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Carl Jung’s Alternative Theory On Libido Development

The formulation of theories leads to debate at some points. However, in a positive point of view, it also results to the conduct of more studies to support the speculations. Sigmund Freud’s theory on libido development was already popular when another study came out. This time, Carl Jung had his own concepts and studies stressing an alternative theory on libido development.

Carl Jung is a Swiss psychiatrist who went to a different viewpoint than the ideas introduced by Freud pertaining to libido development. While the latter says that infants experience the first stages of sexual drive, the former rejected the concept. Find out at what Jung believed about the development of libido.

Carl Jung’s alternative theory

Jung is one of the psychoanalysts who believed that Freud focused too much on biological factors in the libidinal development. He believed that Freud failed to emphasize more on social and cultural concerns. Instead of focusing more on sexual drive as the strongest, he geared more on the will to live to be the priority of a person. Furthermore, he looked into the differences between extroversion and introversion, thus:

Extroversion. This is a personality type which allows people to deal with other people in a more social perspective. Rather than living by themselves, extroverts are far better when socializing. This also means adapting to the kind of surrounding one is living in.
Introversion. This is the exact opposite of extroversion. It is characterized by one’s hesitancy to mingle with others. Introverts would rather confine themselves within their respective comfort zones. They leave all thoughts to themselves and are often uncomfortable when there are too many people around them.
In Jung’s study of introversion and extroversion, he was able to find out that an individual may neither be introverts nor extroverts alone. At some points in anybody’s life, there is that tendency to become outgoing while there are also instances when one would keep things to himself for deeper thoughts or contemplation. It is always a mixture of these two which characterizes all people in general.

What other psychoanalysts or psychologists think

To construe with Carl Jung’s theory, modern psychoanalysts or psychologists think that libido development does not revolve mainly upon biological factors. It is rather shaped by a mixture of cultural adaptations and social interferences. Experience becomes the driving power of all people around the world to develop libidinal drives and instincts. This simply means that libido should not be generalized as the sexual capability of an individual.

It is therefore safer to believe that while sexual drives are activated by biological influences, it is formed by the happenings within the society and how an individual reacts to it. Social influences tend to be the corner stone in developing a person’s sexual pleasure. It also motivates an individual to realize which of his actions are appropriate or not.

By looking into both Freud’s and Jung’s theories on libido development, it is best to consider sexual drive as a result of biological and social influences. It is a matter of knowing which of the physical and psychological factors may help shape the intensity of the craving. Both theories are figured out to be considerable for libidinal development.

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Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith

Director of content. He likes to explore new male enhancement methods.