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Things You Can Do to Maximize Your Results While Using Male Enhancement Pills


While taking male enhancement supplements, there are a number of guidelines that men can follow to help facilitate the effectiveness of male enhancement supplementation. And, although penis enlargement products do not work for everyone, following these guidelines will help ensure that you’ve given your body and your supplement the best chance to work.

Most of these guidelines revolve around living a healthy lifestyle while utilizing male enhancement supplementation. It is generally accepted, whether you are taking herbal supplements or even medicine, that taking care of your body helps to maximize the effectiveness of whatever product you’re taking.

Male Enhancement Tips

Drink plenty of water

Eat as healthily as possible

Exercise regularly

Take a multivitamin daily (we like Ultra Herbal’s formula)

Avoid alcohol and smoking

Limit carbonated drink consumption

Limit caffeine intake, especially coffee

Take 1000mg of vitamin C daily

Implement stress management techniques such as meditation

Time Length and Dosage

Other factors that will influence your chance of success when using penis enhancement pills include how long you take them and taking the correct dosage. It is generally recommended that male enhancement supplementation be completed for at least 6 months. Anything less than that is simply not enough time to see results. Conversely, if you have not experienced any increase in penis size after 6 months, it is safe to assume that that product will not work for you.

As for dosage, the important thing to remember here, as with all supplements and medication, is to follow the directions carefully. As a rule, every male enhancement company has their own dosing schedule for their particular product. Never miss a dose or “double-up” on a dose unless instructed to do so. Also, do not take more than one male enhancement product at the same time as this will not multiply the intended affects.


So, just remember that anytime you’re considering supplementation, be sure to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible and follow the directions of the manufacturer carefully.



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