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Nugenix Testosterone Booster Review (January, 2020)

Nugenix: the Secret to Riproaring Workouts?

Nugenix reviewAre your workouts feeling a bit lacklustre?

It’s nigh on impossible to sustain kick-ass workouts all the time.

Aside from the many factors that can get in the way of a great workout – tiredness, lack of focus and soreness from your previous session, sometimes you hit plateaus that you simply can’t overcome.

But have you stopped to consider if your body is producing enough testosterone?

After all, testosterone is a vital ingredient for building lean muscle mass (and stacks of other things too, come to think of it).

Nugenix claims to help the body produce optimal levels of testosterone the natural way, using a unique blend of eight ingredients to get your body into prime muscle-building condition – as well as super-charging libido.

Let’s see if it delivers.

Nugenix Alternative

Testosterone Booster #1: TestoGen

While there are many good testosterone supplements present in the market, but the main alternative that can be compared to Nugenix is TestoGen.



1. Nugenix’s Formula

Having entirely natural ingredients, Nugenix has a patented testosterone-enhancing formula, which has only six main components in its composition.

Let us have an in-depth look at all the components of this testosterone booster and figure out how do they work:

  • Testofen is a natural ingredient, which is basically extracted from a Fenugreek plant.
    nugenix side effects

    It assists in testosterone production, helps to block the synthesis of female sex hormones, and has super-effective influence on male libido.
  • Zinc is a vital mineral, which is involved in the immunological reactivity of the human body, as well as the production of reproductive hormones and spermatogenesis. The lack of zinc in the man’s body can have negative effects, especially on immune system.
    Our body does not produce zinc in a natural way, so Nugenix can help to maintain necessary supply of this element.
  • Vitamin B12 is one more indispensable element for people at every stage of their life. It supports memory, blood circulation and gene regulation.
    Being a part of Nugenix formula, the B12 vitamin also ensures the natural and fast production of testosterone in the man’s body.
  • Vitamin B6 is essential for every person, without exception.

    It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of this vitamin, since it performs a huge number of functions:

    • Improves digestion;
    • It is directly involved in protein metabolism;
    • Has positive effects on the appearance;
    • Increases the production of serotonin (a hormone that improves mood)
    • Strengthens the immune system and the work of brains.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a natural ingredient, which is claimed to heighten sexual performance and libido levels of men.

    nugenix total t

    What is more, Tribulus Terrestris supports the building of muscles and helps to reduce overall pain if there is any.
  • L-Citrulline Malate is another valuable component of Nugenix. It is an amino –acid, which is known to boost energy levels in the body and increase man’s libido. Besides, it promotes overall health and performance.


2. Main Functions and Abilities of Nugenix

  • To regulate and raise the level of estosterone, increase sexual desire;
  • To restore physical strength, ensure quick recovery after active physical workouts, stabilize mood;
  • To stimulate blood flow in the body, which has a direct effect on the size of erections and the quality of sexual performance;
  • To take off weakness and drowsiness after sex, to improve the brain function and immune system of a person;
  • Besides, it helps to eliminate erectile dysfunction.


3. How To Take Nugenix

Things are fairly simply on this front – the manufacturer’s recommended dosage is 3 pills a day, with food.
benefits of nugenix

4. User Feedback

While there isn’t a mass of feedback available here, what we have managed to find is all pretty positive.

There are solid reports of steady, prolonged lean muscle gain, leaving users feeling more confident and capable.

Nearly all other testimonials cite big increases in energy, ability to overcome fatigue and being able to work out much harder, for, longer in the gym.

Oh, and it looks like the manufacturer’s claims about libido are on the money too!


5. Nugenix Side Effects

Nugenix is a completely safe and non-habit forming T-level booster.

Numerous research and experiments confirm its positive results and the absence of serious side effects, on condition the person sticks to the recommended dosage.

The best way to use Nugenix is to take 3 capsules a day before the meal. Therefore, the effects will not be momentary. Give Nugenix a week and you’ll notice the results.

Despite the claimed safeness of this supplement and the absence of negative reviews, it is better to consult a doctor before taking Nugenix.

Besides, keep in mind that this testosterone booster is for healthy adult men only!

Of all the feedback we can find, there are no mention of any negative side effects.


6. The Bottom Line On Nugenix

Nugenix is a pretty well formulated T-booster that should deliver some decent results for most users.

