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The MagnaRX website claims the product as the easiest and fastest way to a larger penis. The manufacturers state that the product is doctor approved but offer no testimonials from physicians. They also state that the product will give a man a larger penis with just a few short weeks.


The ingredient list is difficult to locate on the MagnaRX website. Once located it reveals itself to be quite extensive. Horny Goat Weed, otherwise known as Epimedium, has been used for centuries to boost energy levels and stamina during sexual experiences. Catuaba is another herb used to increase energy levels and stamina, along with increase the natural sex drive. Oriental Ginseng is used to promote endurance and stamina. African Pygeum Bark is widely used to improve the health of the prostate. Maca Root is known for its ability to improve sperm counts. Oat Straw is used to boost testosterone levels. L-Arginine can have a relaxing effect on the blood vessels in the penis, allowing for greater blood flow and better quality erections. Cayenne is great for improving circulation. Stinging Nettle Weed is often used to treat urinary tract issues. Astragalus is also used to treat urinary tract issues. Licorice is rumored to increase the natural sex drive. Muira Puama is a well known aphrodisiac. Oyster Extract is another well known aphrodisiac. Smilax Officinalis, more commonly known as Sasparilla Root, is used to boost testosterone levels. Pumpkin Seed is another substance used to treat urinary tract issues. Boron is another substance known to increase the natural sex drive. Orchic is used to increase sperm count. Tribulus Terrestris is a well known component of male sexual health products that aids in boosting testosterone levels.


The MagnaRX website lists many testimonials as to the effectiveness of the product. The combination of ingredients can truly be billed as an herbal supplement.The addition of Horny Goat Weed to the ingredients gives this product credibility in its claims of being able to increase testosterone levels but one must consider the amount of each ingredient. The mere presence of an ingredient doesn’t mean it accomplishes what it’s reported to do.


The manufacturers claims regarding the ability of MagnaRX to increase penis size seem to be unfounded as most physicians will tell you that an herbal supplement alone will never accomplish this. The website does not offer any kind of a free trial, although there is mention of a money back guarantee.

Review Summary

MagnaRX’s main claim made on the site is that they are the top rated formula for penis enlargement. The problem with this statement is that they fail to support it in the information offered on the site. The ingredient list also lacks in support because none of the ingredients would appear to have any great effect on the size of the penis.There are some ingredients that will increase blood flow to the genital area; however, that will not increase penis length or girth, it will simply improve the quality and intensity of the erection.

Ride ‘Em Women To G-Spot Glory With Vigrx Plus

Why do we always receive spam messages from maile enhancement products like Vigrx Plus and Male Extra? Is the penis size of a man really that important to make his lady happy? Or is it an overrated concept?

There is no doubt that spam messages can be annoying. But they make us aware with the reality of things; that is, in the world of men, the big size really matters. To be blunt about it, it’s the main source of pride (or shame!) among men. If you have it big enough, then you are the man.
Aside from the egoistic pride that comes with penis size, there’s also the more charitable side to it. Men want to have a bigger penis so that they can truly satisfy the woman they loved.

There’s really no debate between size and performance because, when you come down to it, you can always perform better with a longer weapon. How can you reach the so-called G-spot with a short one?
Penis size is not only limited to length. Rather, it also includes the girth or the thickness of the penis. It brings out massive satisfaction to a woman if her man is both endowed in both penis length and penis girth.

Some women even reported that, in one sexual intercourse, multiple orgasms for them can be possible if their man is gifted. It is no wonder then that men these days are starting to use potent pills like Vigrx Plus to improve their size and performance.

There are various male enhancement products indeed in the market. But only a very few can really claim brand recognition and customer satisfaction. For one, some of the penis enlargers pose a great risk to men’s health.

Vigrx is a unique product altogether. It has been proven to increase penis size – both the length and the girth. It does that by increasing the penis’ blood flow and stimulating rock hard erections and pleasurable sensations. The most important thing is that this product is all-natural so Hydromax is even safe for daily use. Do you want to spend another night without male enhancement products.



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