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Libido Impairment: Physical and Psychological Factors You Should Deal With

Have you ever found yourself losing the desire to be as intimate as possible with your partner? Are you having difficulties reaching the climax to the event? Would you rather sleep than spend some time making love with your husband or wife? Well something may be wrong with you if this is the case. You may already be encountering problems on libido impairment.

Libido impairment may be referred to as reduced libido. Some asexual individuals meet more difficulties lying in bed with a partner. Their problems may range from weak sexual desire up to having no drive at all. It is therefore wise to look into the physical and psychological factors you should deal with if you do not want to be lost in these sexual issues.

Physical factors leading to reduced libido

If you would associate reduced libido with medical conditions, the most common culprits would relate to endocrine system issues and the changes in testosterone levels of both genders. Men and women currently facing hypothyroidism issues are gravely affected. Other physical factors to be blamed are:

Lifestyle issues. Lifestyle may have something to do with one’s diet when speaking of reduced libido. In a lot of instances hormonal levels are disrupted in severely obese individuals and even malnourished ones. This may then lead to libido impairment.
Medications. There are several medications which may lead to libido reduction in a lot of people. In this case it is considered iatrogenic. The likes of antidepressant drugs, hormonal contraceptives, beta blockers and opioids are blamed for the plight.
In the case of many women taking contraceptive pills, issues on low libido may lead to other problems including that of her relationship with her partner. This results to stress and at a graver point extend to depression.

Psychological factors resulting to reduced libido

While there is a list of physical factors resulting to reduced libido, there are also psychological aspects that one has to deal with. Depression and fatigue lessens one’s drive to be intimate with the partner since the individual often thinks of the present problem rather than enjoy the moment. Any traumatic experience in the past such as sexual abuse may also cause too much fear in the person making it more difficult to feel contentment when having sex.

In some individuals who look for the proper body figure or image in his partner, the loss of sexual drive may be blamed when attraction is no longer present. Some people set their minds that there is a perfect body image to make love to. This makes the love making moment uncomfortable for both sides.

These stressors are indeed mind and heartbreaking. It is important to deal with all these culprits or else suffer libido impairment for a long time. There are certain techniques which may help in order to combat these problems. Start by being more positive in your outlook towards life. Try to understand what your partner is going through as well. Remember, it always takes two to tango!

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Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.