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How to Make Your Penis Bigger in 2020

So you’ve decided you want to get a bigger penis – you’re not the first.

Many men deal with the struggles and desires of wanting to get a bigger penis, but if you want to see gains in penis size without spending every dollar you earn and putting yourself at risk, you must do it the right way.

View TOP 10 Options To Make Your Penis Bigger


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VigRX Plus

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Male Extra

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The Most Powerful Penis Pump


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Volume Pills

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Quick Extender Pro

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HydroMax Penis Pump

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Penis Pump For Beginners


#1. VigRX Plus

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VigRX Plus is one of the best male enhancement supplement to make your penis bigger. It’s not permanent solution like penis pumps or extenders but it’s the easiest option.

VigRX Plus formula is one of the most potent available on the market today and they do offer a 67 day money-back guarantee.

Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Hawthorn Berry are clinically proven to increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in visibly bigger, fuller erections.

Muira Pauma and Saw Palmetto increase libido, Catuaba Bark Extract and Asian Red Ginseng give you stamina.

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#2. Male Extra

how to enlarge your penis

Male Extra was designed to increase libido, ignite sexual confidence, and produce firmer and fuller erections through ingredients which increase testosterone and penile blood flow.

The supplement features natural and safe ingredients. As long as it is taken as directed, there are no harmful side effects to worry about.

Male Extra is highly recommended if you’re looking for a male enhancement supplement that will make your penis a bit bigger.

Male Extra also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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#3. HydroXtreme

how to make your peni bigger fast with your hands

Hydroxtreme are the most powerful penis pumps on the market today. They offer the same quality as Hydromax but with more pressure.

As a result, you can make your penis bigger much faster.

Though relatively new to the US market, there are over a million satisfied owners of the Hydroxtreme worldwide.

The product also comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee when used as directed in the bath or shower, 15 minutes daily for six weeks.

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#4. Volume Pills

dick enlargement

Volume Pills give you bigger, harder erections and increase semen volume.

The supplement is designed to give a powerful natural boost to the male sexual potency and overall sexual health due to the availability of a completely natural mixture of ingredients.

The doctor-endorsed product formula is comprised of botanicals, micronutrients, and non-artificial components with aphrodisiac properties.

When regularly taken on the daily basis, the supplement contributes to the enhancement of semen production. Due to this, erections strengthen, while orgasms brighten.

Thus, the enlargement of semen volume is clinically backed to generate more impressive, firmer, and stronger erections.

Also, the increased cum loads supercharge the orgasm power due to the more blistering and continual orgasmic contractions.

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#5. ProExtender

how to enlarge penis size

After reviewing many of the different penis enlargement devices available we came across ProExtender.

This is a penis traction device with a difference. It is not just an extender but a complete solution to penis enlargement.

How to make your penis bigger with this extension device?

You should wear ProExtender daily and luckily enough it is invisible beneath loose trousers. It basically consists of a base ring, two adjustment screws and an end piece with a strap, which holds the penis securely to the extender.

The device is both comfortable and lightweight and once you get used to it you barely even remember it’s there.

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#6. Quick Extender Pro

Many men would love to have a bigger and stronger penis, better sexual performance and stamina, but no one would like to risk any complications during that process.

One of the most popular and safe solutions is Quick Extender Pro. It uses a completely natural, non-surgical and clinically proven penis enlargement method.

This is one of the most effective male enlargement devices on the market, providing great gains in less than 4 months.

Quick Extender Pro can also cure Peyronies Disease, a curvature of the penis.

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#7. HydroMax

how to make your penis bigger

The concept behind Hydromax is simple: it enlarges your penile tissue and chamber via suction, allowing them to hold more blood during an erection, which results in a bigger penis.

With the suction being done in water, it is much more comfortable than regular penis pumps.

One of the things that we loved about Bathmate before purchasing it is that it doesn’t really look like your regular penis pump, and that it offers a 100% money back guarantee – which means that if you’re not happy with the product for whatever reason, you get your money back.

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Get A Bigger Penis: Practicality

You have the option of using any of the following to get a bigger penis:

Just because you want to get a bigger penis does not mean you will be in the same situation as another guy considering penis enlargement.

