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Impotence Aids – Natural Impotence Aids That are Proven to Work


Impotence aids are a multi billion pound industry and while many take the route of prescription drugs, these can be dangerous and more and more people are looking for natural Impotence aids to get there libido back and here we are going to look at some that are proven to work…

Why The Natural is Best

Leaving aside the dangers of prescription drugs natural libido enhancers have one advantage which prescription drugs don’t – they can re kindle sex drive and sexual desire. Drugs simply can get you an erection but your desire doesn’t increase and leaves users with an incomplete sexual experience.

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How do They Work?

Natural cures work on several levels a impotence aids and can help you recover your libido, my combating some of the key causes which include the following:

– Increasing Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide is the chemical which allows the blood vessels of the penis to expand which allows an increased blood flow to enter and create an erection.

If you don’t have enough of this chemical (it declines with age) you won’t get an erection.

– Healthy Blood Circulation

This is important not just for sexual wellness but for overall health. Sluggish circulation is the cause of numerous health problems and in terms of sexual health, you simply need strong blood circulation to the extremities.

– Low Testosterone Levels

The vital male hormone is needed in sufficient quality, low levels of testosterone can cause impotence and numerous other health problems.

– Energy

Energy levels are important, as if there not high enough, your body will use what it has for what it considers more important areas and this doesn’t include sex drive.

Stress, fatigue and tiredness all deplete energy levels and when you don’t have enough you simply don’t feel in the mood for sex.

Curing Impotence Naturally

While prescription drugs go for a quick fix and target the genitals only to create an erection, natural cures heal the whole body, allowing not only an erection to be obtained but for sexual desire to return and overall health to improve.

This method has been used in countries such as China and India for centuries and is still used today.

There are several natural herbs to increase libido and improve overall wellness and here, we will look at some of the most effective ones and the areas they target which include all the problems above.

Horny Goat Weed

One of the best libido enhancers and lives up to its name.

It naturally raises testosterone and nitric oxide levels as well as increasing energy and lowering stress levels.


Another powerful herb which is a great nitric oxide producer and a superb blood tonic, helping blood circulation throughout the body.

Jujube Fruit

Used as an overall body tonic and helps relieve the following – fatigue, debility, restlessness. The herb is rich in vitamins minerals and nutrients and nourishes the blood while at the same time boosting energy.


Niacin improves blood circulation by relaxing arteries and veins and also works to keep the digestive system, skin and nerves functioning correctly.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba improves blood flow and oxygen around the entire body and its anti-oxidant action helps maintain and protect blood vessels and reduce arteriosclerotic lesions. It also helps assists with the half-life of the endothelium relaxation factor, which is critical to a strong erection.

The above are just some examples of impotence aids which are completely natural and will not only improve your sexual health, they will help you recover your desire at the same time. At the same time, they will also increase your overall wellness.

So try the above and you may be surprised at how effective they are in curing low libido and erectile dysfunction.

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Curing Impotence with the Power of the Mind

Impotence is a man’s inability or difficulty to have or maintain an erection. Although a lot of physical causes may be attributed to impotence, there are also psychological factors that lead to it. Some of these can be depression, stress and pressures about home or work, anxiety, relationship problems and arguments, insecurities and a low self-esteem, and even sexual boredom and the loss of intimacy. These problems can be addressed as psychosomatic problems since these situations are affected by psychological factors or the emotion.

When this is the case, then there are very high chances of curing the impotence. It may sound difficult at first, especially if you do not want to resolve the problem or you fear it, or worse is that you are unaware of the situation. However, when you have accepted that there is a problem and there is a need to work on it, then you can try different ways to treat psychosomatic impotence by using psychology as well. One does not need to turn to medications or surgery right away.

One treatment that you can undergo is Psychosexual Therapy. In psychosexual therapy or psychotherapy, the man and his partner are given techniques or exercises to help them renew their intimacy, sexual relation, sexual interests, and arousal. This can be done through talks, discussions, and activities that can lift the stress or anxiety that hasten impotence.

Behavior modification can really take time, but it is also cheaper and does not only help cure impotence, it also improves one’s personality.

To do this, here are a few suggested tips:

1. Do a little reality check including a check on your personal situation and your present situation with your partner. What do you really feel about yourself, your member, and your partner?

2. Talk with your partner to make things easier and lighter. It lifts up your burden and at the same time you are confident that there is someone who listens to you. If your partner is the one that’s putting the strain on you, all the more that you should talk. Ask what your partner wants, say what you want, and come into a solution. You have to speak up and work things out together without turning into an argument.

3. Your lifestyle is very important and it affects your penile health a great deal, so do a check on your lifestyle. Just like taking care of the rest of your body, you should also take care of your penis. Trim down your fat, alcohol and nicotine or tobacco intake. Eat healthier and try to do some exercises. If possible, get into an exercise program or visit the gym regularly.

4. If you still have more concerns, then it’s time that you should seek professional advice from a trained therapist or doctor. Remember that you should not be ashamed of your situation and that you are not the only one suffering from it.

Your health and a sound mind are much more important so you should do something about it.



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