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Do You Know What Is Tantra?

Tantra occurred from Taoist and Buddhist philosophies. Tantra’s followers take much of their attainments from yoga to discover a bond between the body and the spirit. Followers say that they become in harmony with the energy in their bodies by using breathing techniques and meditation. While they make love in Tantric sexual positions, they breathe simultaneously with their partner, and certainly look directly into their partner’s eyes. According to this type of sex, they can feel their sexual energies unite with their partner’s, and as they orgasm, their pooled energy lifts up to the sky and they become one with the world.
The bonding is said to create a deep divine experience for both of them. One of the foundation Tantric philosophies is that sex—like life—is not about the fate, it’s about the transference. People who practice Tantra believe that to have amazing sex, you should not focus attention on your expectations or your partner’s expectations, and sex should not be purposeful. Such concept like “reaching” an orgasm, and that the orgasm is the “acme” of sex, is contrary to the Tantric philosophy. In Tantric sex, orgasm doesn’t keep the important part. What is important is experiencing deep love and acceptance, and a feeling of a whole-body connection. In Tantra, sex is not just bodily movement. Tantric sex celebrates the mind-body-spirit bond and teaches that sexuality is an inherent part of your whole self.

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Is Tantra for You?

First of all – Tantra is not for everyone. If you answer “yes” to the following, then Tantra might be right for you.

You may try Tantra when:
You don’t giggling or laugh at the idea of learning about Eastern philosophies

You enjoy setting the relationship for long, protracted voluptuous and sexual encounters

You can relax entirely, enjoying all of the sensations that come from touching and being touched

You don’t start chuckle if you try to sit quietly and look into your lover’s eyes.

You enjoy orgasms at the same time with you partner, but you can enjoy sex without worrying whether or not you’ll have one

You are disclosed to discovering your spiritual side

Though it may seem for you, that all of this talk about Tantra is completely otherworldly, it can be quite grounded. It involves some level of commitment, at least in terms of the time you have to spend to cultivate the kind of intimacy that practitioners claim is possible. If you’re willing to take it sluggishly and set aside some time to practice (it’s better than guitar lessons!), then Tantra just might be right for you.

Tantric Sexual Positions

As soon as you’ve coped with the Tantric art of prolonging the sex act, you may want to attempt with some of the hundreds of Tantric sexual positions. The positions that couples use for Tantric sex are as multifarious as the positions for any type of sex. Yet all of the Tantric positions have one basic similarity: They all allow the couple to feel close and connected. In such positions, you will be able to look into each other’s eyes, caress each other, kiss, and love that comes through your Tantric connection.
The most popular Tantric position is the “Lotus Sex Position.” In this position, the man and woman sit face to face; man’s penis can penetrate as deeply inside the woman’s vagina as possible. The woman’s legs would be wrapped around the man’s butt, while his legs are either wrapped around her, or outstretched. In this position, a couple can have full eye contact. Also they can hold hands, or touch, stroke each other freely anywhere.

Clasping Position

Even the traditional man-on-top position finds a more spiritual way for the man and woman to connect. The “Clasping Position” looks the same except for one difference: The woman keeps her legs wrapped around the man’s waist. This permit for more body contact, as well as a slower velocity for the sex. The man does not push hard or often (as some men do in traditional man on top) because her legs are there to guide him more gently instead. They can also look at each other and caress each other, too.

Cupped Position

Next position is the “Cupped Position.” In this position the couple lies side by side and facing to each other, with his penis inside her vagina. But rather than thrusting, as a couple would usually do in this position, they would each move their thighs up and down and back and forth to create rubbing. This friction can feel good and even get on orgasm. This position is a good idea of being sexual for a couple who wants a calmer and more meditative, enduring way of having sex. If desired, this can lead into gentle thrusting.

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In any position, the couple must remember to concentrate on the feeling of the energy of the penis interaction with the energy of the vagina, and attract attention on feeling the energy rising up through their bodies, into their minds, and out into the universe. The basic tenants of Tantric sex apply no matter what position a couple is in. That means that sex should be holy —enjoyed and shared by a couple as a gorgeous act that gives great amusement and brings two people darling to each other.


Tantra itself originated more than 13 centuries ago. It was developed in ancient Jain, Buddhist, and Hindu cultures. Initially,
The major target of the intricate classical tantra practice was mainly spiritual reviviscence and redemption. It implied the involvement of different Eastern religious philosophies, imagery, meditations, mantras, and even special nutrition. Sex was only a slight, peripheral aspect of tantra.
But the modern tantra within the meaning and understanding of the Western people broke from the traditions of classical tantra. And this modern tantra is often called Neotantra. It emerged about 150 years ago. Neotantra is greatly focused on intimacy, emotions, orgasmic sensations, and sexual intercourse in general. But you should understand that sexuality, even spiritually inspired one is much more about neotantra than about classical tantra. Anyway, the number of tantric love followers is only growing.

How to Prepare for Tantric Sex

Tantric sex practitioners advise to take the following steps in order to properly prepare for tantric sexual intercourse and make it unbelievable:

  • No Lights: It’s better to first of all turn down the lights to concentrate on own feelings and thoughts.
  • Rock Yourself: According to the experts, the start of tantric sex will be successful if you get your limbs moving beforehand. This will unleash the hidden energetic potential of your body.
  • Leave Your Bed: It’s recommended to practice tantric sex not in the bed since you will only want to sleep there instead of simultaneously meet sexually and spiritually.
  • Don’t Hurry Up: Tantric sex implies no hastle. You should ensure your partner’s and your comfort. Don’t also forget about slow gentle touching to fully relax.
  • Be Open to Experiments: Tantric love is the best reason to experiment with different sexual techniques. They aim at revealing the true sexuality of both partners. That can be firm massage, soft touches or any other techniques which are pleasurable for you and your partner.
  • Right Breathing: Synchronous breathing of both partners is a crucial aspect of tantric sex. Such kind of breathing is irreplaceable for the achievement of real tantric union.
  • Keep Going: You should allow time for learning how to practice tantric sex. No one can succeed in it immediately. But if you devote time to practicing tantric love and keep on trying, you are sure to experience the unforgettable sensations.

Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.