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Best Penis Extenders of 2018

If a small penis makes you feel inadequate in bed and a little less of man, there’s a solution to your problem.

The best penis extender can add length and girth to your penis, restoring your confidence and making sure your woman is satisfied every time.

The truth is, size does matter and you can increase penis size by using an extender, also called a medical stretcher.

The Best Penis Extender – SizeGenetics

best penis extenderSizeGenetics is a world-recognized undisputed leader among the first-class penis enlargement systems which you can now find on the market. It’s the most comfortable extender ever.

High efficacy, great popularity, and flawless reputation of this penis extender is based on its authentic unbeaten design, availability of 58 ways Ultimate Comfort system, use of innovative Multi Directional Angling technology, and ability to correct penis curvature.

There is a range of advantages which differentiate this penis extender from the other similar devices:

  • Painless non-invasive mechanism of action.
  • 100% effectiveness.
  • Top-class comfort system.
  • Clinically proven safety.
  • Considerable length and girth gains.
  • Improvement of sexual performance.
  • Possibility to have strong, forceful masculinity.
  • Substantial increase in self-esteem.

By regularly using this device for 6 months, it’s possible to enlarge the penis by minimum 1.5 inches. The increase in both flaccid and erect penis size is permanent.

SizeGenetics helps men realize their dream of being really a virile man. Using this penis extender, you will definitely achieve mutual bedroom satisfaction and sexual happiness.

How Does a Penis Stretcher Work?

A penis stretcher is an external device that fits over and around a man’s unit, using constant traction to extend the penis past its usual length when flaccid.

Stretching the penis causes cells to divide and expand, thus increasing penis length and girth.

The same cells become engorged with blood during an erection, leading to a bigger, stronger hard-on.

How Does a Stretcher Compare with Other Male Enhancement Methods?

Stretchers are generally considered to be the best non-surgical method for penis enlargement and some doctors feel they are the only effective way to increase penis size. 

While there are other practices, such as taking penis pills or using a pump, those alternatives produce only temporary results, while stretching offers a permanent solution to your small penis.

According to various studies and anecdotal evidence, men can add up to 3 inches to the non-erect size of their cock. Stretchers have even been shown to straighten a penis for men who have curvature of their organ.

The Right Penis Extender for You

There are a number of penis extenders that are available on the market and their producers tout their individual advantages and prices.

Some offer more comfort and durability; there are cheap and very expensive one, there are even some gadgets you wont want to try.

In fact finding the best penis extender for you is not an easy task. Most guys gave up just because they have tried a low-quality uncomfortable to wear penis stretcher.

According to our extensive research, you should not experiment with an extender for less than $100.

Be sure to note information on the quality of the device, success results, speed of results and weigh the data against price.

You might also note whether the extender comes with a warranty and satisfaction-guarantee.

Penis Enlargement Methods that Do NOT Work!

When you search throughout the World Wide Web, you will come across thousands of sites that are solely dedicated to penis enhancement.

The next question is, “How can one tell which article truly works, and which ones are bunk?”

Many of you already know that the penis doesn’t have muscles that you can exercise the same way as you would exercise other muscles in your body.

There is absolutely nothing you can do in the weight room to help you increase your penis size.

Read on … to learn how to safe yourself off being scammed.

Penis Enlargement Pills Scam

One thing that you should always remember is that there isn’t a pill available that will magically increase the length and width of your penis.

The thousands of “natural herbal” pills that you can take may improve the health of your penis as well as increasing the strength of your erections.

No pill out there will EVER increase the size of your penis.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work?

Surgery is an option, but it can be very costly and not to mention dangerous.

With surgery, you could risk having permanent damage done to the penis, as well as spending thousands of dollars for only a slight increase in the size of your penis. Is that really worth it?

The only viable options that are left are the penis enhancement products and exercise techniques. These work by stimulating your body’s cells to produce more cells by stretching the shaft and head of your penis.

Penis Pumps

Other penis devices that are often advertised all around are the penis pumps.

Stay away from penis pumps, because they too, are dangerous.

Pumps have a tendency to “over-pump” and damage blood vessels. Some men have even experienced great pain by using these pumps as the suction was strong enough to have a testicle get sucked into the pump.

Penis Exercises

As stated, the Jelqing exercises will stimulate cellular growth to the targeted area. However, these exercises will increase the length only of the penis.

Some of the exercises will work, but it will NOT make the penis wider, only longer. It will make your penis look weaker and thinner. Is that something you want to impress the ladies with?

Our Best Advice

Wonder no more in regards to getting a bigger and healthier looking penis.

Start on a program with proven results that have been scientifically proven to increase the width and length of your penis. Before long, you will have the penis that you were once only dreaming about.