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HerbalMax Review – 2020

With all the male enhancement supplements clamoring for attention these days, can you really believe HerbalMax’s claim that it’s “The most powerful male enhancement money can buy?”

Suffice it to say, this was more than enough to grab my attention and learn more about HerbalMax.

So does HerbalMax really do everything it claims?

Here’s everything we found out after examining HerbalMax’s ingredients and claims.

HerbalMax Overview

HerbalMax is a company that specialized in a wide variety of sex related products, particularly those promoting sexual health. Their main focus is on Penis Enlargement Pumps.

Other products promoted on the website include Mood Stimulator Pills, Stamina Pills, Pheromones, Mood Stimulation Pills, Lubricants and Aphrodisiacs. The company feels it’s important to alert us that penis enlargement is a lucrative business in the world of male sexual health products. Congratulations to them. The one product most promoted on the HerbalMax site is the Big Drill Medical Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump. Great product name – but does it get the job done?

HerbalMax Ingredients

Any supplement is only as good as its ingredient profile. Here’s a breakdown of a few key ingredients responsible for how HerbalMax works:

Eurycoma Longifolia: Commonly called longjack, eurycoma longifolia lowers sex hormone binding globulin levels and frees up more testosterone to enter cells. It also increases luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland similar to tribulus terrestris.

Yohimbine HCL: Yohimbine affects alpha receptors, which allows more fatty acids to be released from fat cells and burned at an elevated rate. Thanks to this alpha receptor effect, yohimbine also boosts blood flow.
L-Arginine HCL: The amino acid arginine gets converted to nitric oxide, which enhances blood flow. This makes it easier for penile chambers to fill with blood and leads to better erections.

Tribulus Terrestris: One of the ways HerbalMax boosts libido and vitality is through the active saponins in tribulus terrestris. Saponins stimulate luteinizing hormone production in the pituitary gland, which then increases testosterone production.

HerbalMax Money Back Guarantee

HerbalMax inspires buying confidence by offering a 90 day money back guarantee when you order on the official site. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping and handling. The guarantee is good for one used bottle and all unused bottles in resaleable condition.

Best HerbalMax Alternatives

VigRX Plus
Male Extra


The penis pump has its origins in the men who had erectile dysfunction, yet were unable to be helped by traditional medications. The problem with the use of a vacuum pump is the time it takes to become effective and the inconvenience of using it during a romantic moment. The manufacturer states that the pump can enlarge the penis by up to 3 inches.


The statement made by the manufacturer about enlarging the penis by 3 inches is true, to a point. What they fail to outright state is that it is only a temporary enlargement. The pump will succeed in enlarging both the length and the girth for the moment, but once the erection is gone, the penis will return to its original size. HerbalMax fails to go into the side effects that may accompany the use of penis pumps. HerbalMax also does not have any feedback by previous consumers. Men with blood clotting disorders and bleeding problems need to steer clear of this product as it could have significant and serious repercussions. Also, men utilizing blood thinning agents need to avoid a penis pump because of the possibility of severe bruising and serious pain.

Review Summary

The HerbalMax website sells a large variety of products that can contribute to the overall sexual health of a man. However, most of their products fall short in originality. In addition, many other companies have similar products to enhance men’s sexual health.

Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
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Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.