With that being said, practicality will vary from person to person, but let’s try our best to figure out what fits your situation. Ask yourself questions that most people would not necessarily consider:

wife wants bigger penis

  • Do you want to keep your penis enlargement venture very private?
  • Do you have a time frame in which you want to have a bigger penis?
  • Do you have certain health issues that would complicate making your penis bigger in any way?
  • If you did surgery, are you willing to go through the long, painful recovery process?

These are just a few questions one could scratch their head about when considering the idea of male enhancement.

You have to make sure the method you select to get a bigger penis fits your own lifestyle. If you have a day job and cannot take vacation, or have kids and cannot go through the recovery process, then maybe surgery is a bad idea for you.

If you want to keep your penis enlargement very private, having objects like penis pumps, extenders, and pill bottles might be a bit embarrassing if found. Also, always trying to hide something can allow your paranoia to get the best of you. This is never fun.

Penis enlargement jelqing exercises seem to be the only thing that the majority of men would find “practical”.

If you use these to get a bigger penis, you are able to do it privately for about 10 minutes a day without them interfering with your daily tasks.

Now, if you want a bigger penis tomorrow, penis enlargement exercises are not going to work.

However, most men realize they have gone this long with their penis size and tend not to be in a major hurry.

Exercising the penis generally will not conflict with any health issues, and have not recovery time involved.

These are actually extremely practical because the only thing you need to actually purchase is an exercise guide (like this one) with the tested exercises to see and maintain consistent penis growth.

Get A Bigger Penis: Risks

Risk is the major concern for most men when considering penis enlargement.

There is no point in trying to get a bigger penis if you cannot find a safe way to do it, period.

You should never put your life in jeopardy to increase your self confidence.

The road to getting a bigger penis is risky business and you should be very careful what you try.

Penis Enlargement Pumps

  • High Risk
  • Take the risk of lacerations to the penis, excessive swelling, and penis deformation.
  • Risk of a family member or friend stumbling across your penis pump – privacy concerns.

Penis Extender Devices

  • High Risk
  • Take the risk of tearing the penis from over extending.
  • Risk if rupturing or scraping the penis from screws and hinges in the device.

Prescription Male Enhancement Pills

  • Medium Risk
  • Risk spending money for no gains in size, just more firm erections.
  • Health risks involved with non-FDA approved penis enlargement medication.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

  • High Risk
  • Risk of deformation
  • Permanent nerve or cosmetic damage to the penis
  • Risk of selecting an inexperienced surgeon to perform the operation.

Penis Jelqing Exercises

  • Very Low Risk
  • Only risk is “over-exercising”, make sure to follow the instructions in your exercise guide.
  • Generally nothing involved except your hands, and a warm towel.

Again, I think we see a pattern forming.

The majority of men will agree that penis exercises to get a bigger penis will be the least risky of the given options.

You are literally putting the control in your own hands.

This allows you to dictate pace, aggressiveness, and schedule according to how you want to go about making your penis bigger.

Get A Bigger Penis: Cost Effectiveness

Lastly, nobody wants to spend more money than they have to for anything. Enhancing your penis size should be no exception.

I am trying my best not to be biased here so I can really lay out the facts about which option might be best for you to get a bigger penis, but penis enlargement exercises win again.

I mean, you already have two hands, and the only thing you have to buy is a guide which has the exercises.

Note: trying to do penis enlargement exercises on your own will waste time.

There are fine tuned exercises and program routines that have been tested and adjusted to give men the most gains in the smallest amount of time.

Going with any penis enlargement devices will be a lot more costly. Over time, you will have to spend money to replace these devices as well. You get no support for the money paid and you get minimal instruction.

If you opt for prescription pills to enlarge your size, know that they are costly, and NOT effective. Many people have a misconception about oral medication to get a bigger penis. The ONLY thing oral medication will do for you is enhance your erections and make you more firm. Here, you will spend money every time you need a refill and this becomes very costly, very fast!

Surgery to get a bigger penis costs very large amounts of money. A massive hospital bill that is several thousands of dollars is something many men cannot justify spending for adding inches to their penis when they have a family to feed or bills to pay.

Get A Bigger Penis: The Conclusion

I know this was a rather lengthy post, but I really wanted to get into the nitty gritty of what you should consider and expect from the penis enlargement option you decided to take.

