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Check Your Penis Size, If You Find It Smaller The Use Penis Enlargement Devices To Enlarge It


You go to your office every day, you check your mail every day, have you noticed one thing that there are many mails which are not related your business, bust still they pop up. You might have experienced with this strange thing. Next time when you get the mails from somebody who you don’t know please check them. You will notice that most of them are trying to draw your attention towards the male enhancement products and methods.

The mails try to catch your attention by asking the questions like,

• Do you have a smaller penis?
• Do you think that your wife or lover is satisfied with your performance in the bed?
• Do you want to boost your sexual passion?

If you are about to get marry or you really want to satisfy your partner then start using the penis enlargement devices. As the advertisements say the male enhancement products really work. There are so many people who have already used the male enhancement products and found the difference.

Some of them are as given below:

• You can improve the size of your penis by taking penis enlargement pills
• There are many surgical methods with which you can improve your sexual abilities.
• By using the simple penis enlargement devices also you can increase the size of your penis.
• Some people even practice the exercises to enlarge their penis. The most popular exercise is known as jelqing.
• There are many kinds of creams also available in the market to make your penis bigger.

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There have been many studies conducted to understand the effectiveness o f the male enhancement procedures. Unfortunate thing is that there are many significant problems involved in the methods, except the penis enlargement devices. This is because the mechanical devices would be used externally and there is no linkage between your internal health and the devices you are going to use externally.

These male enhancement procedures are available from years. People used the techniques in various forms. According to one report during the olden days people used to hang the weights on to their penis. This hanging weight used as a medium to increase the size of your penis. After some time people started realizing that this method is very dangerous and comes with lots of problems such as:

• Even though your penis gets new length there will not be any erection power.
• Some people suffered from the curvature problems.
• In some cases people got their penile tissues completely damaged and the damage was permanent.

Considering these entire disadvantages penis enlargement devices were invented. These devices apply the pressure scientifically. The technique ensures that your penis is not burdened with extra force. You can control the pressure you are going to apply and stop when you feel the pain.

Jelqing Risks And Penis Enlargement Pills

Jelqing is currently quite popular in the penis enlargement world. Many people keep saying that they have gained wonderful results from just doing jelqing exclusively and nothing else. Some even say that jelqing is better than penis enlargement pills. But is this really true? This article tries to explore some of the essential issues behind jelqing.

Is it really possible to alter the structure of the penis, its tissues, so it will be more ‘big’, or is it an urban myth? Is there any weight to the claims of people that say that it worked on them?

To understand the answer to this question, one must remember some basic knowledge of the anatomy of the male genitalia. The penis is composed of three “pipes”, the two corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum.Through the urethra that are specific anatomical structures consisting of gaps, cavernule, sinusoids of fibro-elastic tissue where the elastic component is predominant. When “stimulated”, this will have the ability to fill with blood and expand just like a “balloon”.

However, the cavernous body assumes the shape it has, and especially the rigidity and consistency that characterizes the penis when it is erect and then allow the penetration of the corpora cavernosa. This then is encapsulated in a fibrous “sheath”.This sheath is called albuginea and it does not extend if not what is permitted of its anatomical conformation as it was formed during pubertal development. It is just this fibrous structure, very little or not at all elastic, which informs you that a penis cannot expand, extend or straighten at will using only the exercises of stretching or similar maneuvers like jelqing.

What are the most common risks and the most important that you submit a person who decides to try this technique? What the damage it can cause to the party?

These maneuvers, if done in an exasperated and repetitive way, will not bring any “improvement” in terms of volume, length, and generally increase the size of the penis. What it actually do is create a whole host of irritating issues due to the overexertion together with an onset of vascular problems (also known as inflammation, i.e. vasculitis) or irritation of the urethra which is the tube that carries urine from the bladder outside the body and that is just below the corpora cavernosa, crossing the corpus spongiosum (also known as mechanical urethritis) .These are the most common problems that you can add, in the most extreme manipulations and manic, even skin problems or even anatomical and / or neurological.

What is the alternative?

The best solution of course is to avoid jelqing at all. What is really ideal is to use penis enlargement pills. VigRx Plus pills are known to generate great results for many people. It is also safer as it does not abuse or overexert the penis muscle. They are also made from high quality herbal ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years to improve penis growth. Compared to other solutions available, Male Extra pills are the most viable and the most practical of all.



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