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Alternative ED Treatments: Herbal Supplements


Herbs have been used as natural remedies and performance enhancers for thousands of years. Taken in proper amounts, most have no side effects, and can be used by almost everyone. From erection enhancers to libido stimulators, natural herbal supplements are a safe and effective way to treat erectile difficulty and increase your virility.

If you are completely healthy, you may find that these herbal supplements can explosively intensify your love life!

What can different herbs do for me?

There are certain herbs that, over centuries of use, have been proven to provide miraculous results, especially in the field of sex enhancement. These herbs are the most commonly used herbs in sexual therapy:

Yohimbe – This herb is also popularly known as the “herbal Viagra”, and has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries. Before Viagra, it was the only FDA-approved erectile difficulty treatment. Yohimbe increases blood circulation in the body and extremities, particularly to the penis. Unlike Viagra, yohimbe also has psychological effects, increasing response to sexual stimulation.

Maca – For as long as 2,000 years, maca has been cultivated in South America for its natural libido, energy, and stamina enhancing abilities. It causes no side effects, and can be used by both men and women as an aphrodisiac, libido enhancer, and energy and stamina booster. As with many herbs, maca builds in potency after a few weeks of use.

Catuaba – First discovered by the Tupi natives of Brazil, catuaba has a long history in herbal medicine as an aphrodisiac. ln herbal medicine today, it is considered a central nervous system stimulant with aphrodisiac qualities and is used to treat erectile difficulty, exhaustion, and fatigue, among other conditions. Even after years of use, catuaba has shown no evidence of causing any side effects.

Tribulus – Known as a testosterone booster, tribulus is used in higher concentrations by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle size. It elevates levels of luteinizing hormones which increase the amount of free testosterone in the body. In lower doses, tribulus has been shown to improve fertility and libido in men and women

Do herbal supplements have any side effects or contraindications?

Generally, you don’t have to worry about side effects with most natural herbal supplements, but it is still best to consult with your physician before starting any kind of health program.

Because it is so potent, yohimbe (or any product containing yohimbine extract) is not recommended if you have heart disease, kidney or liver problems. If you are taking antidepressants, MAO inhibitor, or any other prescription drug, be sure to consult with your physician before use.

Tribulus generally has no side effects but taken in higher doses (~1000 mg, 10 times higher than in Herbal Virility below), it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Which herbal supplements should I take?

There are many different herbal formulations available online for treating erectile difficulty. Even if you don’t have erectile problems, these supplements are recommended for boosting your erection strength and intensifying your sexual relationships:

Male Extra – Containing yohimbe, maca, catuaba, and tribulus among others, Male Extra is the most potent sexual supplement available. It contains the herbs that are proven to boost the power of your erections and increase your libido. Male Extra’s effects are generally felt within one hour of ingestion, and increase with an accumulation in the system. The cost for 3 doses per day works out to just under $2.00/day, $59.95/bottle, with a 100% money-back gurantee. To learn more about this incredible sexual supplement, click here.

VigrX plus – a safe, all natural proprietary blend of herbs that can dramatically increase your staying power and erectile potential. VigrX male enhancement pill was formulated by one of the foremost authorities of herbal medicine in North America and contains only the most powerful and effective herbal sex enhancers on the market. Since it is a proprietary blend, the unique combination of ingredients used in VigrX plus is a closely guarded secret. The cost is $1.66/dose, $49.95/bottle and it’s risk-free with a 100-day money-back guarantee. To learn more, click here.

SizeGenix – Made from Macapure, the most potent, concentrated form of maca available, SizeGenix has been shown to improve sexual potency, increase libido, and enhance energy and endurance level. Vimaca has proven effective for both male and female users. Also, it has absolutely no side effects and is 100% safe. Optimal results are generally obtained after 3 months continuous use, but benefits may be noticed in as little as a day. The cost is $1.33/day, $39.95/bottle, and they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. For more information, click here.



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