If we were to be really picky, we would have liked to see Magnesium in the formula as well as this works really well with Zinc and Vit B6 (they are often grouped together in a compound known as ZMA).

That said, if you are serious about boosting muscle mass, strength and energy – not forgetting the added bonus of increased sex drive, then Nugenix is certainly one to consider.

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Nugenix Questions & Answers

How Will I Benefit from Using Nugenix?

Testosterone is a hormone that determines definitely all your male traits, abilities, and look. However, the aging process is merciless since it contributes to the non-stop drop of testosterone amount in your body. If you do nothing with this, you will become just a shadow of yourself, whom you were in the past. And here is where Nugenix can help you. This product is clinically investigated and made to elevate the levels of total testosterone. As a result, vitality substantially grows and performance restores. Also, the natural components of Nugenix can make you feel more energized, develop muscle mass, keep you young, and stir up emotions in bed.

What Distinguishes Nugenix Among the Other Similar Supplements?

There is a wide spectrum of male supplements with testosterone-boosting properties on the market. But the majority of such supplements are not supported with the results of plausible studies. Since these products are loaded with low-quality active substances, improperly measured ingredient doses, and unsafe fillers, they can’t ensure the satisfactory efficacy. However, Nugenix is a natural remedy with scientifically-proven ingredient content. The manufacturer of this product included only the well-dosed clinically-tested components to the supplement to make it truly effective and safe.

When Can I Notice the Gains?

The plausible study findings indicated that only one hour is needed in order Nugenix could start working in the body. Thus, it was found out that the supplement components elevate ATP concentration in muscle tissue and blood, as well as activates the synthesis of cellular energy within just an hour. These effects become more and more vivid from day to day. It will take from 6 to12 weeks to see the real advantages of the elevated testosterone. These advantages in particular include the enlargement of muscle mass and the upsurge of muscle strength.

Can Side Effects Happen?

According to the available evidence, Nugenix doesn’t provoke any side effects. The supplement components are harmless and don’t become addictive.

What Are Nugenix Intake Guidelines?

The daily dosage is three capsules. It’s necessary to take these capsules as a single serving.

Why is Nugenix Booster Beneficial for Men?

It is difficult to overestimate testosterone in a man’s body, since this hormone is responsible for sexual health and overall desire, as well as metabolic processes, growth of muscles and psychoemotional state of a person. Besides, Nugenix:
– increases libido;
– stimulates sexual capabilities;
– prevents the accumulation of excess fat in the body;
– supports the strength of bones;
– improves blood circulation;
– slows down catabolism;
– and increases endurance and performance.

The peak level of testosterone in the man’s body remains up to 35 years and then its production is gradually reducing. It happens mostly due to such causes as low physical activity, age-related changes, stresses, irregular sex life, and some other personal matters. The decrease in the testosterone level can provoke unpleasant disorders in the man’s physical and emotional state.
To avoid such problems and maintain a normal level of testosterone, it is necessary to observe good nutrition, have enough sleep and lead an active way of life. Besides, there is a wide range of special products that increase testosterone, they are called dietary supplements and considered to be rather effective. One of the most popular testosterone boosters on today’s market is Nugenix.
Nugenix’s effectiveness is confirmed by numerous reviews of athletes and ordinary men all over the world.

User Feedback About Nugenix

The feedback for this supplement is reasonably positive with the only real complaint being about the value for the money.
Users report that the product has worked as promised.
• Strength gains seem to be about the same with this test booster compared to many other competing supplements
• Many users reported an extra energy boost and an elevated sense of well-being which is a natural side effect of high levels of testosterone
• The biggest stand out with Nugenix compared to competitors was its affects on libido. T-Blast incorporates many ingredients for the sole purpose of increasing libido and the users can certainly tell that this is so – Most report that they have never experienced such an increase while using a natural testosterone booster before
• Another extremely positive is that T-Blast did not increase aggression like so many other testosterone boosters do.

Our Opinion Anout Nugenix

Overall Nugenix can deliver some good increases in sex drive, it does seem to be somewhat underpowered when looking at it from a muscle building point of view.

This a new version of their already established test booster, the original having d-aspartic acid as well.. WHY did they take this out?? DAA is a proven and sought after test boosting ingredient and could well have made the difference – instead they have ruined it in our opinion..

