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Eros is an herbal supplement formulated as an alternative to the prescription drug sildenafil citrate, the active ingredient found in many commercially recognizable medications used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

As an herbal supplement, Eros promises a healthy, non-prescription option for those who wish to avoid the use of prescription medication. The makers of Eros assert that their product increases the amount of blood flow to the penis, increases testosterone levels, increases stamina, and even reduces cholesterol levels.

According to the Eros website, users can expect results within the first four months, usually in the form of more frequent and considerably harder erections. By the second month, sexual energy and intensity will increase, and after three months overall sexual performance will peak. The recommended dose of Eros is one capsule taken three times a day. The manufacturer claims that after three months, the user can reduce the dose to a once a day maintenance capsule.


Eros contains many of the herbal ingredients traditionally used in treating erectile dysfunction and improving sexual performance. Epimedium, also known as horny goat weed, is believed to raise levels of nitric oxide while inhibiting the enzyme that metabolizes (breaks down) nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a vital physiological element in achieving and maintaining an erection. Various other herbal supplements are included, red ginseng to boost energy levels, Chinese yam root and Chinese magnolia vine to improve endurance, and catuaba bark as an aphrodisiac, to name a few. No mention is made of any ingredients that increase testosterone levels.


As a non-prescription, herbal supplement, the potential side effects of Eros are less imposing when to compared to the prescription counterparts, though the product website does wisely advise that anyone interested in using the product should first consult a physician. For those men who are looking for a way to maintain sexual potency over an extended period of time, the ingredients in Eros appear to be formulated in such a way as to be an effective alternative to a prescription. The herbal supplements are put together as to have cumulative effect on the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.


As a mild herbal supplement, the positive effects of Eros take time. It might be difficult to gauge or quantify the results. Those seeking more immediate result would be advised to look elsewhere. The Eros website does not list the actual amounts of individual ingredients. While the usual testimonials can be reviewed, the lack of clinical study does not add credibility to the product.

Review Summary

The ingredients found in Eros can be found in a multitude of other products. It is probably a safe bet that, because these ingredients are so prevalent, they are effective on some level, therefore making Eros a viable option. The problem for Eros might lay in the marketing approach. There is nothing about Eros, be it clinical studies or different ingredients, which sets it apart from any other sexual-enhancement product on the market today.

Prosolution Gives Might And Height To Your Enhancement

Even in the VigRX Plus website, the debates still rage on whether it’s about size or performance for bed-bound men. Does penis size matter that much? Can you compensate your “smallness” with a superb sexual performance? Is it really about the length of your weapon or the way you use your weapon?

There seems to be no clear answer. Either side of the debates can win depending whom you’ve asked the question to. After all, we have different sexual experiences and different sexual partners as we do the deed.

But let’s step back a little and ponder: what if we men get to have both the satisfying size and the satisfying performance level? It’s quite a thought, isn’t it? We won’t possibly receive complaints and disagreements from either men or women.

Satisfying a woman in bed has basically two sides to it: the physical side and psychological side. The physical side obviously refers to your penis length and the width of penis girth. The psychological side, on the other hand, refers to your desire, sex drive and intensity of orgasms. Now, how do you make the two sides meet and own both of them?

Is it really possible to have a sizable tool and romance prowess at the same time? Yes. There are even people “gifted” and born like that.

If you are not too lucky a fellow, don’t despair as you can still hone your penis size and sexual performance using an effective system like Male Extra.

Does the product really work? In more ways than one, yes. Prosolution is not just about being a male enhancement pill. It is an all-natural system that works to increase your size and significantly improves your sex drive.

How exactly? Well, the product’s herbal ingredients contain zinc, drilizen, taj, and momordica. These herbals take care of the physical side by increasing your body’s production of nitric oxide, testosterone, and blood flow to the penis. This gives your body bigger, harder and more frequent erections.

Hydromax also has solidilin and L-dopa that take care of the psychological side by increasing your sex drive and intensity of orgasms.

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Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.