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What Are You Doing for the Next Nine Months?


Came true! You’re pregnant! Do you think that it’s time to sit back during 9 months, and put your life— time to forget your sex life—on hold to wait for the big day? Hardly. It can be a wonderful time to solemnize all of life and your sex life too!!!

Life has plenty of surprises, isn’t it? Another surprise is the human body itself, it’s very interesting to watch how its changes during pregnancy affect a woman’s view, of her body and her sex life.

Many women may think that they are sexy, passionate, and beautiful during their pregnancy. But others may think that they are plump and practically not sexual during their pregnancy. In addition to their attitude about themselves, their sex mood during their pregnancies is also, of course, affected by their partners’ feelings. Some men find their pregnant partners to be sexy, while others feel completely turned off or even scared to have sex with their partners while they are carrying of a pregnancy
In case both partners can vanquish their suppression and frights, then they can have a amazingly sex life during pregnancy. Of course there are some important things you should know and follow, also some new positions you might want to try, so continue to read…

Sex During Pregnancy

Many couples worry about fact that sex during pregnancy could injure the developing baby, but sex during pregnancy is commonly safe. According to doctor’s estimation it’s physically impossible for a man’s penis to come into contact with the fetus. Fetus is completely protected within the amniotic sac inside the uterus. So don’t let that superficial anxiety get in the way of sex.

Although I’ve concentrated attention on intercourse in this section (because of the obvious obstacles involved during pregnancy), as I mentioned earlier, it’s certainly not the only kind of sex you’ll be having. Blowjob is a sexy way for both of you to reach both intimacy and sexual contentment. During pregnancy the fellatio and cunnilingus are the safest sex — as long as your partner does not blow into your vagina. Reread Chapter 13, which explain several sexy ways to give and receive oral pleasure.

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More Ways to Enjoy Each Other

Underwear and lace don’t always win the race when it comes to feeling sexy. Actually, revealing teddies may be just the opposite of what you want during and after pregnancy. In the event that you’re looking for other ways to “slip into something comfortable,” you might try some of the following ideas:
Take a bath together. If it’s humid, it can be wild and luxuriously.

Make reciprocal full-body massage. Seem like too much? Then rub each other’s feet or smear with coconut oil across that big, beautiful belly (some people think that it helps minimize wrinkles on the body!).

Try to be alone with your partner. That’s right, close the door, and drive out grandma out of the house.

Practice together. Practice alone. Just practice. It’s necessary for everybody.

Kiss each other like it’s the last kiss in your life. Display more passion —and you may find it’s all the stimulation you need.

Talk to each other about all those feelings, emotions and thoughts bouncing around in your heads.

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