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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Does This Affect Libido?


Obsessive compulsive behavior is an apprehension problem that is typified by an individual’s feeling of continued fascination. This can get in the way with one’s capability to perform with other people in the workplace or school. This is because because of the symptoms of fright and other forms of difficulty experienced by the individual. Does this condition affect libido levels for adults?

Obsession is a kind of contemplation, desire, or picture that may reappear. This results to serious feelings of apprehension. These are very appealing to OCD’s in spite of the fact that an individual already realizes that such thoughts are becoming unreasonable. Compulsion on the other hand, is a disorder that an individual suffers characterized by a repeated engagement on certain things due to their obsessions or to their unbending collection of policies.

Causes of obsessive compulsive disorder

Obsessive compulsive disorder has no known particular cause yet. However, some experts associate this to a family history and chemical imbalances inside the brain. Although there are persons who had inherited this condition from their families, there are also those who suffer from this disorder with no genetic records to show proof of inheriting the condition. A particular chromosome disparity can most likely contribute to the development of OCD. Lack of the chemical serotonin inside the brain can also add to the growth of the disorder.

Diagnosing obsessive compulsive disorder

The physician may perform a mental examination aside from looking for the signs of OCD. Experts in mental health will further look at the probability that a person is afflicted by other emotional disturbances. The physician may also conduct thorough physical tests and other examinations to discover if there are other contributing factors to the condition.

Treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder

Majority of people with OCD feel symptoms of the condition in an indefinite period of time. This may improve but may also be irregular. Treatments usually administered on OCD patients comprise of cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, and medications. Here are some of the behavioral therapies you must know of:

Ritual prevention. This requires the help of a mental health practitioner for OCD patients to carry on continuous episodes of withstanding the desire to take on in compulsive behaviors.
Exposure therapy. This is a kind of procedure wherein the OCD patient is presented on a state of affair where he will be tested to engage in compulsion. After which they will be helped to resist their desire.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). These are treatments usually utilized to remedy OCD. These can enhance the quantity of the neurochemical serotonin inside the brain. Its main function is to obstruct serotonin reuptake inside the brain. The blockage happens when the neurons are linked to one another.
Since fear becomes a problem in individuals with OCD, having sexual contact with a partner is difficult as well. It is important to seek the help of a physician to relieve one from the stress and to increase libido levels where it is needed. Always be particular about how you may get out of the situation.

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