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Great Techniques to Pick Up Women


You can get her name and call her up like Jim did, or you can send her cards and flowers like Sam. I met a beautiful girl that works at my bank just by looking at her name and sending her flowers and cards. She waited on me nearly every time I went to the bank and at times, I think she guessed it was me. I finally got the courage to ask her out and told her I was the one who sent the cards because I was too shy to ask her out right away. We dated nearly six months and are friends to this day. Try this method and you’ll be amazed at the number of girls you will meet.Remember, girls like guys who are different and unique and they love romance and this method is very romantic.

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Ask any female you want on her opinion of this method, and I bet she’ll love it. This is a technique that can be used anywhere there is a lot of women. You can use it at parties, at bars, at malls, anywhere and everywhere there are women. It goes like this. You see a pretty girl that you would like to meet. You walk up to her and say:
“Hi;, aren’t you Joe Miller’s ex wife?” “No; I’m not” she says.
“Yeah;, don’t you work at Macy’s?”
“No;, I work at Bailey and Bailey law firm.”
You apologize and say, “I’m sorry. My name’s Wayne, what’s yours.” If she tells you her name, you got the information you need to work the 1-5-10 technique. You talk with her one minute using any kind of conversation to get her to tell you where she works.

You wait ten days and then you call up where she works and talk to her. You talk to her about 5 minutes and try to get a date with her. She will more readily accept a date with you on the phone because she is more relaxed than in a bar or party. Let’s see how a couple guys used this technique and how you can do the same. Chad: I was at Belden Village mall one Sunday afternoon just having a cup of coffee sitting at a table in the food court. I saw this beautiful girl sitting at a table not far from me. She had long blonde hair, a dynamite shape and looked like a movie star.

I figured I had nothing to lose so I decided to try the 1-5-10 technique. I gathered up my courage, went over to her table and looked down at her.

“Hi Barbara. How are you doing. How’s your baby sister?”

“Pardon me, do I know you?”

“Yes, my name’s Chad James. I used to work at Goodyear in cost accounting with you. Don’t you remember me?”

“I never worked at Goodyear. My name’s Peggy and I work at Timken Mercy Hospital in the credit office.”

“I’m sorry. You looked just like Barbara. Well it was nice talking to you.”

I left her alone and went to the restroom and wrote down her name and where she worked. I carry a pen and a little notebook around and write down all the info in the notebook. I waited ten days and called Timken Mercy Hospital.

“Timken Mercy”, the operator says when I call.

“Credit please.”

“This is credit.”

“Is Peggy there?”

“This is Peggy.”

“Hi Peggy. This is Chad James. I met you the other day at the mall. I thought you were Barbara, a girl I used to work with.”

Oh yes, I vaguely remember.” Sometimes the girls don’t remember very much about me. That works to my advantage because I have more of a chance selling my wonderful personality on the phone.

“Well, I remember you being so nice that I wanted to call you and talk to you a little. Maybe we can become friends. I don’t know many people in town and I thought I’d like to know you.”

“Well I guess it’s okay. As long as I’m not too busy, I can talk to you.”

“What I’d like to do Peggy, if it’s okay with you, is to meet you for lunch or a cup of coffee someday. We can get to know each other.”

“I don’t know you very well Chad, so I’d like to wait a while.”

“Okay, I understand. Can I call you in a couple days and talk a little more?”

“Sure that would be okay.”

“Well, it was nice talking to you, don’t work too hard. Good bye.”

“Good bye Chad.”

I called Peggy a few more times and finally met her in the cafeteria at the hospital for lunch. We really hit it off and dated for about six months. I have become and expert in using the 1-5-10 technique. I easily meet ten to fifteen girls a month using this method. I meet them in bars, malls, department stores and restaurants.” Nick: “Chad talked me into trying this method of meeting girls. I had terrible luck in bars and I considered myself average looking, actually a little ugly. I could not attract girls on my looks alone.

I was in a singles bar one night looking at all the beautiful girls and hoping one of them would fall for me. But the only guys that seemed to have the luck were the real good looking ones. I was really down. I saw this really sexy looking girl fast dancing with her girlfriend and decided I’d try the 1-5-10 technique on her. When she came back to her table I decided I would go up to her and say I knew her from somewhere. I had a few drinks and was a little braver than usual.

I did go up to her and told her I knew her ex husband from college. I guess I sounded pretty convincing because she explained to me that she was never married and that she wished she was sometimes. I finally got her name and where she worked and excused myself and left the table. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stayed but if I pursued her, I may have been rejected without a chance to show her what I was really like.

I called her about ten days later and talked to her on the phone for about five minutes. She did not remember me but she gave me a chance to talk and I finally met her for a cup of coffee at a fast food place. We became good friends and finally had a relationship. I have become more proficient using the 1-5-10 technique and meet more and more girls.

This is a great method to meet women. Remember these points. You must be convincing and get her name and place of employment. You can always tell her later that you wanted to meet her and didn’t know how, so you pretended to know her or someone she knows.

This is only if you feel guilty because you had to tell a little white lie. You know that I believe in total honesty with women, but sometimes you have to use little tricks to meet them. Go out tonight and try this method. Don’t forget you notebook and pen.



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