Introduction to Nugenix

For many men; when they reach the age of 40 – 50 years old, their bodies tend to rebel on them. One way this can be detrimental is in their sexual lives. Sexual (or erectile) dysfunction is a sensitive topic that these same men are reluctant to talk about, even to their own doctors. They may feel all alone and like nobody really understands this problem they are having. In actuality nothing can be further from the truth. MANY men suffer from this problem and MANY men’s health experts DO understand it. Their problems with ED stem from their bodies no longer producing enough testosterone (or sex hormones.) Not only do testosterone levels have an effect on a man’s sex life, but also on their health in general. It can lead to a man literally being afraid to go home to his wife. He knows what she will want from him in the bedroom, yet he is physically unable to deliver for her.

The general health effects I am referring to are not necessarily physical in nature, but can adversely affect a man’s mental and emotional health. From the initial onset of ED, a man begins to worry about his performance and his ability to “get it up” when he attempts to make love to his wife. The longer this continues the more worried he becomes, until it becomes actual fear on his part. It can even lead to depression and more fear that his wife will leave him. The latter fear can turn into a reality if it is left untreated and if a man ignores this problem. Until now the over-the-counter remedies; or even some remedies prescribed by doctors, have been ineffective. However; now there is Nugenix!
Nugenix is a revolutionary type of oral remedy (it comes in the form of a pill) that can virtually eliminate a man’s low testosterone problems when taken over a period of time. Most men who use it will begin to notice its positive effects on their bodies within a week or two. It is possible that for some men, the desired results will take a little longer to manifest themselves. It is also recommended that men continue to take it throughout the remainder of their lifetime in order to maintain these positive changes in their bodies. It is highly recommended that you discuss this remedy with your own doctor before beginning, just as you would before beginning any other type of regimen that will affect your body.

What is Nugenix?

The creators of Nugenix realized there were two types of testosterone in every man. One is the “free” testosterone and the other is “bonded” testosterone. By itself bonded testosterone is pretty much useless. It is bound up and does not connect with a man’s brain receptors or muscles. Free testosterone is utilized by a man’s body right away by entering your bloodstream and cells. It is the driving force behind muscle strength and stamina and also driving your libido and overall vitality. The combination of these things will make most men feel extremely young and invigorated. Of these two; the free type of testosterone is vitally important to your feeling much better, both in the bedroom and when you are working out in the gym. Nugenix is a kind of treatment that boosts testosterone hormones when exercise and a good diet are not enough to bring you the desired results.

It is a breakthrough product of an all-natural nature that has been proven to invigorate the body of a man and increase his libido.

While it is similar to VigRX Plus Pills and Progene, Nugenix is a far superior product with proven extraordinary results. It features a blend of natural herbs and extracts which assist a man’s body in restoring its own natural production of free testosterone levels. It was developed; and is produced, under the most strict laboratory conditions under the “current good manufacturing practices.” This means that it was made using the same equipment that is used when producing prescription drugs. All of this is under the extremely tight regulations set forth by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA.) The manufacturing ofNugenix is always done under the ever watchful eye of the FDA.

Nugenix is produced by a company called Direct Digital LLC whose offices are based in Massachusetts and North Carolina. Their actual laboratories are located in Florida and Utah. It is highly recommended by many doctors in the treatment of men with testosterone problems. This product is an all-natural substance that utilizes the extracts of natural herbs in its production. Although testosterone boosters can be injectable or used in a cream or a gel form, it comes in the form of a pill. Doctors tend to recommend it when weight training and cardio exercises (as well as a proper diet) are not enough to help with this ailment.

Ingredients Used in Nugenix

The primary ingredient found in Nugenix is called Testofen. This is made of 50% extraction from a plant known as the fenugreek. Nugenix effectively combines the Testofen with an ingredient called Caltrops and also other Prosexual nutrients. The use of fenugreek is known amongst ancient cultures as a remedy for male virility. In studies of the ingredient in Irvine, California and Queensland, Australia it was proven that Testofen produced positive free testosterone levels in the men who took it. The combination of these three ingredients will help the amounts of free testosterone in a man’s body increase and will effectively increase his ability to resume sexual activities with his wife. Other ingredients found in Nugenix are L-Citrulline, TribulusTerrestrisand Zinc. Important vitamins included in Nugenix are b6 and 50 mcg of b12.

