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First Date Tips for Men


Are you a gentleman or a fool? Sounds like a stupid questions doesn’t it?

I think after you are done reading this article, it won’t sound so stupid. When dealing with a potential date or lover, all men want to make a good impression. Sometimes we go too far with this. There are many reasons why we may do this. Maybe we find the woman really attractive, maybe you are just lonely and need someone to talk to, or maybe you just find her to be a nice all around catch. I would suggest to you that when going on the first date that you always pay for everything. A lot of women want to be independent these days, but I would insist on paying.

If she doesn’t like that, ask if it would be okay to go dutch. Where both of you pay half of everything. In my mind several questions arise when a woman wants to pay for the first date. Maybe she doesn’t find you attractive and is bored and needs something to do. Maybe she just wants to be friends. While there is nothing wrong with these things, if you are wanting to per sue a relationship and you see these smoke signals, I would suggest that if you are wanting a long term relationship, then you go elsewhere. There is no need for a broken heart.

On the other hand, if she seems to eager to allow you to pay for everything, I would question her motives. Maybe she is looking for a sugar daddy to take care of her. If you have been with her for several months and she hasn’t put out, but she still wants to take you for everything you are worth, she is probably using you. No matter how perky her breasts are, how firm her ass is, it won’t matter unless you get a little. Unless of course, you don’t mind paying to see her with her clothes on. That is basically what you are doing.

It is important that you be a gentleman in the proper situations. Meeting the parents doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Just keep these few pointers in mind. When talking to her dad, talk about politics, cars, or other manly things. Appear to him to be intelligent. If you are talking to her mom, tell her how nice the house looks, how good the meal was that she cooked. These sorts of things will earn you brownie points with her parents.

Take every chance you can to compliment your woman. Tell her how you love her hair today, how nice she smells, now nice her shoes are. Women like to be told that you like certain things about them that they have done. If all else fails, talk to her about her eyes. Women love hearing how beautiful their eyes are. On the other hand, you can easily over do it. Sometimes a woman might see a guy who is too nice as someone who wants to get into their pants so bad that they will do anything. Don’t do this. It makes you look hard up. Instead, sprinkle your gentleman kindness around a little. Don’t make her think you are so hard up for sex, that you would give her the moon if she asked for it.

Here are some things that women may look for in a man who is being to ‘gentleman like’.

Trying too hard to be romantic. She can tell when you are working so hard at getting her in the mood that you sweat blood from your forehead. This will serve you no purpose. If the mood is set, things will flow. Working too hard at it will ensure you never score. Going to extremes for her. When you buy that 400 dollar painting she is ranting or raving about, or you spend all day long waxing her car with your tongue…. She can see that you are over doing it. If you do things like this, you put yourself in the position of being used.

Showing off your money. A woman can see this coming a mile away. You spend 100 dollars on a stuffed puddle that you think looks like garbage, but she thinks is adorable. Spend what you can. There is no reason to go over board. Always asking for permission. You aren’t a kid, and don’t treat yourself like one. She isn’t your mom, and you don’t need another mother. It will get old after awhile if you ask for permission all the time. It will make you look like a helpless person who always needs attended to. Taking the blame for everything. You can’t possibly be at fault for every single problem that happens. So why take the blame for everything? Most women can see right through this. If you are unlucky and she is a bitch, she will try to make you believe everything is your fault after awhile.

Being a gentleman is always good, but don’t allow yourself to become the fool. Do what is right to win over your babe, but don’t go to extremes. This might just be a death wish in the end.

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