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Libido-Max Review (January, 2020)

Libido-Max is an effective libido booster that enables men to improve the quality of their sexual life.

In fact, it is a doctor-developed diary supplement, which helps to treat such a widespread men’s problem as erectile dysfunction, boosts testosterone production and improves blood circulation.

1. How does Libido-Max Work?

The unique formula of Libido-Max was developed by the scientists of Applied Nutrition, which has been a leader in the nutritional supplement category for over ten years.

This formula made it possible to fit a strong healing composition in just one small capsule.

The formula of Libido-Max acts in three interconnected stages:

1. First, it increases the man’s strength;
2. Then it stimulates the blood flow in the body;
3. And finally, it deepens sexual pleasure of a man.

Libido-Max differs favorably from other male enchantment products due to its bioavailability, fast absorption and fast effect.

The purpose of the Libido-Max supplement is to solve men’s problems, acting directly on the genitals.

Man’s body receives nutritional components that enhance sexual function, fight low libido and cure ED.
libido max pills review

2. What are the Ingredients of Libido-Max?

Each Libido-Max pill contains a powerful nutrient formula for the all-round support of the men’s sexual health.

The efficiency and safety of all the Libido-Max ingredients have been proven by numerous studies. The top ingredients of Libido-Max are:

  • L-arginine, which is a natural amino acid that expands blood vessels, leading to increased blood flow in the man’s body. This increased blood flow has a direct effect on the size of erections and can support a healthy natural attraction and sexual desire.
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract helps to boost testosterone production, supports the building of muscles, protects the cardiovascular system and reduces overall pain if there is any.
  • Maca Root Powder – participates in the regulation of hormone production, enhances stamina and energy, and stimulates sexual performance.
  • Bioperine Complex – maintains high absorption of nutrients from each pill. This component makes sure that a man’s body receives optimal support with every Libido-Max capsule.
  • L-Tyrisine – is also known to maximize sexual potential of a man as well as to improve his mental activity.

Besides, it includes Ashwagandha Root, Dimethylglycine, Epimedium Extract, Yohimbe Extract, NADH and other ingredients.
libido max pills

3. How to Take Libido-Max Pills?

It is recommended to take from 1 to 4 capsules of Libido-Max per day, divided into two or more doses.

It is also mentioned that it would be more effective to take them one hour before the intimacy.

The daily dosage should not exceed for capsules, although it is strongly recommended to evaluate the possibility of achieving the desired results with a lower dose.

4. Safety Information

Libido-Max is for use by healthy adults only!

Consult your doctor before buying this product if you have any known or suspected medical conditions.

Do not use the product if a safety seal is broken and if the bottle is open or damaged.

Do not use this product if you are sensitive to soy.

Immediately stop using this product if you experience any negative side effects or issues.

Always begin with one capsule to assess your personal body tolerance of the product.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage of this product.

The overall term of usage should not be longer than 90 days without a break.

5. Alternatives to Libido-Max

VigRX Plus is a herbal male vitality product that is claimed to match the need of male enhancement in the healthiest way.

The extensive research examinations of this product together with thousands of repeated orders of this supplement prove that its formula does not have known side effects.

Generally, Libido-Max and VigRX Plus have similar effects on the man’s body, however, VigRX Plus ED supplement is considered to be healthier and thus more popular all over the world.

6. Possible Side Effects of Taking Libido-Max

libido max reviewLibido-Max is a comparatively safe male enchantment product, but still there are some potential side effects to watch out for.

Among them, it is necessary to mention headaches, congestion, flushing, dizziness and digestion.

The side effects are few, but it is better to consider them.

Hope this information was helpful for you. Compare it with the reviews of other male enchantment products and make the right decision.



Libido-Max Questions & Answers

What Will Happen if I Exceed Libido-Max Dose?

The manufacturer states that the men should take 4 gelcaps per day maximally, no more. Though Libido-Max is a harmless supplement, it’s necessary to adhere to the user guidelines. And if you exceed the specified dosage, you may experience the symptoms of overdosing.

Can I Take Libido-Max if I Have Any Health Problems?

The Libido-Max formula includes the active substances which may have a negative influence on the blood pressure and the heart function in people who suffer from heart diseases, hypertension, and other cardiovascular disorders. That’s why you have to obligatorily visit a doctor and ask for a professional medical advice before you start undergoing the supplementation. If you have any other medical conditions, you should also consult a doctor.

Can Libido-Max Cause Allergy?

The Libido-Max supplement has soy in its formula. If you have allergy to soy and soy-containing problems, you shouldn’t undergo the supplementation with this remedy. Also, before you start taking this product, you should carefully check the list of its ingredients. If you have ever suffered from allergic reactions to any of these ingredients, the supplement is contraindicated to you.

Is Libido-Max a Medication?

Libido-Max is not in the list of medications. It is a male-enhancing supplement which is comprised of the natural ingredients. These ingredients help the men boost their sex life.

