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How to Listen Women

Every man has heard all of his life. Women from day one of our lives have complained that he don’t listen or pay attention to what they are saying. As in all things, there is a little truth in everything. Men and women both don’t listen to the other properly at times. There can be…More Please

Second Date Tips

There maybe some things you are doing that make the date stop dead in its tracks Do you spend half of the date talking about that hot piece of ass that you dated last week? Do you talk her ear off about how your last girlfriend screwed you over really bad? Do you talk about…More Please

Pay Attention

You see your girlfriend at least twice every week, usually more. You send each other emails and talk on the phone. You go places on the weekend. In fact, you feel that you are in a really satisfying relationship and you feel good about it. Then suddenly one night, your girlfriend seems sort of sad…More Please