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I Finally Unveil the #1 Trick to Building Lean, Cut, Head-Turning Muscle


When people come up to me at competitions, photo shoots, or just on the street, and ask me how I got to look like this, I tell them the same thing every single time. So instead of waiting for people to keep asking me, I’m just going to write about it.

The trick? More blood flow.

This Is the ONE Thing You Need to Understand

See, when you “max out” on a lift, or if you get tired on the basketball court, it’s a blood flow issue. Think about it. When you exercise, your heart starts beating faster. This is your body’s attempt to pump more blood… but (unfortunately) your heart can only beat so fast.

When you work out, your body creates toxins (like carbon dioxide and lactic acid) that need to be shuttled out of your muscles. At the same time, oxygen and other critical nutrients need to be shuttled into your muscles so you can continue powering through your workout.

So how do you get more blood flowing to your muscles so you can virtually double or triple your capacity at the gym? Before you go to the gym, you NEED to take a supplement that increases your blood flow.

The best such supplement out there (in my opinion) and the one I personally use is ed pill.

When you take penis enlargement medicine, you increase your workout potential. The L-citrulline in Testo Rip X increases your blood flow, allowing you to bring far more oxygen and other nutrients into your muscles. At the same time, all of those toxins your muscles are producing are quickly transported away so you are able to recover much faster. Meanwhile, it includes a patented form of concentrated creatine called CON-CRETE® that gives your muscles a ridiculous boost of energy and power, allowing you to annihilate your workouts.



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