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How to Listen Women

Every man has heard all of his life. Women from day one of our lives have complained that he don’t listen or pay attention to what they are saying. As in all things, there is a little truth in everything. Men and women both don’t listen to the other properly at times. There can be a lot of factors involved with this.

Maybe you had a hard day at work, didn’t get enough sleep and feel grumpy, or you just don’t feel like listening. Most people have problems listening because listening requires effort. Yes that’s right, we are lazy. We don’t want to put forth the effort to listen. Listening requires some brain activity because you have to digest what is being said.

Another aspect of it is that we like to talk more than we like to listen. We like the attention from someone listening to us talk. We all like to know that what we are saying is important to someone else. So much so, that at times we may neglect to hear what the other person is saying. I can remember one time me and a girlfriend were driving down the road. We were going out to dinner and I was hungry as hell. She jabbered constantly for abut half of the way to the restaurant. After awhile I just shook my head and pretended I was listening, while all I could think about was what I was going to eat at the restaurant.

One of the things I have realized that when it comes to listening: If you actually spend some time listening to what the other person has to say, in the long run it takes less time. Because they will get a sense that you aren’t listening and they will repeat it over and over again. Women are bad at this. I think that when a woman senses a man is listening to her, it means to her that he is understanding, caring, and interested in what she has to say. I know that some times this maybe a hard task if your woman has diarrhea of the mouth, but look on the bright side. Look at her when she is talking to you, when you get board take a glimpse of her breasts. If you are a breast man like me, that will reinforce why you are listening to her in the first place.

There are times that a good stimulating conversation is very satisfying. Take advantage of this. The more you learn about one another, the better your relationship will be. Hey, if she thinks you are a sincere caring man, you might get lucky more often. That can’t hurt can it? You can improve your listening skills by doing several things. You can focus on what is being said and not what your response to what is being said. Simply put, listen to what she is saying and think about what you will say after she is finished. If you are like me and your mind runs a mile a minute, this will help a lot. This will help you because you won’t loose focus. Try asking questions. So many times in a conversation we tend to allow ourselves to over look what we don’t understand. Ask questions if you don’t know what she is talking about.

Of course if the conversation is about her having clots during her period, you don’t have to ask questions about that.

The Quest for Penis Enlargement

Surgery has been resorted to by many people who would like to enhance some parts of the body and now this also includes surgery done on the male reproductive organ, the penis. There are still other methods and techniques use by men all over the world in order to attain more girth and length. Reasons for doing such vary from man to man.

Why Have A Penis Enlargement Procedure?

It is very hard to understand the male psyche just as much as it is difficult to size up the woman’s mood. Most men were conditioned to be bigger, better and stronger. Most of them were taught that they are the protector of the female species and as such they have to be strong physically and emotionally. Crying was not an option for it shows a chink in the armor of strength of a man. It is what “real men” are supposed to be.

A small penis is perceived to be a weakness and a physical symbol of lessened virility. Boys and later on men who have small penises are the butt of jokes and likely targets of bullies thinking that since they have bigger organs, they are entitled to pick on those who were unfortunate enough to have smaller ones. Some live in fear that they will be rejected or will be unable to satisfy their partners because of their condition.

The immediate environment and the society as a whole have tremendous effect on how the man’s mind works. His self-esteem is determined largely by the people around him. The peer pressure that is perceived by him goads him to take measures to deal with the issue of penis size.

Ways to Make It Bigger

Several methods can be employed to make the penis bigger as claimed by the so-called experts on penis enlargement. There are surgical and non-surgical methods.

The surgical methods are the invasive procedures done on the penis to make it appear bigger or longer. One such procedure is called phalloplasty. Another one is when a penis pump in implanted in order to assist in the man achieve a firmer and longer erection. Surgical methods are more expensive and are not usually covered by insurance.

The non-surgical methods are even more varied. It is said that the man can do regular penis exercise to lengthen it a bit. There are also penis enlargement pills which can be taken in order to make it bigger. Another innovative product is the penis enlargement patch which is touted to be effective in achieving penile growth. Penis extenders are also used by some to attain more length. A contraption similar to traction is used to aid the growth. These are less expensive compared with the surgical methods.

The desire for a bigger and longer penis has been existent in the society for centuries and methods to address such issues have evolved through the years. The efficacy of these methods have not been fully revealed since coming out with it meant an admission that indeed one possesses a small one.

Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.