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According to the manifesto of the company that makes this product it has been used by players from Europe for years and is still making quite an impression on those living in the European nations. It’s is listed as a “secret weapon”. While reading their website you would get the feeling that they are selling something that is worth millions but when you actually use Ogoplex you find that it is falling short in nearly every avenue of results and potency. It is no surprise when you consider that the supplement is missing some highly important ingredients.


Like many other male enhancement supplements Ogoplex contains Zinc. This is a naturally occurring substance that is well known to aid in male potency. Used on a regular basis it can help the male find a new sex drive where it had once started to go flat. Saw Palmetto Berry is also present which is no surprise. This extract has been widely used across the world as a method of increasing the health of the prostate. It is known to block certain substances from reaching the prostate and causing harm such as cancer. Furthermore, it is believed that Saw Palmetto Berry is an aphrodisiac and it was commonly prescribed in the middle 1900’s for such a treatment. Swedish Flower Pollen and Lycopene from natural tomatoes is also present acting as potency boosters and natural antioxidants respectively.


Much like other companies, Ogoplex offers this trial if you pay for shipping and handling and if you are willing to accept the auto-ship home delivery program. This means that you will have to cancel if you do not wish to receive the product any further passed the 30 days. So try it out – but don’t forget that if you don’t like it, you need to call the company and cancel your future shipments. The Ogoplex website does post some testimonials that are positive in favor of the company. So you are getting some idea of how well the product works for some people.


One thing that is lacking with the Ogoplex website is the details concerning their ingredients. Most consumers these days are highly concerned about what they are taking and without a detailed description they may run and hide.

Review Summary

While there are some great things about Ogoplex it is not hard to see that they are falling behind the pack. Newer or more innovative formulations of their competitors are outshining their outdated version which may be why they fail to offer up enough information about their product.



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