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Best Male Enhancement Pills of 2018

best male enhancement pillsWe are constantly dealing with a vast amount of information on different male creams, herbs, male enhancement pills, and even intricate devices targeted on the increase in sexual vigor, sex drive, penis length and thickness.

A huge choice of such male products gives evidence that men are often doubtful of their sexual potency.
But do male enhancement methods give the desirable effects?
We gathered the best-working male enhancement pills based on the following considerations:
1) Manufacturer must be well-established and trustworthy.
2) Official manufacturer’s website has to be a source of the newest, comprehensive, and clear information, as well as has to contain FAQ section.
3) Information on all the ingredients, including safety information and dosage regimen, has to be available.
4) Manufacturer has to protect the customers by providing money back guarantee.
5) Unreal promises are not worth trusting. You should trust only the manufacturer which can provide scientific evidence and proven facts.
6) Ascertain that you deal with real customer feedback.

The equivalents of prescription medications which are intended to tackle the issue of erectile dysfunction really exist. However, it’s worth viewing preposterous promises with some skepticism.
Men who try to find a solution to the problem of impaired erectile function constantly deal with combative advertising with regard to anti-impotence remedies. The new products appear on the market almost every day. For example, one British company has invented a so-called Viagra condom this is claimed to enable men, who wear it, to attain and sustain a firm erection. The condom is going to give such an effect due to the availability of a special gel. For the moment, the company is only planning to launch the novelty to the market.
There are actually a countless number of the innovative products, both legal and illegal, which the men try, hoping to replace synthetic cures for erectile dysfunction and avoid surgical procedures. But how can you sort the wheat from the chaff when selecting the non-prescription remedies which rebuild male potency? We turned to the professionals for aid to understand what the media hype is and what the truth is.

Male Enhancement Pills: Are They Really Effective?

Hard-sell advertising is aimed at touting for customers. That’s why it tells a pack of lies regarding the wonderful qualities of the penis enhancement products in order to easily sell them. If the manufacturers make too much fuss about the male enhancing properties of their products, Thomas Stevenson, who is a doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of North Carolina, suggests being leery of this.

Male Enhancement Pills: Which Alternative Erectile Dysfunction Options to Trust

Dr. Stevenson states that it’s necessary to repair erectile function, taking into account the man’s past medical history.
“I always try to address the issue in a multi-faceted way. I persuade my patients that they have to lose weight and do workouts targeted on the stimulation of testosterone production,” tells Stevenson. The doctor warns the men against self-treatment with the use of ED drug replacement options. The matter is that in this case the men will not reveal a true reason of erectile dysfunction. A cardiovascular disease or diabetes may be such a reason.
Let’s consider the alternative treatment options which you can practice under the supervision of a healthcare expert:
L-arginine. “It’s actually the only substance that demonstrates effectiveness and acts similarly to Viagra and Cialis,” Stevenson claims. L-arginine belongs to amino acids. It intensifies secretion of nitric oxide which is crucial for encouraging blood to the penis enough for a strong erection.
Acupuncture. It’s an ancient Chinese treatment technique. It’s based on the belief that it’s necessary just to insert needles into the body at the specified points. The points which are considered to activate the areas responsible for male sexual health also exist. They help cure ED.
Physical Activity. Each man should be engaged in sufficient physical activity. It’s an obligatory condition for the men who aspire to combat erectile dysfunction. This happens due to the ability of physical activity to maintain cardiovascular system healthy and stimulate testosterone synthesis.
Ginkgo Biloba. Though this plant is known as a tool that can improve memory, it can also restore erectile function and increase sex drive.
Ginseng. This herb has been used for fixing male sexual problems since ancient times. The findings of numerous studies give evidence that ginseng has much more prominent effects on the men’s sexual health than placebo.
Yohimbine. This natural substance is derived from the African yohimbe tree. It’s widely used to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. However, the intake of this substance is often accompanied with severe adverse effects. Because of this, the men refuse to take it.
Iodine. “If you have iodine deficiency, your erectile function may suffer. But iodine supplementation will solve the issue,” tells Stevenson. By using a special test, the healthcare professional will determine whether you really need more iodine.
More nutrients. To get rid of any sexual disabilities, each man should ensure that he consumes enough essential nutrients. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E are very important for normalizing erectile function.
Homeopathy. Homeopathy is a kind of treatment that offers a fully-fledged solution to health related issues. It’s principle of action is based on a belief that it’s necessary just to waken up the immune system in order to overcome different diseases including erectile dysfunction. Homeopathy followers affirm that this treatment approach can cure impaired erectile function in more than 200 ways. But all these claims have not been scientifically confirmed yet.
Traditional Chinese medicine. This treatment method has a very long history. It implies the use of numerous herbs which are believed to fight intimate problems in men. This method can give the results if complemented by acupuncture.

Talk Honestly about the Problem

Don’t run away from the erectile dysfunction problem since this will not help find the way out. Being honest is the best thing you can do to start the recovery. According to Stevenson, the majority of his patients should firstly learn to talk about the problem with their partners. Both the patient and his partner should also understand how the male urogenital system functions and how the man’s overall health influences on it.
If you are going to replace the traditional treatment methods with the alternative ones, you should get in touch with your healthcare provider in order to exclude the possibility of contraindications and health risks. Also, if you use the services of the traditional medicine healer, you should tell him or her which prescription drugs you take to avoid side effects.