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Which are effective penis enlargement methods?


penomet_penis_pumpNowadays there are various methods how to increase the size of your penis. But the effectiveness of those methods can be different. And of course, most men decide to undergo penis enlargement procedures simply because to give more pleasure to partner and thus make his relationship better and even increase his confidence. Today we have gathered a report for the following methods.

Penis Enlargement Exercises(Jelqing)
By doing penis enlargement exercises several so called gurus are reporting noticeable results, but is true? The most popular penis exercise is so called jelqing. Jelqing basically is a deliberate stretching of penis by using your hands. Although it may sound simple and effective, its not since you will be able to get only a lengthier, thinner penis. You may gain some extra inch but the girth will be reduced. Women don’t like thin penis. Also, there is a risk of facing permanent injuries.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Male enhancement pills is a temporary method how to increase the blood flow and thus extend the penis. The really work however the results will fade after a few minutes. Unfortunately, penis enlargement pills tend to be unreliable and often uses chemical ingredients which can cause allergy and other health problems. We strongly recommend to consult your doctor before use. Also, avoid buying those pills on the Internet since often they are distributed illegally and may contain harmful substances.

Penis Enlargement Surgeries

Penis enlargement surgeries are the last choice to made when everything else fails to provide with results. It is a procodure where the length and the girth is increased by invasive methods. In most cases the surgeon will cut several ligaments which are responsible for holding the penis in place. Those ligaments connect the penis to pubic bone. When thei cut is done, the tissue regenerates and leads to lengthier penis. To boost the girth side a fat is taken from other parts of body and injected in shaft of your penis. In most cases the patients face with good results and the size can be increased up to 2 inches. However, there is a chance that the suregery may fail due to the halt of tissue regenarting. While those cases are rare, they stil should be taken into consideration. Also, as with other surgeries, there is a chance for infection and pernament scaring.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps is another method which has become very popular lately due to the popularity of a few brands. Those pumps usually operate by using the vacuum or water pressure. It is very easy to use those pumps. You just attached the pump to your pubic region and by pressing a button the water or vacuum will create a backwards pressure which will lead to faster blood flow in the region. Because of the larger amount of blood provided, after a while the tissue will regenerate to absorb this increased amount and thus make the penis longer and thicker. At first you will notice a temporary results but after using the pump for a few weeks permanent results will start to develop.

The risk of facing and serious health problems by using penis pumps are low. Most popular brands like Penomet uses water thus making the process pleasurable and easy.



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