it’s necessary to make a horizontal incision in the pubic area. So, the ligament is cut. And this makes penis lengthening possible. The doctor may use tissue expanders which will not allow the ligaments to contract again after the procedure.

The length gain may reach 2-4 cm. The erectile function will not suffer as a result of this surgical procedure. However, the erection quality may slightly decrease in some cases.

The doctor may also recommend performing a scrotoplasty procedure which implies scrotal skin reduction. When there is no excess scrotal skin, the penis becomes longer. It’s an outpatient surgery which takes only 20 minutes.

Another surgical technique is targeted at the increase in penis girth. This procedure implies fat transfer penis enlargement. The doctor obtains the patient’s own fat through liposuction from the abdomen. Then fat is injected along the body of penis. As a result, the penis circumference increases. The interval between 2 fat injection procedures should be 3 months. And the second procedure may cause an excellent girth-enhancing effect – up to 50%.

However, the new techniques have been developed, allowing the patients to get much better results. Thus, one of the most innovative methods to make the penis thicker is based on the use of platelet-rich plasma. In this case, the penis thickens due to the use of the patient’s blood components. This method of penis widening helps avoid the issue of foreign body reaction or tissue rejection. Now this procedure can even be performed in the outpatient settings.

One more method which enables the doctors to enhance the patients’ penis girth implies the use of the patients’ own tissue grafts. But the use of tissue grafts from the other humans is also possible. It’s necessary to suture graft tissue along the body of penis. As a result, it’s possible to enlarge the penis girth by 35%.

The procedure intended for the increase in penis thickness is not harmful for sexual potency and urinary system. It’s also possible to simultaneously increase the penis length and thickness.

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Which Penis Enlargement Method to Choose

If you ask your healthcare provider for advice concerning the most suitable penis enlargement option, the professional may recommend you to lose weight. There are many men with some excessive weight. And the weight loss is a perfect non-surgical way to make the penis longer. Pubic liposuction procedure may also be helpful since the fat pad around the base of penis will be removed. Consequently, the penis size will increase.

At the same time, the surgeon may think that surgery is the greatest choice for you. The intrusive methods allow men to make penis both longer and thicker. When a suspensory ligament is cut a little bit, it’s possible to lengthen your penis. If you need to increase circumference, fat injections into the penis may be the rightest option for you. The use of allografts may also be useful, especially if you wish to combine penis lengthening with penis widening.

The individual approach to the choice of penis enlargement procedure is needed in each particular case.



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