Will Libido-Max Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

Libido-Max is actually a male enhancement product targeted on the improvement of different aspects of the male sexuality. This remedy is primarily invented in order to fight low libido and elevate it to the level, enabling the men to enjoy sexual activity and boost mutual satisfaction from sexual relationship. In addition, the supplement has a great impact on the overall bedroom performance. But the product also works by strengthening erections. Thus, it both prolongs and hardens erections to some extent. However, you should understand that this is a supplement. And it doesn’t belong to the erectile dysfunction medications.

Do I Need a Prescription for Buying Libido-Max?

Libido-Max is not a drug, but an over-the-counter supplement. It means that you don’t need a prescription in order to purchase this remedy. So, you can buy it wherever and whenever you deem it appropriate without a need to go to the healthcare provider for getting a prescription.

Is Libido-Max Approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

The efficacy claims of the manufacturer concerning Libido-Max have not been estimated by the Food and Drug Administration since this organization typically doesn’t approve the products of the supplementation industry. But anyway, the supplement manufacturer precisely comprised its product formula and carefully tested its quality. So, you can be sure that you will take the top-notch remedy for your sexual potency.

Why Is Libido-Max Not in the Tablet Form?

The manufacturer chose the softgels instead of tables for its product because it is more beneficial for the users. A liquid gelcap is a form that ensures the greatly extended release. It means that this supplement form increases the absorption of the supplement ingredients. Due to this, the product components are supplied to the system quicker, providing more benefits to the users. In addition, such a supplement form is not difficult to swallow. And this enhances the customers’ comfort.

Whom Is Libido-Max Intended for?

The supplement is created for the men who have already reached their 18s. But it will be even better if the supplement users are older. Also, you must ensure that children stay away from the supplement.

How Libido-Max Works?

According to the manufacturer, Libido-Max works by ensuring 3-stage sexual response. Thus, the supplement improves libido and virility, intensifies blood circulation, and gives a boost to overall sexual endurance and performance. Since the product is effective for the widening of penile blood vessels, more blood reaches and fills the manhood. Due to this, the men can attain and sustain strong and full erections and hence last longer in bed. The duration and quality of a sexual intercourse also increases because the man’s sex drive substantially grows under the influence of ingredients available in the 3-stage supplement formulation.

What Ingredients Are in Libido-Max?

The Libido-Max formulation includes a very wide spectrum of the natural ingredients. The manufacturer selected only the high-quality components with the proven efficacy. The list of these ingredients includes but is not limited to Bioperine, L-arginine, L-tyrosine, Yohimbe, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha, and Maca root.

How to Take Libido-Max?

According to the manufacturer’s directions, the daily dosage of Libido-Max may vary from one to four softgels per day in order to maintain libido and overall sexual function at the high level. This dosage has to be separated into several servings. However, it can be permitted to swallow even up to four softgels at once if you plan a sexual intercourse. In this case, you should take Libido-Max sex pills approximately 60 minutes before sex in order to experience a hard erection enough for both penetrating and further satisfactory completing of the sexual encounter. But it’s not recommended to take more than for gelcaps per day.

Is Libido-Max Safe?

Libido-Max is a male enhancement and testosterone booster supplement based on the power of many natural ingredients. It is safe for the healthy men who don’t have any health problems. But if you know about the existence of the health issues or already treat them by using strong prescription medications, you shouldn’t use the supplement.

Also, you should know that there is a chemical famous under the name of the State of California in the supplement formula. It may negatively affect the reproductive function. That’s why you should display vigilance if you want to have a baby in the nearest future.

Is Libido-Max Better Than Viagra?

If you choose Libido-Max, it means you appreciate the natural remedies for the enhancement of your sexual potency and understand that the natural supplementation is more beneficial than the prescription hard pills.

Viagra is of course a very effective medication that guarantees instant results in a form of a solid, full, and long-lasting erection. But the side effects of this ED drug are numerous. They may seriously endanger your vital bodily functions and organs. But Libido-Max, which is also considered an herbal Viagra option, will protect you against the aggressive impact of powerful synthetic Sildenafil.

This natural enhancer strengthens erections in a natural way without any negative consequences to your health. It is side effect free but still provides very promising results.

Moreover, Libido-Max is more advantageous than Viagra not only due to the supplement’s ability to give a boost to erectile function naturally.

Thus, as opposed to the branded drug, this supplement improves virile strength, increases libido, enhances sexual endurance, and helps to last longer. So, your sexual health will be recharged from different angles.

Does Libido-Max Make Your Bigger?

Libido-Max is a natural enhancement product. You have to regularly take this all-natural pill for several months in order to experience its erection-boosting properties. That’s why you shouldn’t expect that it will be able to make penis bigger just like the penis extenders, which are specifically developed for the penis enlargement, do.

However, Libido-Max still can enlarge your manhood. This happens due to action of the supplement ingredients which substantially intensify the blood flow to your penis in a natural way. Much more blood finally fills the penis, causing a much bigger erection than typically.

It means that the supplementation increases the penis size in the erect state. In particular, the penis will become noticeably thicker. But this penis enlargement effect lasts no longer than the erection itself.

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