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The Libido-Max website is simply a one-page advertisement that gives no real information on the product itself except to state that it is 100% natural and effective in boosting sexual desire and performance in both men and women. Clicking on either the men’s or women’s formula simply scrolls you down to the risk-free offer. Fortunately there are more than a few retail drugstore chains that carry Libido-Max. Perusing these websites will at least give you a rudimentary understanding of the product. Basically, Libido-Max is a dietary supplement thought to enhance male and female sexual performance. Further investigation will expose you to no shortage of less-than-favorable reviews.


The nutritional facts label reads like a hippies’ apothecary. Soybean oil, St. John’s Bread, beeswax, bark (of what tree it does not tell), horny goat weed (naturally), black pepper extract, and various roots are just a few of the goodies packed into each little, easy-to-swallow, liquid soft-gel. L-arginine is a key ingredient of Libido-Max. It is believed that L-arginine dilates blood vessels, specifically the arteries feeding the penis. Such dilation is essential in achieving and maintaining an erection.


Libido-Max is widely available, either through the company website or through any number of online or retail drugstore chains. It is relatively inexpensive, with formulas designed for both men and woman. The free trial offer is always a good thing. The liquid capsule delivery system of Libido-Max allows for more efficient breakdown and absorption of the natural ingredients. Negatives:

The amount of negative feedback from consumer websites regarding the effectiveness of Libido-Max, while fun to read, might deter the more discerning shopper from taking the leap. One particularly telling remark states “Does Not Enhance Stimulation, Does Not Increase Performance.” The Libido-Max website is, as noted above, ineffective. It reads like a one page circular and provides no real information about the product, no clinical trial information, or any significant testimonials.

Review Summary

There is nothing all that new going on here. From the boring packaging to the dull website to the unassuming ingredients, Libido-Max penis enlargement pills do nothing to really set itself apart from any other all-natural dietary supplement that claims to enhance sexual performance and desire. Considering the saturated nature of the market for such products, that does not bode well for Libido-Max.

Effective Male Enhancement Techniques

The reason for male enhancement techniques is to either correct a problem or to improve libido and performance. There are men who simply want to enlarge the penis. However, it is recommended that to get the best out of the techniques that exist you come up with a daily program that will allow you to use all the available techniques. These techniques would consist of supplements, adapting to a healthy lifestyle and exercises.

The reason for adopting healthy techniques is to make the body healthy and strong. It is very important for a man to take care of his general health in order to take care of his sexual performance. The basis of any male enhancement techniques should be a good quality supplement that consists of all natural ingredients. These ingredients will give the sexual system of the body an enormous boost every day. The reason for doing this is to strengthen the functions in the body that are responsible for a strong performance. These would be the hormones as well as blood pressure. In the case of hormones it is the male hormone testosterone that is essential in male sexuality. The other important issue is blood pressure because a strong flow of blood to the penis is responsible for maintaining an erection.

Another reason for adopting a daily program of male enhancement techniques is because men need to take charge. Having a program to work to and understanding why you are doing it does help to set the mind at rest. It is very reassuring to know that after about six weeks you can start to expect seeing results. Even the slightest problem regarding sexual prowess is the cause of a great deal of stress in men. Taking charge of the situation is a normal male reaction and will add to the success of the daily routine.