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HerbalMax is a company that specialized in a wide variety of sex related products, particularly those promoting sexual health. Their main focus is on Penis Enlargement Pumps.

Other products promoted on the website include Mood Stimulator Pills, Stamina Pills, Pheromones, Mood Stimulation Pills, Lubricants and Aphrodisiacs. The company feels it’s important to alert us that penis enlargement is a lucrative business in the world of male sexual health products. Congratulations to them. The one product most promoted on the HerbalMax site is the Big Drill Medical Penis Enlargement Vacuum Pump. Great product name – but does it get the job done?


The website states that the penis pump is able to increase the penis up to an extra 3 inches in length. There is a carrying case included, in case you feel the need to take it along with you. The manufacturer also provides a tube of a lubricant called Lubexx. This product seems to be constructed basically the same as all of the other similar products on the market today. It consists of a pump and some tubing. The use of the vacuum is intended to increase blood flow to the penis. The way this works is a constriction ring is placed over the base of the penis to help the consumer to maintain the erection created by the vacuum pump.


The penis pump has its origins in the men who had erectile dysfunction, yet were unable to be helped by traditional medications. The problem with the use of a vacuum pump is the time it takes to become effective and the inconvenience of using it during a romantic moment. The manufacturer states that the pump can enlarge the penis by up to 3 inches.


The statement made by the manufacturer about enlarging the penis by 3 inches is true, to a point. What they fail to outright state is that it is only a temporary enlargement. The pump will succeed in enlarging both the length and the girth for the moment, but once the erection is gone, the penis will return to its original size. HerbalMax fails to go into the side effects that may accompany the use of penis pumps. HerbalMax also does not have any feedback by previous consumers. Men with blood clotting disorders and bleeding problems need to steer clear of this product as it could have significant and serious repercussions. Also, men utilizing blood thinning agents need to avoid a penis pump because of the possibility of severe bruising and serious pain.

Review Summary

The HerbalMax website sells a large variety of products that can contribute to the overall sexual health of a man. However, most of their products fall short in originality. In addition, many other companies have similar products to enhance men’s sexual health.

Semenax Can Bring You To Sexual Satisfaction And Fertility Heavens

While people have heard about products such as Semenax and Male Extra, there is still a lot of mysteries and misconceptions about sexual health. It is well-known, of course, that sex is one of the primal urges of men and women. And yet, we still have so much of catching up to do when it comes to the matters of health.

For men, questions like “what can really satisfy a woman” and “what makes a woman pregnant” are often left with indecisive answers, if not hazy generalizations. Satisfying a woman is a relative concept. What makes one woman happy in bed doesn’t necessarily follow for the rest of the women. Getting pregnant, on the other hand, can sometimes be a problem for women usually because of fertility issues.

One thing is clear from the two questions above, though, and it has something to do with semen. Penis size is not so much of a factor when it comes to satisfying a woman and making her pregnant. Rather, the crux of the matter hinges on the chemical action of semen.

Yes, sex is very much a chemical process as much as it is a physical and emotional activity. Sad to say, not too many people are aware of this. Semen plays a vital role in the matters of sexual satisfaction and pregnancy among women. This is why semen-enhancing products like VigRX Plus are starting to make names these days.

Increasing the volume of semen that men ejaculate is a surefire way to a satisfying sex between a man and a woman. When men ejaculate more, the semen also moves in a forceful thrust toward the woman’s sex organ. This leads sexual partners to enjoy increased stamina, desire and sexual health.

Increasing the quality of semen is as important to satisfy women during sex. However, the importance of semen quality is clearly exhibited for couples who want to have an offspring. It is so as the more semen a man can ejaculate then the more sperm will be emitted and sent toward the woman’s ovaries to increase the chances of fertility. With its all-natural ingredients, Semenax is proven to effectively increase both the volume and quality of male semen.