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Overall View On Male Health Statistics

Male health statistics are related to lungs, hearts, hormones, alcohol, drugs, penis, prostate problems, livers, kidneys, sex and sexual life and so on. The major causes for male health deficiencies are – poverty, poor health education, racial discrimination, lack of affordable health services, cultural barriers, job that doesn’t offer health insurance, insufficient medicine or treatment and so on.

Major problems and the grim statistics of men health:

The notable male health statistics are –

• The average lives of a male born in 1997 are expected that their life last only for 75 years.
• Partly skilled or unskilled men are expected to have life less then 70 years.
• 45% of men are over weight and 17% men are under obese that severely lead to major male health problems.
• Men are chronically or severely unwell for 15 years of their life.
• Overall 28% of men are smoking.
• 27% of men are heavy alcohol drinkers that severely affect male health.
• Circulatory diseases is the largest single cause of death and 41% of all male deaths occur due to this single particular reason. This is one of the most notable male health statistics. Specifically every year over 130,000 men of different ages are dieing from this disease.
• 40,000 men are dieing due to coronary heart health problems.
• More or less 31% of men are dieing due to cancer under the age of 75.This the second common cause to death that comes next to circulatory disease. Men facing this problem for more then 48,000 years.
• Over 124,000 men of all ages are newly diagnosed with cancer every year and the death result is 80,000 that means only 40% are curable.
• Prostate cancer is the major cancer among all the other cancers and it affects only men. I22, 000 men underdog newly diagnosis with prostate cancer and out of this 9500 men die.
• Attempt for suicide or committing suicide. Usually men between 15 and 25 years are the victims and this rate is doubled since past 25 years.

View on Black American health statistics:

Black men are the victims for worse male health than any other racial group in the world. There are so many factors such poverty, fear, racial discrimination and so on that cause sever male health problems but the main factor is their insufficient knowledge in sex.

The grim male health statistics of black men are listed below. They are –

• Men from black race live only 7.5 years and this is less then other racial groups of men.
• Deaths of black men are in leading compare to the deaths of black women.
• Black men are mostly affected or die from oral cancer compare to other racial groups.
• When compare to 22% of Caucasian men, 40% of black men die from cardiovascular disease.
• Black African Americans are the main victims of HIV/AIDS.

However, these are not a predicted of permanent male health statistics. Men can overcome these negative stats by giving more attention to medical awareness. Men should engage themselves in active routine exercises.

As a conclusion, the perfect combination of diet, exercise and routine medical examination not only changes the negative health trends of black men but it also helps all the other race men to overcome this plague situation. These are the best ways to reverse negative male health statistics.

Valuable Contributions By The Male Health Doctors

Role of perfect male health doctors are to rescue men from male related problems. Men are facing too many male problems these days. Some of the most common and embracing male related problems are – prostate cancer, male infertility, and male breast enlargement and so on.

Due to these problems men are embraced for years and the sad part is that they are not ready to discuss it with other person. Usually if these diseases are detected at the beginning stage then it can be preventable or easily curable. Male health doctors help men to detect these problems in early stage.

Here, let’s elaborately see these various male health related problems and the valuable contributions by male health doctors towards these issues.

Enlargement of male breasts

It is one of the most embarrassing problems that men of different ages face today. Men cannot resolve this problem by traditional exercise or diet. Liposuction is the best remedy for male health reduction that can be done only by men health surgeons.

Male health doctors define this surgery as dreams come true for men, who are suffering from gynecomastia since puberty or many years together.

Men come to male surgeons with the painful stories like they feel humiliated and uncomfortable to take their shirts off in a pool or on the beach while they have fun along with their other male or female mates. Male doctors rescue men who suffer from this condition by contributing male breast reduction surgery.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer occurs in a private part or on a reproductive system of men. Men are embarrassed to show or speak about this serious problem with others. Male health doctors pay special contribution to these types of cases. Doctors maintain the reports of liver function problems during the treatment of prostrate cancer.

They start monitoring the function of the liver along with the blood before they start the treatment and also during first four months of the treatment and after that as well. These are just the few examples of their special contribution towards prostate cancer in men.

Male Infertility

Infertility is another major problem that men cannot express or discuss with others. However, it is not a contagions condition but still some types of infertility are contagious.

According to the causes of infertility, male health doctors offer different types for treatment. For instance, if the cause is due to varicose veins in the scrotum then they fix the problem by surgery. Otherwise, if problems come from hormones then they advise the patient to undergo hormone therapy.

If it is an initial stage and the cause is basic then doctors recommend typical treatments like moderate exercise and a balanced diet that have the potential to keep the testicles nice and cool. As a result, in course of time exercise and diet have the potential to make men fertile.

These are just the few examples of male health issues and the role of male health doctors towards that. They not only offer a special and valuable advice or treatment but they also support men to live normal and happy life.

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Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.