Ever option should be considered, but most men in the end start with penis enlargement exercises for the reasons we went over.

Starting with penis enlargement exercises allows you to:

  • Spend the least money and take the safest route to begin with before trying more risky methods.
  • Be discreet about making your penis bigger
  • Try with confidence because most offer 100% risk free money back guarantees.

Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally – Top 3 Tips

Exercising the penis in order to add size is a very effective way of safely making your penis bigger. However, people should understand that it takes patience and precaution in order to properly perform these penis enlargement exercises.

You should always try not to overwork your penis due to the risk of swelling. Here are a few more tips for increasing penis size naturally.

Your Penis Bigger Tip 1: Begin with a warm towel

Before you begin performing your penis exercise routine, you should make sure you are extremely relaxed and warmed up. A hot towel on the penis before a lot of stretching and rotating can really help to minimize soreness and injury.

Your Penis Bigger Tip 2: Stay committed to your size goal

Do not forget how determined you are to increase your penis size. If you want to achieve a larger penis you will have to stay committed and do your penis enlargement exercises for at least 6-10 minutes a day. If you stay on track and stay consistent, you will have a larger penis with incredible blood flow to build volume and increase size.

If you want your penis to grow 2-3 inches, you should focus and be serious about your gains.

Your Penis Bigger Tip 3: Follow Your Guide!

If you are not following a guide that contains tested exercises that are proven to work, you are wasting time. Do not think there is not technique to this because there is a lot you must do in order to gain size and refrain from being injured. Get a really good guide like Penis Advantage and stick with the exercise routines every day!

how to grow penis

Worried About A Small Penis Size?

The thoughts of having a small penis can haunt the strongest man. Why is this such a sore topic for us? Why can’t we accept the fact that we do not have to have a large penis in order to feel good about ourselves? The worst part is the solutions to this problem seem far from reach. Here are a few tips to help you cope with having a below average sized penis. This is a big step on the road to penis enlargement.

Before you can decide on a penis enlargement method, you have to understand that it will take patience. Being patient means you have to accept that you will not immediately have a bigger penis, but with the work you put in, you can really achieve added size to your manhood.

One thing a lot of men do while they are beginning penis enlargement exercises but have not seen much results is make their penis look bigger. Choosing certain pubic hair trimming methods can make your penis look like it has more size than it actually does.

You should always try and be confident with whatever penis size you have. By working on your penis hand exercises and putting in at least ten minutes each day, you WILL have a larger penis. Adding size to your shaft is possible, but you need to learn to cope through the stages where you are still working on seeing results.

If you are always comparing yourself to the bulges of other men, you need to stop. There is always going to be someone with a bigger size penis than you. For this reason, try not to compare your penis size to how big another mans penis is. Penis envy is easy to have, but it takes a strong will to be comfortable with what you have.

Lastly, if you have a small penis, try and find the best way to effectively use your penis size during sex. If you have a small penis, use your below average size in the best way possible.

Many women will tell you it is the way you use your tool, not how big it is.

There are several sex positions that can be used to give women orgasms even with a small penis.

Men do not want to live with a little manhood.

These are all tips you can use until you start seeing results with your penis hand exercises. Penis enlargement is not easy, but if you have a guide as amazing as Penis Advantage, you will have no problem seeing results within a few months.

how to make your penis larger

How to Make Your Penis Bigger with Your Hands?

There is clinical evidence telling that it’s quite possible to stretch the manhood in order to enlarge it. To make your penis bigger in both length and circumference, you can use your hands only.

There is actually a range of stretching exercises which provide clear instructions on how to make your penis bigger fast with your hands.

These manual member enlargement exercises imply the use of hands for massaging the skin and tissue under it along the whole manhood shaft length.

These actions are targeted on the skin stretching and making very tiny tears across the penile tissues. Due to this, the penis will slightly grow. That is, it will elongate.

In addition to the lengthening exercises, there are the exercises able to increase the member circumference. The most widespread type of penis thickening exercises is jelqing which is also based on the penis massage.

The exercises for both girth and length have to be consistent.

But you should understand that the penis enlargement by means of your hand can’t bring significant results. Sometimes, these results are even not permanent.

If you want to have better gains, you should combine the manual manhood stretching with the other techniques proven to be effective.

how to make your penis longer

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