In Nugenix, the ingredient Testofen has been clinically studied in labs and was proven to dramatically increase testosterone levels. In actuality it is a patented version of something known as Fenugreek Extract, which for the most part is found in the more ancient cultures of the Middle East and southern Europe. The ingredient L-citrulline is a type of amino acid and is also noted to assist in boosting testosterone levels, as is the mineral zinc. Tribulus Terrestis is also known to aid in this kind of activity, particularly when combined with these other ingredients. The ingredients in Nugenix will also help further your overall health in addition to enhancing your sexual performance. It will neutralize your ED problems and help you once again enjoy making love to your wife. Plus it will give you a much desired boost in your physical fitness workouts in the gym. You no longer have to fear going home or letting other people see you work out in your favorite gym.

Directions for Taking Nugenix

As taken from the website of Nugenix – free testosterone booster we quote the following. “The recommended usage instructions are to take 3 capsules, at the same time, on an empty stomach. On days you work out, you may find it more beneficial to take 30 – 45 minutes before working out. On non workout days, we recommend taking it in the morning. The recommended dosage is 3 capsules, however if you feel the need to slightly increase the dosage by 1 – 2 capsules, that will still be in a safe tolerance zone.”

More Information on Nugenix

Once again, the best place to go for more information on Nugenix is right to the source – their website: www.nugenix.com . Or go to a source called “nugenix.blogspot.com” for numerous unbiased reviews. Additionally information on Nugenix can be found on the Amazon, GNC and Vitamin Shoppe websites as well. More comprehensive information can be seen on websites such as the Consumer Health Digest, Diet Spotlight.com, Supplement Critique and also Supplement Geek. If videos are your thing you can find some specifically on Nugenix on YouTube. For a combination of video-type information and some unbiased reviews and opinions on it go to the website Pinterest and search directly for Nugenix. There are a number of different pertinent boards on there you can choose to follow for current information, in addition to being kept informed on future user updates on this excellent male virility remedy. You can also do the same thing on Facebook and/or Twitter and become friends with other users of Nugenix on there. It might even be possible to join a Facebook or Twitter group specifically for Nugenix users. You might be able to find more information on Nugenix on other social media sites, as it becomes more popular. If there is none on your favorite site right now, keep checking back as that is likely to change in the very near future.

Current Users Swear by Nugenix

As with any product or service there are bound to be some complaints. When you do a search for Nugenix on your favorite search engine, no doubt you will find some of those. You will also no doubt realize the people giving the negative reviews are NOT men’s health experts. More than likely they are just men concerned with getting their 15-minutes-of-fame on the Internet. However, do note that the Better Business Bureau gives the product Nugenix an A rating. Also take notice of the fact that there are far more positive comments and reviews. Most men that are currently using it rave about how fantastic a product it has been for them. The good reviews completely outnumber any complaints.

Conclusion About Nugenix

If you are contemplating starting a health regimen that includes Nugenix; once again, talk to your doctor first. DO NOT be embarrassed about this. Your doctor has heard many stories such as yours and knows the proper ways to treat your erectile dysfunction and low testosterone problems. Also remember the doctor-patient confidentiality rules. Nobody else will know about this. One other person you ought to discuss this with though is your wife. She is the other person who is directly affected by your problems. Plus you more than likely consider her to be your best friend. Talk to her about your problems and your intent to fix them by taking Nugenix. She will probably be thrilled by your candor and your desires to fix things.

When you do begin taking Nugenix, do realize this is NOT an overnight solution. You might see some improvements right away, or it could take a few weeks. Every man has a different body and treatments like Nugenix may work differently for all of them. But do not be so quick to give up on it. Give it a chance to make your ED/low testosterone problems disappear before you think about complaining to the manufacturer. Many men love this! Many men’s health experts love this product! The Food & Drug Administration is behind this remedy. Surely they cannot all be wrong, now can they?

As we mentioned in an earlier paragraph you can get a lot more information on Nugenix by going onto your favorite Internet search engine and typing in its name. You will find pages and pages of helpful information. Don’t forget to utilize your social media sites. In today’s modern world they can be extremely helpful for finding unbiased opinions about anything. Perhaps your doctor knows of some local focus groups that discuss all of the aspects; leading up to and including the usage of, Nugenix. Perhaps if you speak with other men you will learn to feel comfortable speaking about it directly with your wife. It can also be a great source of comfort for you knowing you are not alone. But one thing is certain. You no longer have to feel as though there is no hope for your low testosterone problems. Now there is Nugenix! Put out by men, for men and used by only men; this will surely be one spectacular remedy for you to use. It will treat your masculine problems and ensure you once again enjoy going home and making love to your wife. Enjoy the rest of your life!!!

Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.